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  1. It kinda stinks that they changed it otherwise this would be your last year. In America, we have kindergarden where you don't really learn too much, at least that I can remember-it was awhile ago, and then we have grades 1-12. After you finish grade 12 you graduate and then can go to a university if you wish. Ack, my mom needs to use the computer but I'll be back on later! :D

  2. That sucks! And is totally unfair!! At least you have awhile to do it....knowing me I'd wait til the last weekend but that's definitely not a good idea. I'm in tenth. How about you?

  3. Hah hah, I asked people for help on my history homework earlier this week!! :D hah hah THAT SUCKS!!! !5 pages?!?! That's like a death sentence, it sounds so horrible. Maybe I'm being a bit dramatic cause I hate writing papers and crap for school but that totally sucks! How long do you have to write it? Well, at least you don't have a test. Pick the subject that has the most information to find!

  4. Yeah I hate school, but we're not going to do ANYTHING on Monday and Tuesday anyway so it's alright. Wow that is early! You must of been beat!

  5. Yeah it is. I know, he didn't give it to us! We read it in class so most likely I was zoned out half the time. I loved Romeo and Juliet!! I read it last year, it's really good! It's ok. I'll figure it out. I'm actually just gonna do it later because my mind works better under pressure. Translating speeches does not sound like fun at all. It's bad enough trying to figure out what Shakespeare means.... Yay! I hope it's good!:D

  6. Oh yeah, I am still in school, my last day is Tuesday and it's a half day :D

  7. That's cool! :D I hope you can find them, sorry but I'm not much help with where to find that kind of stuff, the only place I can suggest is google but you probably already tried that. Uh, it's a 2 page paper about the play Julius Caesar by Shakespeare. The topic is, is the play misnamed and is Caesar the tragic hero? And is Caesar an influential character? My thesis is something like Julius Caesar is a prominent character in the play by Shakespear, and therefore the play deserves to be named after him. I'm still working on it though. Plus I have to have a quote in each paragraph and don't even have the book :(

  8. Smart. Good, I'm trying to start a paper for school but I keep procrastinating cause I don't know where to begin. What do you need the sheet music for?

  9. Hey Sofie, what's going on with you? By the way, I love the color of this font :)

  10. i've got to to bed, alex. talk to you tomorrow. Enjoy the snow!! :D

  11. Me too! I love it! I saw it on youtube a couple months ago but never got around to downloading the file...well til now :D Hmm, it'd be pretty hard to get sick of it...

  12. So i've been hearing on the news! I hope you get a white christmas!

  13. Lucky you! I love the snow! We haven't had much here =[ and it hasn't really been sticking either, sad. I love how you already know you're not having school tomorrow, I'm jealous. I live in New Jersey, right out side of Philly. How about you? And i bs my work way too much too

  14. Hi alex! not much..trying to do my history homework that i'm totally lost on so i'm probably gonna end up BSing it. what's up with you?

  15. Hey, i just wanted to tell you that i love your avatar and you signature =]

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