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  1. Hopefully! :wacky: I'm so excited!! :dance: Eeee I can't wait!!! It sucks the giants won, but hey, the last time they beat the patriots the phillies won the world series :D Also if I actually make it through this week without killing myself it will be a miracle

  2. We'll go to the same show one of these days :P Nice!!! :cheesy::awesome! We were supposed to get GA but you could only get 2 GA at a time and there's 3 of us going so I guess my brother didn't wanna risk 2 of us getting tickets. I don't really care though, I'm still going and I'm not paying :D :P :D Yay! A concert in central park sounds so awesome :wacky:

  3. We're going the second night and I'm not sure where our seats are actually :P I think in the 200 level somewhere. Did you get tickets? :D There's going to be another act but it's not announced yet. I got tickets from the presale yesterday and it came to about $35 with service charges I think. It's more expensive than their tour tickets but that's not too bad :D http://www.youngthegiant.com/board_posts/central-park-summerstage-july-16th So would I :blank: :wacky::wacky::wacky:!!

  4. Young the giant is playing in central park in july :wacky:

  5. Yes!!! My brother and I were fighting this week and I was so pissed at him and this morning he messaged me apologizing and saying he'd get me a ticket oh my god I'm still not over that. I think we're going with our dad too!! Which night are you going for?! :D I wish they sold girl scout cookies year round but it's probably good that they don't or obesity in america would be SO much worse :uhoh: Have you heard this yet? :heart:!! http://youtu.be/KkUTzg1jrIc

  6. I'm literally sitting at work and crying because my brother just told me he's going to buy me a ticket to see Bruce Springsteen. My brother is actually the greatest person ever. :cry: Are you going?! :dance:

  7. Sorry I haven't been on in awhile, I've been so busy! And the next few weeks are hell as well. :wreck: THEY NEED TO ANNOUNCE Fun fact: the last time the giants and the patriots were in the super bowl the Phillies won the world series! :D I like the show more too :P So good so gooooood :wacky: Bruce Springsteen is coming back to Philly!!! :dance: Also, girl scout cookies :heart:

  8. Apparently we might get an inch tonight!!!! That's a start :wacky: I KNOWWWWW :freak: I have a feeling they're going to play Lollapalooza too :dead: Also this week my baseball withdraw got really bad :cry: AND HOW HAVE WE NOT DISCUSSED SHERLOCK

  9. I hope it snows instead, I don't like wintry mixes :P I WANT RADIOHEAD TO ANNOUNCE THEIR PHILLY DATE AHHHHHHHH

  10. I'll have to wiggle room for them too, but obviously it's more than worth it!! :dance: Perfect! I love this plan!! :D Also, it's finally been cold. But of course it's going to rain this week when it's in the 50s so it won't be snow :dozey:

  11. jfsajfjdsklfjkdlsfjadklsfjdsklfjakdlsfjksdlfjkadslfjads I don't even know what to say Except that it's going to be too amazing for words and I'm so unbelievably excited for you!!! I don't think I can afford it either, oh well :shrug: Hahahah ok, I'll hide in your bag :P :dance::dance::dance:!!!!

  12. Thanks! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE GOING HOLY SHIT OH MY GOD :dead::dead::dead::dead: I'm going to live through you :P It's always on our birthday weekend, which makes it even more torturous. And now it's on BOTH of our birthday weekends :freak: Have an AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING time!!!!!!!!!!!! :dance::dance::dance:!! Which weekend are you going to? I KNOW, SO JEALOUS!!

  13. I just saw your reply to my coldplay concerts on tumblr and I decided to respond here instead :P As of a few days ago I'm going to the second philly show yeah! :dance: My friend has connections with the eagles and got a suite for the second night at wells fargo and I was going to be in it but then there wasn't enough room for me and my other friend but now there is! So we're going :D :D :D And Toronto isn't official yet but my best friend lives right outside of Toronto so I want to go and visit her and see Coldplay with her and there's also a lot of other Coldplayers going to that show that I talk to a lot so it would be a big meet up. Someone bought me a ticket but nothing is official yet. Hopefully I'm going though :dead:

  14. If we don't get at least two inches of snow at one time I am going to cry :bigcry: 2 inches is nothing, come onnnnnnnn nature!!! Something like that :P I have a feeling this term is going to be hard/busy so I'll have to suck it up for the next 10 weeks :P I'm going to my first basketball game tomorrow though

  15. That's so awesome! :cheesy: Have tons of fun!!! :dance: Not much, I went to Atlantic City today with my friend to get cheesesteaks and walk around the outlets. It was fun. I go back to school tomorrow, or today or even yesterday whenever you read this :P (I go back on sunday) I'm ready to be back, so that'll be nice I guess :shrug:

  16. We got some snow last night!!! :dance::wacky::cheesy:!! It actually stuck too. Of course it was all melted the next morning :disappointed: The Coldplay singles box is literally the coolest thing ever. I'm listening to YTG on vinyl right now and it is amazing oh my gosh. So what's new with you? :D

  17. I was hoping it would at least make it across the delaware river but it didn't :disappointed: Those are all good ideas, thanks! :D My Godfather gave me an american express giftcard and I got the coldplay singles box set, mumford and sons, young the giant, and boxer by the national :freak::freak: they should be here tomorrow! Or I guess today by the time you read this :P

  18. I'm at least seeing them once! :dance: :freak: I hope you get to see them soon if you haven't already!! :heart::D!

  19. Nah, but I'm glad you had a blast!!! :dance: Exactly!! I think for the next couple of years I'm going to go to a concert even if I don't like the band that much :P Happy 2012!!! :D Man it feels weird to say that. Sucks about the flyers losing the winter classic :(! Also this is random, but how do you store your vinyls? Do you have a box or something? I'm trying to figure out how to store them in my dorm

  20. Thank you! :heart: Have an incredible 2012!!! :hug::D

  21. I don't think so :( I still have no plans :uhoh: there's not many options for 18 year olds :dozey: have fun!!!! :dance::D!

  22. Oh trust me, I know how amazing it sounds :freak: AROBTTH sounds amazing too :dead: You got some amazing gifts :cheesy::cheesy!!! Lucky you! :dance::D I got some clothes, gift cards, a couple movies, the second season of Lost, and some other stuff. I also got a gift card to this place in Philly where you design your own purse :D That is so great!! :lol: :D

  23. Happy holidays to you too!! :dance:

  24. That sounds so yummy!! :wacky: save me a piece :P that sounds so pretty too oh my gosh :cheesy: Congrats on finishing everything!!! :dance: I do love it when that happens :D Sounds like a relaxing way to wake up :P It was the best Christmas ever!!!! My brother is the best. I also got Bon Iver Bon Iver, another Beatles one, and A Rush of Blood to the Head from my parents :freak: and we have a bunch of old bruce springsteen vinyls so I'm holding onto those for now :P YAYYY for more records!!! :awesome::dance: what else did you get? :D I have this one :D [IMG]

  25. I know :stunned: This month FLEW by :o Hahahah, sometimes it's fun to look at a place you already know from the point of a tourist :D :lol: YAY!!! :dance: How was the cake tasting? :wacky: Nah you didn't ask, tonight we're having dinner with just the 6 of us, and then my parents and I are going to midnight mass. And tomorrow we're going to one of my aunt's and then Monday we're visiting my other side of the family I think :D How about you? :D Aww really? :( Thank you so much!!! I hope you and your family have an absolutely incredible Christmas!!!! And an unbelievable new year in 2012!!! :heart::hug::kiss::dance:!!!!!!!!!!!

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