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  1. EEEEE!!! I know :dance:!! I'm going to leave in a few hours :D!!! Thank you :dance:!!

  2. Aww, thanks :D! Hahaha, that's a good idea :D!!

  3. Yeah, hopefully :nice:! AAAH, thats awesome :D!! Oh, yeah.. it's getting pretty cold here too! But you should just dress up with nice warm clothes and be there early, so you can see good :D.

  4. :hug: Well, that will be an experience itself then :D! Hahaha, I'll try to write a good one :D! I'm in the pit, but I actually need seat tickets 'cause my friend is coming home from a trip tomorrow when the gates open up, so I have to wait for him! So either seats or very far in the back :P. What about you :nice:?

  5. Thank you, I definitly will :dance:!! You too :dance:! Yeah, I bet you will :D! Music fans generally are always nice :D! Haha, yeah me too :lol:!

  6. I promise I will :D!! Ah, well that sucks, bet yeah, I would go alone if no one wanted to go, it's alot better than not going! I bet you're going to have a blast either way :D!! And you always get to know new people at concerts :D! You have to tell me AAALL about it as well :D!

  7. Hey :lol:! I'll continue here :D THAT'S SO AWESOME!! I'm seeing them TOMORROW :D!!!

  8. Ah, you're on autumn break or something? Ah, man that sucks :(!

  9. Yeah pretty much :(! What about you?

  10. Yaaaj :D! Great, thanks :nice:! How are you lately? I've got SO much to do!!

  11. Hhaahaha, that's awesome :D! Can I add you :nice:?

  12. Hahahaha :lol:! Quoting you "You mean when I'm on the internet or what I do besides surfing the webs? :P " That one! I've got to go now, head off to bed! Nighty night :hug: :D!

  13. Hahahha, exactly :lol:! And then someone else comes around and " What kind of potato?! I had one yesterday :stunned:!!!!" Yes, that's what I meant :P.

  14. Hmm, never really though of it! I just do it, because I'm always listening to music, and maybe people will get inspired of the lyrics, I don't know :P! I'm not really the : "I'm eating a potato now, PARTAY LATER, YEAH" type, you know?I think it's just stupid :P. So I'll just filled it with something nice :nice:! So, what do you really do other than hanging around at this board, if you dont have facebook :lol:?

  15. Hahaha, yeah exactly :P. I usually write songlyrics though :P. But it's a great way to chat, yes!

  16. That's good though, so you can share it with you who want to! Hahha, yeah, well good luck on that :lol:! Nah, you shouldnt get it, it's pretty useless actually, but you get so darn addicted to it :lol:! Facebook is better :P.

  17. Oh, I see! Like a chatroom then? But a safer one? Yes, I do! at first I had it for a month, then I deleted it, and then now in September I decied to use it again because of the Coldplay updates and the Coldplayers there :lol:! :uhoh:

  18. Hahahhaha :lol:!! Well, that's cool! I heard about it somewhere here, someone was talking about it :P. Sounds like fun though :P!

  19. Ah, I see :P! You should get facebook, it's great:nice:! ( Well, not THAT great, but its fun :P) Haha, ok :lol:!

  20. Ah, damn it! Uh.. I thought you worked till 10 *looks around* Too late to say that now :P. Hahaha, nice :D! Hey do you have twitter or anything like that?

  21. Oh, I mean 9 hours *Math skills showing :uhoh:* Oh, so you're a geek AND crazy :stunned:??! I like that :wink3:

  22. Hahah, still though :P! Hahahaha :lol:! Are you one of them :sneakyjoe:? Oh, I see :P. So thats 8 hours then!

  23. Aw, well that sucks :(! Well, not really for the costumers though, I would love the mall to be open until 10 pm! Haha, yeah he is :D! He's was a crazy dude though :lol:! Oh, how many hours did you work :P?!

  24. That's so weird! All of the malls and shops closed at 6 pm on Saturdays here! Haha, you should! Oh, it was lots of different kind of paintings, mostly Norwegian painters though, like Christian Krohg, Edward Munch and stuff. But there were some Picasso, Van Gogh etc. stuff there too! So, other than work, how was your day :nice:?

  25. No way :stunned:? Why for so long :(? Yes, I did, it was quite intersting :nice:!

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