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  1. It works the other way too. sometimes we might rate a song higher than we would if it was a different artist simply because the band and their previous work means something to us.

    For example, some people say some of the new songs are not so great musically but will probably work very well in concert, so overall they rate those songs higher than they would without a live show in mind that they get excited about. But perhaps a really strong song, such as Clocks, will always sound great no matter where you are when you're listening to it.

    Probably if you ask a large enough number of people it'll balance itself out. 

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  2. I agree that some critics are quite harsh in their reviews, and that's not constructive. If I try to put myself in their shoes, there's also a limit to how much they can cover in a review if they want people to actually read their articles, so sometimes they won't elaborate enough or cover everything. 

    Then again, completely dismissing or even deflecting any criticism isn't constructive either. People might have valid points about the quality of the songwriting, lyrics, production etc on MOTS. Most people aren't just "hating", "trolling" or "stuck in the past", the vast majority of reviews and comments that I've seen have praised Coloratura for example, probably the most experimental song on this album. Without that song the reviews would be even worse.

    I also agree that lately at times their words and actions have been contradictory. For example, Guy said a while ago (I don't remember which interview exactly) that MOTS is their most experimental album. But it's not really if it's mostly pop and aiming at mainstream listeners. The MU collab was another example. Things like that cause people to start questioning their credibitlity. And as a result they get comments about selling out etc.

    The whole rollout of the album has been a bit messy too in my opinion, I think that's adding to people's frustration as well.

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  3. Spotify have published their stats for 15th October. 

    US top 200: #12 LSG, #25 MU

    UK top 200: #20 MU, #21 LSG, #59 HP, #111 Yellow, #119 Humankind , #168 POTP, #175 HH, #196 Alien Choir


    In comparison, stats for launch day of EL:

    US top 200: #136 Champion of the World

    UK top 200: #45 Orphans, #61 Champion of the World, #127 Church, #136 Sunrise, #139 Daddy, #157 Trouble in Town, #165 Arabesque, #198 Everyday Life


    These are the 2 countries where most of the promo took place, source: https://spotifycharts.com/.

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  4. I think with Selena as a featuring artist a Billboard #1 is not as much of a given as it was with BTS. Her album sales seem to be a lot stronger than her singles.

    But I think Selena has been quite successful in the latin music industry lately? It looks like that could be Coldplay's new target after BTS helped them chart in the US/CA/Asia.

    On that list that they published on social media a while ago Chris also promoted J Balvin. Maybe that's another upcoming collab too. 


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  5. 9 hours ago, sa_spurs_tx said:

    People tend to think Coldplay should belong to a single bucket of “sound”. This band is been around for 20 years… cmon 🙂

    I actually want them to change things up more!After all, they've been stuck in collab mode for about 10 years already and a pop tune isn't much of a novelty from them. 😛  

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  6. 2 hours ago, Bauk said:

    Thanks! I don't really understand how this can be real, since there will only be 5000 copies and unique polaroids included.. How is this possible, when it's not from the Coldplay store? 

    Even though I'm wondering about this, I still couldn't resist... 😳:escaping:

    I think you should be fine. It says on that website that orders are fulfilled by LiveNation Merchandise and they're also fulfilling Coldplay store orders (according to their Terms & Conditions). So it sounds like it's more or less the same thing, just different websites and a way for EU fans to order from the US warehouse!🙂 

    What really surprises me though is that the item is still available for US at all since it's limited to 5000 and was launched a few days ago already. 

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  7. 10 hours ago, The Jordanator said:

    I agree. SJLT is a BANGER and I like listening to it from time to time. My Universe will do much better than SJLT though although this ain’t about doing a cashgrab collab, they actually genuinely idolise each other, breaking down those barriers and giving BTS the honour of being on a Coldplay album. It’s probably the most wholesome collab they’ve ever done. Since Army is involved, it will no doubt smash all Coldplay records

    I think it's similar to the Chainsmokers collab, if anything it's more of a cash grab. They've been marketing this collab quite well, talking about shared values etc. But at the end of the day BTS are very much a brand. They have an incredibly long list of brand deals under their belt, more than I've ever seen with any other artist. It's quite impressive actually, but those deals are made because they're very lucrative. It's not all about their music or their values. I always liked how Coldplay mostly stayed away from such deals and focused on their music instead as well as projects like the Make Trade Fair campaign or Global Citizen.

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