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  1. some big news are imminent. two updates in two days is two much.


    like with the videos they uploaded through that apple thing, some of them were posted on their website weeks after they were posted on that itunes/apple site like the one with Guy&Chris)

    Yeah! I could see once they finally post something on their website or another R42 blog or something they'll mention that they posted it on twitter/facebook at the end of whatever they post :D

    i dunno i got a feeling theres one more thing left for today :s i dunno why

    I wish :bomb:

    Guys, let me share this with you. I think the technicolour guy walking is the album cover.

    Ohhh, could be! :surprised:

  2. i wonder why they aren't posting any of this on their website.:thinking:

    I was thinking this too, there's also no change to their website whatsoever. I guess they'll save that for when they announce the new album. And my guess for not posting anything on their website is because it's nothing really "official" y'know? They're just giving their fans little teasers.

  3. I knew it!!


    Ugh this is the only one they're doing on the same continent as me. I gotta find a way to go.

    I agree the lineup was better last year, but there's still a lot of good bands I've been wanting to see. It's a good lineup though. But I'd have to say, other than Coldplay and Muse, the headliners are disappointing.

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