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  1. Holy crap. Your DP of MGG as...John Waters? = Epic. <3

  2. Si, ya se, ando media perdida. Pero gusto saludarte! :)

  3. Perdon, que hace muchisimo tiempo que no ando por CPing, pero me ataque de la risa cuando vi tu "Make Sandwich" y tu avi. <3 Muy buena. :nice:

  4. Nothin much at all, Viv! Relaxing. Went to see Coldplay in Guadalajara and stayed there for a whole month, and now I'm here. :) How are you!?

  5. Preciooossaaaa. Te quiero. :)

  6. I'm heartbroken. I'm going to have to miss Lost for the next four weeks. </3

  7. Hi Paulinha! I'm sorry, I didn't notice your message! Yes, I can't believe you remember, my name is Paulina. People call me Lina, though. :) I'm from San Diego. Cheers, hope everything is going well for you!

  8. Yes! That was my favorite part! Shosanna Dreyfus is such a kickass female character, I loved her. <3 I'll let you know for sure. :)

  9. Thanks, Julie. I'm going to watch the Kill Bill films next. :) Inglourious Basterds was so beautifully made. The directing was pretty perfect.

  10. Hola Carla! Bien bien todo. Me volvi a cambiar de casa entonses estuve muy occupada. :/ Pero todo bien ahora. Tu?

  11. Been okay. We are having the storm of the century here and the electricity is on and off. I just realized how much I love the internet...I'm really bored without it. Okay, hope you are doing well on your exam!

  12. Haha, sorry. :nice: That ep. is worth it just to see Buster arrive at his father's funeral wearing Gob's army male stripper uniform... Been watching Modern Family, it's really great. How have you been? Glad to know your biology exam was a breeze. :)

  13. Nvm. Just your avi. That's my favorite episode.

  14. Gracias, Isabel! Feliz anio nuevo! :) Te quiero, un abrazote.

  15. Igualmente, Pris! :) Un abrazote y que tengas un muy feliz 2010! <3

  16. Aww, Pris, feliz Navidad, preciosa. :) Muchas gracias, igualmente, puros deseos buenos.

  17. Julie, Merry Christmas! I hope your baby brother enjoys his awesome new chain saw...haha. (It was a chain saw, right?) Ahh, well, have a good one.

  18. Feliz Navidad, Isabel!

  19. Isabel. Feliz 20! Ya sabes todo lo que pienso de ti. Eres lo mejor! Espero que tu anio numero 20 en el mundo te traiga todavia mas cosas buenas, cambios positivos, y sobre todo mucho mas amor. <3 Te quiero. Tambien te dije Happy Birthday en myspace, por cierto, jaja. Un abrazote, amiga y hermana.

  20. Pero si te puedes conectar a msn alrato? O no? :/

  21. Ahhhh, y yo que te e estado mandando texts sin parar, bien preocupada. Jaja. Okok, que triste lo de tu cell, pero que bien saber de ti. :) Te quiero, ojala pueda hablar contigo pronto! (Quiero oir tooooddoooio, vamos mujer!)

  22. Donde estas!? :( Mi telefono anda mal, perdon si me has tratado de llamar y no contesto. Quiero que me llames! O metete a msn. Plis! Te quiero!

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