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  1. Hey there! Noticed you fantastic siggy, Sir James Matthew Barrie and Mort Rainey quote, AWESOME :D!! Two fantastic movies, I am so going to have a Johnny marathon some time soon! I'm Rania btw :nice: Happy holidays!

  2. Why thank you, but it's Mr. Laurie with all his cutness that does all the work here :D!! Yours is awesome as well :D!

  3. Thankies :D! Going to change it though, cause it's cuter :P!

  4. Nice :D! Hahaha, yes indeed :lol:! I dont expect any votes, but as long as they paired me up with him, I'm happy :lol:. Ah, I see! Hahaha, Damn you McCartney :lol:! Oh, well, if you dont get tickets, atleast you've seen them! But hopefully it wont sell out :D!

  5. Hey there, I'm good thanks :nice:! How are you :nice:? Haha, yeah, I'll vote! Feel free to vote for me and Chris :lol:! Ah, I heard about that! Sucks you dont have any money though, but I'm pretty sure it wont sell out (well hopefully it wont) so you can buy ticktes later :D.

  6. Cresty :D! How are you :nice:?

  7. Hey Nancy! Aww, that's so nice to hear that you liked it! Of course I'll accept it :nice:!

  8. Lots of studying then? That time is coming soon for me :P. Ah, that's nice, I wish it was summer here, it's been raining so much these days!

  9. Hey Lore :D! Aw, thank you, I've had a good week so far :nice:! How has your week been :nice:?

  10. YOUR SIGNATURE HAS ONE OF THE MOST TALENTED PEOPLE ON EARTH ON IT. Just so that is said :nice:! Hello *waves*

  11. Hahahaha, yes :lol:! Very weird :P!

  12. Haha, no problem :lol:! Aww, hahaha! Well, we've always got to suffer so much, but it's totally worth it :D!

  13. Haha, yes, hopefully :D. Mhm, always :nice: Hahahaha, I totally understand you! It's the headache/cant-believe-I-went-to-a-Muse-concert feeling right :lol:?

  14. Ah, ok, well hanging out with friends is great though :D! I have to work on our play at school the whole weekend, so I have school in the weekend if we can put it that way!

  15. Haha, it's no problem :nice:! I started laughing so much cause it went so bad :P. Hahahaha, been there :lol:! Well, experiencing it now actually :P! I'm good, how are you :nice:?

  16. Hahahaha, my test :lol:! I didnt go that well, but it's no problem :P So, what's up :D?

  17. That's great :D! I'm fine as well :D! So anything up for the weekend?

  18. Guilia :nice:!!!! How are you :D?

  19. Thanks :D, it went to hell :P!

  20. Haha, yeah same here :lol:! I've got tog go now, I have a history test tomorrow and I need to study! Bye :nice:!

  21. I'll check them out now :D! Wow, 2nd row is aweesome :D! Im glad you had a great time!

  22. That's awesome :D! Do you have som pics or something :D? And what row were you in :D?

  23. Hahahhaha :D!! Yeah, that kinda sucks :(! But oh well, the concert waas greeeat :D!! I'm uploading them now, so they'll be here in a few min :D!! YOU SHOULD BE!!!

  24. IT WAS FREAIKING AMAZING!! I ended up at the 6th row as you said, haha :D!! Had a great view, they played everything I wanted expect for Butterflies & Hurricanes, but everything was sooo awwweeeesme :D!!!

  25. IMKE!!!!! OMG!! OMG!!! I HAVE NO WORDS.

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