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  1. ok! :dance: we should put all the chrissy corn things she made in there! [IMG] that's the only one i have :uhoh:

  2. hah hah. nice!! :D what are you doing for your birthday?

  3. that would have made me worried too!! but i'm glad its there!! its so awesome you got to see it!! :D :lol: nice!! *high five* :)

  4. THIS RAIN IS SUPPOSED TO BE A LOT OF SNOW AND NOW I'M PISSED I've been having so much coffee and tea lately hahah. Later I might to exploit Wawa's $1 any size coffee deal :sneaky: :D yeah I liked it! I thought it was funny. I love Shoshanna or whatever the hell her name is :P :D

  5. and then i have math 2nd!! what the hell?! those are the worst two possible classes i could have at that time!!! ughhh, it does!!! :(

  6. It's good to hear from you! :hug::heart::kiss:D! That's so amazing that you saw that!!!! :dance: Can't wait to see them!! :heart:

  7. OMFGGGGGG IT WAS AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I WAS AT B STAGE!!!!!!!!!!! :dead::bomb::dead::bomb::dead::bomb::dead::bomb:!!!!!!!! CHRIS LOOKED AT ME AND MADE EYE CONTACT!!!!!!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::dead::dead:!!!!!! eh i'm ok. i need surgery :\ how are you?

  8. that's awesome! :lol: are they at least pretty? :P

  9. Yeah it does. I KNOW!! The entire class is like :huh: Thanks!! :hug:! And because we're getting it done early, I don't have to come in next thursday :dance:

  10. they are! I'm excited for this one too, it's a really fun group of people :D :cheesy: that would be my guess too! that's great! :dance:

  11. he he!! now i'm laughing!!......and scheming...:sneaky::sneaky::sneaky: muhahahahah :p

  12. hmmm, you could try and use flash cards?

  13. they are :D but i don't think so. 2 of my brothers and my dad are going to grey lodge pub or something and the other brother is working. so i might just be watching it by myself :\ but that's ok. no one will see me freak out if something good happens :wink3::laugh3: and i don't feel like being around my brothers now anyway. they always make me feel worse :(

  14. hah hah :lol: so how have you been?

  15. Yeah that's true!! :dance::dance:!! I can't wait to see that when it airs :dead: Aww :sad::( those ones are SO pretty and wonderful!!! :wacky::wacky::heart:!!!! Hurts like Heaven and Charlie Brown are still some of my favorites. Though the live version of HLH is WAY better. And Don't Let it Break Your Heart is soooo good. And I actually love princess of china :freak: IT IS :wreck: I'm not sure how I got out of bed this morning. :P

  16. Ugh, I hate knowing how horrible our economy is and how worse it gets each day. and everything is such a mess right now:bigcry: i guess we can't blame the boys for not wanting to come back right now........... but then again.......OBAMA IS HERE AND BUSH IS GONE!!!!!:D:dance:

  17. hah hah! It will also say "Will you and Makayla stop already?! Do you two even know each other?! It's chocolate chip!! Now leave me the hell alone!" :laugh3:

  18. YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D :dance::dance::dance:!!!!!!!! shit they did? i missed it :( i've been too busy trying not to fall asleep :P i have to be at the hospital at 6 tomorrow :\

  19. DUDE I KNOW WHAT THE FUCK?! LIKE SERIOUSLY. EVERYONE WAS ALL "OMG THE BIG THREE" FUCK NO. THE BIG LOSER AND THE 2 OTHER AWESOME GUYS. I WISH COULD HAVE GOTTEN CLIFF LEE. MAN DO I MISS HIM. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Ugh yeah, I think that a lot too. No it's not :P :wacky: you should! And put pictures in the book of course! Document everything! But not so much so you're experiencing it through the lens. :D Feel free to get me something :P Hah hah just kidding. What time do you leave? :dance:

  20. We'll go to the same show one of these days :P Nice!!! :cheesy::awesome! We were supposed to get GA but you could only get 2 GA at a time and there's 3 of us going so I guess my brother didn't wanna risk 2 of us getting tickets. I don't really care though, I'm still going and I'm not paying :D :P :D Yay! A concert in central park sounds so awesome :wacky:

  21. How'd you get to listen to them at school?! Thanks!:D I MISSED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!:(:(:(:( FUCKING STAGE CREW!!!:angry: ALL night these 2 girls and i were like "i can't believe we're missing lost!!!! omg it comes on it 10 minutes!!" :( and i don't have time to watch it until tomorrow!!:( don't tell me anything!

  22. I went to the Phillies game on sunday last minute! I sat in the lower level!! first baseline. They were so close! :wacky::bomb:! Thanks! :hug:! It sucked. :dozey:. Butttt, my dad got a new car a couple weeks ago! A mini cooper actually :cheesy: so I get to use his old car and can drive myself to school :D

  23. I KNOW! WHAT THE HELL? :dozey: They almost blew a 10 run lead! That is ridiculous and intolerable!!! Oh yeah! When I walked into Spanish today, my teacher said "Hola Utley" (because I wore my jersey :wacky:) except because of his accent I didn't understand what he said and I didn't know who he was talking to. Then he kept saying it. I was like "what? .......OHHHHHHHHH! Utley!" :P

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