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  1. yeah that's what matters :) THEY WERE SERIOUSLY SO AMAZING JFAKSLDJFLSKFJDKALSFJADSKLFJDSKAL :dead: I saw Imagine Dragons last night and they honestly impressed me with how good they were :dance: And dude the bonnaroo lineup is fucking amazing, kill me :dead::dead:

  2. The sad thing is about my major is that most likely my co-op will be unpaid :( but oh well! Sounds like this concert came at the perfect time then :dance: OKAY SO THE SHOW WAS FUCKING AMAZING LIKE OH MY GOD AND THEY COVERED BRUCE AND THEY WERE JUST SO GOOD LIVE AND THE LIGHTS AND FJADSKLFJDASKLFJDSAKLFJADSKLFJADSKLFJADSL THAT'S BASICALLY ALL I'M CAPABLE OF SAYING RIGHT NOW

  3. That's so awesome! :dance: A Phillies games is the best way to celebrate your birthday :wacky::D I'm feeling really good about our boys this year :D Or maybe I'm just excited because I love baseball so much. I always have faith in our boys. UGHHHHHHHHH BASEBALL. And Chase seems to be feeling pretty good and that makes me so happy. Yeah, it'll be here soon. But like I said I'm enjoying this term so I'm not really even thinking about spring break hahah. But since I'm enjoying it I know the rest of the term will fly by. Except for finals week. That will be slow and then I'll need spring break :D IT'S SO SOON AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :freak: I've waited so many year to see The Cave and many others live and now I'm finally going to :dead: Trying to do promotion for a label or venue or work with festivals/concerts or anything really. I actually applied to be a production intern on tour with a band for the summer, but I know I won't get that one. How are things going with you? :D

  4. I'M SO HAPPY!!! I smile so much when I see pictures and read updates :wacky: Ugh, every year I wish I could go down to Clearwater. It sounds like it' d be SO much. Ugh. And perfect. Yesssss!! :dance: Doc's ready for a world series this year and so am I :D BRING IT! Ahhh I'm so happy for you guys :dance: :D :hug: That's seriously so fantastic! My spring break is at the end of my winter term, I think it's the last week of march. But I'm really enjoying this term, and my schedule ROCKS. I'm going to miss it so much hahah. I've actually been sleeping this term. Except for the last couple nights. So I've started applying for co-op jobs for the summer, and that's exciting! I might have an interview next week. :)

  5. BASEBALL BASEBALL BASEBALL BASEBALL BASEBALLLLLLLLLLLLLL :heart::dance::wacky::D:wacko::cheesy::heart::D I do too! We're just devoted passionate fans who love our teams and want them to kick some ass :dance: Gahhhh BASEBALL!!! HE WAS?! OH MY GOD THAT IS FANTASTIC!!!!!! :dance::D:dance:!!! I'm SO happy for you guys!!!!! :hug: I have no exams or tests this week and it fucking rocks :D

  6. I know! Literally nothing. NYC didn't get it so bad either, so the fact that my megabus got canceled is kind of bullshit :dozey: I had a good weekend here though, so that's good I guess :) PITCHERS AND CATCHERS REPORT TOMORROW AND ALL IS GOOD WITH THE WORLD *melts into a puddle of baseball happiness* Should be a good show! :D Or at least for the most part anyway. And 1 week til Mumford!! :dance:

  7. turns out I'm staying home for the weekend, and I'm kind of glad about that actually :)

  8. THIS STORM IS LOOKING NUTS :uhoh: My friend and I are supposed to go to NYC tomorrow to visit another friend but we'll see what happens with that. If megabus doesn't cancel the trip and we still go, we probably won't end up doing much. Soooo, I guess we'll see what happens with that. :blank: I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL BASEBALL'S BACK :bigcry::wacky::heart: Ah they will? I'll have to try and watch those games then :D I know! The Grammys went indie this year :awesome: :hug: Mumford will help :dance: Is Philly supposed to get hit badly? I don't even know hahah :P

  9. Thanks!! :D And you should! They're great bands :wacko: :D I keep forgetting about it and then I remember and I'm like AHHHH :dance::awesome:! I'm SO glad I don't have to queue for that show :P Interesting super bowl this year, eh? With the power going out and everything. The commercials weren't that great this year though which was a little disappointing. IT'S ALMOST TIME FOR SPRING TRAINING :heart: :freak: :wacky: :fance: :cheesy: And the Grammys are on sunday! In other news I still can't function because the vaccines and I keep staring at my picture with freddie and having a fit and I think I'm annoying everybody I need to seek professional help or something :bigcry: what's new with you? :D

  10. Oh man, oh man. I am so dead. :wreck: :dead: Seriously, tired, cold, sore, is SUCH an understatement and my cheeks are windburned and they hurt. I'm probably going to get hypothermia after the last few days but SO WORTH IT. I'll send you a pm about all the shows and stuff :D but I'm seriously never going to be able to function ever again because I love the vaccines so much and I just want to spend the rest of my life crying because the vaccines :bigcry: the super bowl is just starting so I can't comment on it yet :P also, our mumford show is coming up! :dance: which reminds me, I saw Ben and Winston leaving the vaccines show in new york :wacko:

  11. Yeah, that's scary :uhoh: I hope you find your perfect house :D This week has been so stressful for me :freak: But now I get the ultimate reward: going to new york tomorrow to see the vaccines, then hopefully I'm going to the walk the moon show at the TLA friday night and it's also my roommate's birthday so we'll be celebrating after ;) :D, and then on saturday one of my friends from buffalo is coming to visit and I'm seeing the vaccines again :dead: :dance:

  12. The snow was pretty :wacky: Now we're getting rain and wintry mix :dozey: I wish the weather would at least have some sort of consistency. Either stay warm or stay cold, not back and forth between two extremes every week. Based on that info, I don't like him already :P But I guess we'll have to wait and see :shrug: Yeah I saw it :blank: I'll keep everything safe! Did it happen just in the park though? Cause with a huge festival going on, I'm sure the risk of that happening is the same as any other festival :thinking: I'm so broke right now it's not even funny :bigcry: Aw, you guys didn't get it? :( That really sucks, I'm sorry! :hug: You'll have to find a better one then :P :awesome:

  13. I'm excited for the snow tonight! :dance: :wacky: ARE YOU SERIOUS?! What the fuck? :angry: Oh my god I have it at night too! I literally drink it all day long, it goes perfectly with everything :wacko: Coffee makes the world go around :heart: Yeah that's probably why, they just need to get back in the swing of things. I did hear, but I'm not really too sure who he is to be honest Have you heard about Governor's Ball? I just bought a ticket :dead: It was a complete shit show because all the early bird and advance tickets sold out in .0000000001 seconds so I had to buy a regular which was mad expensive :(


  15. It's supposed to snow tonight but it probably won't happen :( Coffee is good for you, eh? That's music to my ears :wacky: Hahah, "tell me something I don't know" is so accurate in regards to my coffee addiction. I like to think that admitting it makes it okay :P :D And I agree, as long as it's not affecting your in a negative way it's fine! Mmmm coffee :heart: That's good that he's happy and that he's playing again :D :dance: The Flyers aren't doing so great though :( I have off today so I've just been greatly enjoying my 3 day weekend :awesome: I went to south street one day with some friends and bought the lumineers record even though I shouldn't have spent money :blank:

  16. WHAT THE HELL? THIS ISN'T FAIR. I'll never see snow ever again :bigcry: I'm probably drinking too much coffee, because I've actually been sleeping the last couple weeks (my schedule this term ROCKS) but there's no such thing as too much coffee, right? :blank: I actually had a really scary conversation awhile ago with someone about how I'm getting way too addicted to coffee/caffeine and he was like oh that's okay most people have 1-2 cups a day anyway that's normal and I was like .......:uhoh: That's it?! 1-2 cups? THAT'S NOTHING so basically I'm fucked Yeah he did! He had it when I was in New York. Thanks for asking! It went well and from what I can tell he's doing as well as he could be, considering the surgery he got and everything. I think he's probably just getting a little bored and stir crazy. My brother has been driving him around a little bit so he can work some, which is good. But yeah I think he's doing alright! Thanks :hug: any fun plans for the weekend? :dance:

  17. THIS RAIN IS SUPPOSED TO BE A LOT OF SNOW AND NOW I'M PISSED I've been having so much coffee and tea lately hahah. Later I might to exploit Wawa's $1 any size coffee deal :sneaky: :D yeah I liked it! I thought it was funny. I love Shoshanna or whatever the hell her name is :P :D

  18. I hope he stays with the Flyers forever and ever and ever :D My weekend was good! Nothing too exciting, but it was nice :D I was really productive on sunday :awesome: and now it's monday night and I started falling asleep at like 6:30 :lol: :shrug: did you watch girls?! :dance:


  20. I have no idea how many I have in total now, but I'm out of room :blank: Did I tell you the thing my brother did for my christmas present? Give me a vinyl, I write a review and get the next vinyl. There's a total of 5 vinyls, and I've gotten 4, but I've only listened to 3. I've been busy. I've gotten Paul Baribeau, The xx, Bob Dylan, and The Avett Brothers from him. My parents gave me Parachutes, the vaccines come of age, and albert hammond jr's solo album :freak::freak::freak:!!! And then in new york I got a grouplove single from record store day, vampire weekend's contra, white lies, radiohead's I Might be Wrong that has fucking true love waits :freak:, a collection of unreleased demo and live tracks from arctic monkeys, and best coast. :D :freak: :heart: it was so hard to pick which ones to buy and which ones to put back :freak: I got a couple cds too :D :wacko: I honestly totally forgot they were on tonight so I have NO idea I didn't even watch :\

  21. talk about your worst nightmare :stunned: Have fun (if you can)! :kiss::D Travel safe and everything! Ah, I hope he gets into his new place soon! Remember to look on the brightside, it WILL get less stressful :dance: you can do it! :hug:

  22. No I didn't hear about that! I agree though, it's a good thing. Hopefully less players will use them now. Could make for a very interesting season though, if a lot of players get benched :uhoh: Yeah, this Stanley Cup will go down in history :\ .....What...? :stunned: I didn't know that. That's....uh....uh, interesting? In a not so great way? :P That's great! :D Uh oh :uhoh: Moving is the WORST. I hope you find something soon! I can't remember if I said this or not but I got so many vinyls in new york and from christmas my collection is so great now :freak:

  23. It does :wacko: or at the very least, makes everything more bearable :P :D That's a good point! As long as it doesn't turn into another lockout this long :uhoh: Yeah, this season is kind of complete shit. But it's better than nothing! :D Okay! Have fun down there! :dance: :hug: Hope everything is alright with Brian's house there and stuff :D BOOOOOO :(

  24. Oh my god :freak: It's actually really nice to be back hahah. At least for now. This term should be interesting, but hopefully good :D Ah :uhoh: Hopefully it lasts!! WE NEED HOCKEY! YAY for Brian!! :dance:! It's WEIRD how short it is :freak:

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