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  1. Why don't you just reply Crests or everyone else in the other thread instead of whining about it in here then? Are you scared or something? If you aren't what we say you are, then why don't you just say you aren't instead of completely ignoring everyone and calling them trolls.
  2. Haha, well Mark isn't exactly normal. He's pathetic, he thinks everyone who says something negative about him is a "troll". He's just too full of himself to realize how childish and creepy he's acting. What's even sadder is that Ian is actually backing him up, and ignoring all of our complaints about him just like Mark. :/

  3. That ****, he deleted them? I left another asking him why he deleted it then saw it was still there so just edited it to say "wrong profile sorry"... did he delete that too? Why?? I asked him literally as nicely as I could if he had anything to say about the controversy and suggested he could save face by saying something. WTF is his problem, if you're called a pedophile you generally at least deny it. WTFF.

  4. It's a pity you have to ignore everything that is negative about you, and that you are so fucking full of yourself to realize how childish and immature you're acting now.
  5. Don't worry, Nina, I feel the same way. :disappointed: I downloaded all their albums this week, I need help haha
  6. You sent him a VM? I just looked and didn't see anything. What did you say? :sad:

  7. I wonder if he's going to answer my VM. I thought he deleted it but when I refreshed it was there again, board error I guess...

  8. Aww :blush: Ok, one last picture of Damon. :P Devendra Banhart and conor booberst:
  9. I love you too, Julie :kiss:

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