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  1. Like the majority of you I am also saddened that the VLV tour has ended. Whenever I hear a Coldplay song I get a bit nostalgic... remembering the fabulous time I had attending this tour twice... with those who are close to me. Also, it's been wonderful coming on this website and reading stories about Coldplay from other fans worldwide:) That has definitely been my favorite thing about this tour! For those who attended this tour, may those memories last you a lifetime. For those who were unable to attend, I hope that the videos and pictures posted from various concerts made you feel a part of the action. And to Coldplay, thank you very much for yet another brilliant tour!
  2. So I don't know why I thought of this just now, but I was wondering what song Chris was referring to in an interview (before Viva la Vida or Death album came out) where he was quoted as saying that there's one song people must hear before they die...or something to that extent. Does anyone know what song it is on this album? Viva la Vida perhaps? Thanks!:)
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone:) Til Kingdom Come was definitely my first choice. But those specific lines from Sparks are suitable, too. Tough choice! Glad I won't be making that decision:P Side note, how awesome is it to incorporate one of your favorite bands on one of your most special days. If and when that time comes for me, Coldplay's music will certainly be a part of it:):)
  4. A WEDDING! So a friend of mine recently got engaged and her wedding will be the end of this year. She's looking around for wedding invitation ideas and wants something different. She asked me for some lyrics from songs, as she knows I have an eclectic taste in music. My first thought immediately went to Coldplay (hello, of course!!!). Any of you have ideas of a perfect lyric from one of their songs that could fit? I know they have many songs about love and what not, but I'd appreciate everyone's opinion. Many thanks!
  5. I, too, did not know Jennifer (Nettie) personally; however, I am saddened at the loss of such a young and vibrant individual. It was because of her and her website (guyberryman.net) that I became such a huge fan of Guy. I appreciated her time and effort to produce such a great site for the sole purpose of sharing it with other fans whom she did not even know. My sincere condolences to her friends and family for having to deal with this terrible loss. Yet I hope they have some sort of comfort in knowing that she lived such a joyful life (from what I have read) and shared that joy with many music fans worldwide. Rest in peace dear Jennifer.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone:hug: I'm glad you all liked the videos.
  7. Okay seriously that was AWESOME! It was a wonderful night and I'm sure everyone in attendance enjoyed it. This was my third Coldplay concert, and it was by far the best. Loved Chrisโ€™ energy and the crowd was just so into it. The weather was perfect, as well. I thought it was generous of the band to go up twice to perform for those with crappy seats. Luckily, my seat was on the edge and I captured the band members as they were going up to the lawn. I was debating whether or not I should take pictures or capture the moment on video. So I opted to record it. The best part, however, was that I touched Chris!! Lol I'm such a nerd!!! It was more of like a pat. But hey, it still counts:) Below is the video. And yes, that's me screaming my head off:D [ame= ] [/ame] A great night, truly. Thank you Coldplay:) Oh, and I got a bunch of butterflies as well as their CD. The CD handout went pretty smoothly actually.
  8. I'm so excited! Woohoo:D It does look like it'll be crappy weather tomorrow, sadly. Although I have heard that it's funner being at a concert when it's raining. We'll see.
  9. No worries twiqz:) ---------------------------- For those of you with crappy seats, there's good news! Ticket exchanging is possible!!! But, of course, one has to be persistent when calling Ticketmaster or LiveNation. As you all know, the presales weren't that great. So I waited until the general sale to purchase my tickets. The seats were better, but they weren't what I wanted. So I settled for them thinking this was the best that will be offered to me. I went back to the Ticketmaster website to see if there's anything better and lo and behold! There were center seats available! I couldn't believe it! So I called up the Ticketmaster customer service number and asked them if I could exchange my tickets for the same price. Unfortunately, I was told this is not possible and not part of their policy. Two hours later, I called again and was told the same thing. I couldn't see why not. So, I called again. Luckily, I was able to upgrade my tickets for the same price.:) It really doesn't hurt to try. Just remember to be polite. Also, the two times that I was rejected was when I spoke to female representatives. I only got lucky when I spoke to a male rep. Perhaps the guys are more lenient.:D
  10. Thank you for your response, twiqz, but there's no reason to get all upset that I didn't read your original post. If it bothers you that I "didn't read the thread before asking a question," then you can simply not choose to answer my question. Or, even better, how about just kindly answering the question without making the one who asked feel stupid.
  11. Hi everyone! I would really appreciate some advice on ticket purchasing. Like most of you, I'm not having any luck with the presale for Coldplay tickets. The tickets that are available on Ticketmaster aren't that bad, but they're certainly not the best seats. My question is, should I wait until the general public sale (since it seems like that's when all the good tickets will be offered) or is it a wise choice to buy what's being offered now?
  12. Hello all you fabulous fans!!! I just got back from the CP concert in Detroit and my ears are still ringing:D I loved, loved, loved it! I knew exactly what was going to happen (butterflies during Lovers, going into the nosebleed section, etc.), but I was thrilled beyond words! It was awesome! I especially loved how Chris dedicated "The Hardest Part" to Jennifer Hudson. Seriously, that was thoughtful. I'll be posting pics (and crappy vids) soon. My feet are killing me right now and I just want to sleep. Oh, and btw, I worried about nothing regarding bringing a camera. Security didn't check for it nor did they care to. Ha. Anyway, glad to hear you all had a fantastic time!:)
  13. I am seriously excited for Monday night's show at the Palace!!! :D I honestly don't think I'll be able to concentrate during my class as I'll be counting down the hours until I see Coldplay! Woo hoo lol!!! Hope you all have an incredible time on Monday. I'll be posting pics (and perhaps small vid clips) as soon as I get a chance. Let's just pray they turn out clear:)
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