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  1. THEY'RE BRITISH?!?!?! :stunned: I NEVER would have guessed that. Woah. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE THOUGH :freak: I mean seriously! I hear hockey's back!!! :dance::dance::dance:!!!! How does Brian feel about everything? :D

  2. Really? :freak: I haven't seen any ice but then again I haven't really been driving :P That's what I'm wondering! Where was he?! And I feel like there could be more, I'm not sure. He's incredibly secretive. We'll have to wait and see what next season holds for him I guess. HOLY SHIT THEY DO :stunned: :cheesy: I'm going to new york in the morning for a few days with my friends from buffalo and toronto, I probably won't have internet so HAVE A NICE FEW DAYS AND ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!! :dance: :hug:

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! :dance::hug:!! Hope you had a fun night!! :D Those are all wonderful presents! :wacky: COLD WEATHER! It finally feels like winter. Of course it gets cold just as I have to go back to school and can't enjoy the fire place :P I had nothing else to do over break :P It was RIDICULOUS!!! I did not see that coming AT ALL. :freak: I was like WHAT. THE. FUCK. :o Yeah! I keep having mixed feelings about Quinn. I'm just so glad Saul's not dead, hurt, or fired and that he knows Carrie is okay. And his wife is coming back yes! :wacky: And yeah seriously Brody's family's world just got flipped upside down and all around.

  4. It was great!! :D I got some vinyls, clothes, shoes, movies, and of course my guitar :wacky: :dance: Did you get anything good? :D Glad you had a great time! :kiss: :dance: I wish it snowed here more than it did :disappointed: You did?! That's the one we liked right? :thinking: That's so wonderful!!!! :D:dance:! THE FINALE WAS FUCKING INSANE HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK :freak::freak::freak:!!! You're welcome!!! :D :hug:

  5. MERRY CHRISTMAS DEAR!!! :kiss::dance::heart::D:hug:!!!! I hope its wonderful! How's your uncle's house? :D Yeah, he'll eventually be okay. The recovery is a bitch and a half though. He'll be in a neck brace for 4 weeks and can't drive and his job requires a lot of driving. For that reason he waited until after Christmas to get the surgery, he was supposed to have it in the beginning of december. But yeah, hopefully in a few months he'll be a lot better! I'm in the middle of season 2 :freak: I'll pick back up after the holiday! That's the only thing I hate about hbo and showtime shows, fucking 12 episode seasons :dozey:

  6. Christmas on the beach....weird to think about. Should be fun though!! :D For the first time, we're not having anyone over on Christmas and I'm not even sure if we're going anywhere? :thinking: We don't really have any plans on Christmas for the first time and it's kind of really weird. :blank: I'm not sure if I told you this before, but my dad is getting surgery in the beginning of January because of a bulged disc in his neck or spine or somewhere. So that's why we're not having anyone over, and no one on my dad's side offered to have people over I guess. :shrug: So we might go see my mom's side of the family even though we spent Thanksgiving with them. I'm not really sure :P

  7. It IS like LOST! So so so sooo good though :wacky: I can't wait to see what happens :freak: I'll probably be put to use for more wrapping later. I have to go to the store tomorrow to get a book for my brother and I'm a little nervous for the crowds :uhoh: :P Yeah she'll really like it :wacky: We haven't had pictures taken of us in more than 10 years, so it's a good present! YES THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT KEEPS HAPPENING. And I keep using too much shampoo. That's so long! :stunned: I want my hair to get insanely long like that but it usually never really gets past my chest :\ Aw that sounds like so much fun! :D I'm glad you're having a great time!! :dance:

  8. I know, I can't decide how I feel about Brody :freak: Probably because I don't think he's exactly decided what/who he is yet either :P Aww, YAY for the Christmas spirit!! :wacky: I'm currently watching Elf while wrapping my mom's presents for my brother trying to get into the spirit. As part of a Christmas present for my mom, my brothers and I had a friend take portraits of us this morning and we're going to frame one for her and oh my god it was the funniest thing :laugh3: it was freezing and windy as shit but we were all laughing hysterically the whole time :laugh3: I should send you some of the funny ones. :stunned: TIME FLIES! it feels a lot lighter! and showering and brushing my hair is SO weird! How's Boston? :D

  9. SERIOUSLY :uhoh: it's all very realistic which kind of makes the show insanely creepy :blank: YAY BOSTON!! :dance: Enjoy it up there!!! :wacky::dance: Oh god it's SO much better than my handwriting so don't even apologize!!! :D Okay cool, I'll send it out soon! :D Guess I'll have to use your new last name this year :P :wacko: Also I just got 3-4 inches cut off my hair wooooo!

  10. I can't stop watching it :freak: But it may not be the best show to watch until 2 or 3 in the morning because then I get paranoid that someone is going to come and kill me or that someone is watching my every move :blank: Holy shit it's the 19th you leave tomorrow!! I'm really bad at keeping track of the date :uhoh: HAVE AN AMAZING TIME!!!! :dance::hug::heart::D:dance:!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CHRISTMAS CARD DEAR!!!! :kiss::kiss::D I've been meaning to ask you where I should mail yours too, since you moved and all. Should I use the address on the return address or the one I sent them too before, or where? :P I really should have asked earlier though because now you won't get it until you get back, I'm sorry about that!!! :(!

  11. IT IS SO GOOD HOLY SHIT THIS SHOW :freak:!!! She does care about her job but there's also no way she could kill Dexter, not unless she killed herself afterwards. She loves him too much. Also there's a whole season left :P FUCK! Only a week away! :shocked: When did that happen?! I'm actually starting to panic because it's only a week away :P There's still things I have left to do but I can't think of what they are :uhoh:

  12. Also I'm going to start Homeland tonight :D

  13. Aw that's so great! :D This is why I hate people. Friday night I was at the store with my mom and this customer was arguing with this poor employee about gun rights and how she loves having a gun to protect to herself or something and I was just like ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? YOU'RE STARTING AN ARGUMENT WITH A STRANGER ABOUT THIS? Hug everyone extra tightly indeed! :hug: IT WAS CRAZY. I can't believe Dexter was able to make it look like she was framing him, that scene was so intense :freak: I was like oh no he's fucked he's fucked. BUT THEN BOOM. And as the episode went on I had a feeling Maria was gonna die, and then in the final scene I knew Deb was gonna shoot her but I CAN'T BELIEVE IT :freak::freak: Yeah, Deb is like his accomplice now so what's going to happen with that?! And Hannah can come into play at any time. Next season is gonna be sooooo good :freak: And I'm so sad Angel left too!!! I'm sure he'll still be on the show, at least I hope.

  14. Ugh. :dozey: on the bright side, apparently Chase emailed Charlie saying he'd have a healthy second baseman :D It was for dates from may-june I think :P What day do you leave again? :dance: the 20th? :thinking: EXACTLY! And there's still people walking around going on and on about their rights to "protect themselves and have guns" SHUT UP. You don't know what you're talking about. Any time I begin to get some of my faith in humanity back I lose it all completely again. I really, just....can't even deal/comment on this tragedy. CAN WE DISCUSS DEXTER PLEASE BECAUSE WHAT THE FUCK

  15. Oh my god that is SUCH a good idea! :D Talk about dream jobs hahah, sitting on your ass and getting paid for it :P Apparently jetblue had flights from philly to boston for like $18 and my dad was going to do that for a family christmas present and I was so excited but then they sold out and now I'm sad :disappointed: :( I came home friday night! My house looks pretty :wacko: I can't even comment on the Newtown shooting, it makes me sick and too sad to even comprehend.

  16. omg starbucks! :wacky: maybe I will tomorrow. They're going BOGO on holiday drinks again til sunday.....is it bad if I get 2 for myself? :P Thank youuuuu!!!! :D He clearly knows nothing about the sport either because he can't make a good deal or trade. Ever. :angry: WOOO! :D That's exactly my plan hahahah :D :wacky: :dance: Christmas movies and tv specials all day every day baby! Hahah, I promise I will! :D After I have a few days of doing absolutely nothing first. :D :P

  17. I MADE IT I'M ALIVE AND FINALS ARE OVER HOLY SHIT :o:o:o I really didn't think I was going to make it, I scared the shit out of myself this morning. I can't explain it but physically I felt like shit and just terrible and the state of my mentality was horrendous and I couldn't comprehend anything. I had no idea how I was going to take my two hardest exams. But I got better as the day went on and I AM DONE. :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: I missed the 12/12/12 concert :( I'll have to watch it later :D I heard it was great!!! SERIOUSLY! I'm beginning to wonder how he got his job. He's done nothing but drive me crazy the last couple of years :dozey: I'm beginning to look forward to seeing my house all decorated for Christmas and sitting by the tree :wacky:

  18. Hahah, sorry I freaked out! That was a weak moment. I'm pretty positive I failed my calc final yesterday but I just don't give a shit anymore. My exam this morning was easy. I have my two hardest finals tomorrow and THEN I AM FREE AND I AM CELEBRATING :D Thanks!!! :kiss::hug:!

  19. At least it's a little colder again now! Beginning to feel somewhat like Christmas. Aww :wacky: That's so great you get to be in Boston and then spend time with your family :D :D You'll have to let me know how it is! :dance: Part of me still regrets not getting tickets for his Philly show, but I didn't have the money and I've only listened to his Christmas music and a little of his normal stuff so :\ hahahah, I called Sufjan normal, that's funny. Yeah they really need to make some drastic changes, as much as we would all love it, they can't keep the same 2008 team forever, or what's left of it anyway. They need to start planning for the future as well as the present. That kind of kills me to say because I'm so attached to these Phillies players from the last few years. :bigcry: Opening Day is like, my favorite holiday :wacko::heart::wacko:!!!

  20. I think it might be too :freak: Something huge is going to happen :bomb: I am so down for moving to a mountain top :wacko: I'll bring the hot chocolate :D Oh, wow. That's a LOT of people hahah. Sounds like it'll be a little insane but a lot of fun :D I bet his house will look pretty :wacky: So jealous you're seeing Sufjan! HAVE FUN!!! :dance: And you must be excited to spend time in Boston :D:dance::wacko: Sounds like he should be a solid bat to the lineup if he stays healthy, so that's good! :) God I miss baseball so much but I'm also terrified the Phils will repeat last season :bigcry: ALSO I'VE SPENT MY ENTIRE DAY WRITING AN 8 PAGE PAPER AND I'M STILL NOT FINISHED BECAUSE I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO FOCUS ALL DAY AND THEN I NEED TO STUDY CALC ALL NIGHT AND TOMORROW BEFORE MY EXAM AND I'M LOSING MY MIND HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ignore me :freak:

  21. FINALLY got both of mine today :D Litho number 1071 :)
  22. I sent them another email on friday. :dozey:
  23. NEXT WEEK WILL HAVE ME ON THE EGE OF MY SEAT :freak: Oh my god I just realized that I can watch the finale live at home with my brothers :wacko: That'll be fun. Ugh, that's SO annoying! :hug: I'm going to have to move up to the depths of Canada in 10 years if I want to have seasons. :dozey: Apparently it's not even supposed to hit the 30s in the next 10 days or so :( Kind of hahah :P Break will be good but I'll also miss having an apartment with my friends and not my family and I'll miss everyone. Break should be good though. This week of exams is going to kill me though. For the first time I actually have a lot of exams spread out through the week so the next 4 days are filled with studying, taking an exam, and then studying for the next one. Shit's gonna suck. Also I have an 8 page paper to write. BREAK WILL BE NICE, YES. :lol: must have left a great impression on the people wherever you went to lunch :P I did hear! What are the stats on him? I'm so out of the loop.

  24. Am I the only one who hasn't gotten the DVD OR the Litho yet? :uhoh:
  25. Okay I watched Dexter. Next week's episode looks fucking good.

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