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  1. This show was absolutely incredible!!! I think it's my new favorite out of all my coldplay concerts :wacky:


    Alina, Katie, and I got upgraded to the second row with the seats closest to the stage/ramp, but during the show we were all against the barrier so we kinda ended up being front row because we couldn't get any closer. The boys were in brilliant form, they really put on a spectacular show. Chris kept making faces at us and we made them back which was fun and entertaining hahah. During X stage I saw Phil on the other side of the ramp and shouted his name and waved and then later in the show he came over to our side to take pictures of Coldplay and he took one of Alina, Katie, and me :freak:

    Also before the show we told Matt we loved his book and he thanked us :D And after the show Matt gave Alina the setlist and then later we saw him outside the venue and he apologized that there weren't any more setlists and put a handful of guitar pics in my hand for us. We talked to him some more and took a picture, he's seriously the sweetest/nicest guy ever oh my god.


    But yes, coldplay fucking killed it. I have some good pictures I'll upload later :D

  2. It was such a stroke of luck, it was insane. We were in the very back of the floor, so not bad, but it kinda sucked because we're short and we wanted to see :P


    But basically we had gone up to the upper levels and just wandered around the concourse, and Amy was jokingly like "maybe if we hang around upstairs they'll upgrade us!" and we laughed about it... But then, as we were going back down the escalator to go back to our seats, we noticed someone waiting for us, and she was wearing roadie clothes. We'd all made our own t-shirts to wear to the concert, so she'd noticed those. And she walked right up to us and said "those are great shirts, did you make them?" and we IMMEDIATELY knew what was going on. But we stayed calm (relatively :P) and launched into how we made the shirts, and then she asked if we were big fans, and we started exclaiming about Coldplaying, and how we'd met on the forum years ago, and how we were finally seeing them together.


    And then she asked us where our seats were, and we thought "uh-oh, they're not crappy enough to get upgraded!" but she looked at them and then said "would you guys completely freak out if I gave you third row seats?" and we SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER and she told us to keep it quiet, and I hugged her and started crying, and then she took our old tickets and told us to enjoy the show!! And then she told us that we were REALLY lucky and she was glad that she'd run into us, because she normally only goes upstairs and our original seats were downstairs.


    but the funniest part was right afterwards, a group of girls who had heard us scream ran up to us and were like "what did you win?!" and we were like "oh, nothing..." and then ran off, haha :P


    but I dubbed the upgrade rows the "I can't believe my goddamn luck" rows because everyone who got upgraded just sat there in shock for like the first 20 minutes they were there :lol: Marisa, Amy, and I just couldn't stop hugging each other and freaking out :D


    I saw the roadie's name on her walkie talkie, but in all of the chaos I forgot it! I think it started with a C... Christine, or something. She was really nice though!

    This is how we got upgraded :D I STILL can't believe it :freak::freak::freak:!!!


    Last night feels like SUCH a dream.


    I don't really have any words to describe it but the boys were PERFECT. They put on such an amazing show. And I'm really glad they're still doing some confetti during LIJ :wacky: the song live just wouldn't feel right without it. I really loved the "mellow yellow intro" version of Yellow, it was beautiful. The crowd was wonderful and energetic and the xylobands were honestly BREATHTAKING. Also the MX symbol inflatables that were around the venue during Don't Let It Break Your Heart were awesome!! This review sucks but Coldplay was literally perfect they put on an amazing amazing amazing show.


    I'll post my pictures as soon as I upload them :)

  3. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/g6A6pMO_WKM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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    literally me right now :dead:

  4. Please help me win a Coldplay Meet and Greet


    Hey guys, I know it's been FOREVER since I've posted, and I'm not really sure if this is the place to put this, but I'm trying to win the chance to meet Coldplay and would REALLY appreciate the help. All you have to do is click this link. The person with the most clicks wins. It's quick and easy.

    Please help me out.

    Thank you so much!!! :dance:

  5. When you had row 6, what section were you in? Always in the back? Because every time I tried, I got either section 7, 8 or 9 (last sections across the back) or first level, back there too. I am wondering if they were the only tickets released for the presale.


    I'm old :P and back in the day, we used to sleep out in the parking lot, waiting for Ticketron to open. I think that was easier!

    Yeah I think they were in the back, and I'm thinking the same, that they were the only ones open for the presale. But the first section was slightly closer I think than 7 :shrug: I don't know blahhh I'm very frustrated right now :P buying tickets always makes me crazy


    I think I'd rather do that hah hah

  6. I HATE BUYING TICKETS :dead: I always have the worst experiences.


    I had floor row 6 tickets and filled out the account information and had 46 seconds left when I hit submit order, but it told me I lost the tickets. So I kept trying again and again, and eventually found row 14 so I got them. Then when I went back I found row 4 but I can't return these and my dad would kill me if I put that much money on his card.

    And then I checked and I'm in section 7 and I'm all the way in the back of the floor


    fucking wells fargo :veryangry2:

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