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  1. I haven't watched it yet, but I probably will to take a study/homework break soon. Oh no!! That's horrible! More motivation to move out, eh? :P Seriously! I live in the northeast to have an actual winter. Snow would help immensely! All of this fucking rain should be snow :angry::cry: Lyrics from Christmas lights are always accurate, "still waiting for the snow to fall, doesn't really feel like Christmas at all" Of course it will, fucking weather. :dozey: Glad it went well! :D SAME :freak: The party was gooooooooood, hahah. :D We also went to a house show for a little bit in the middle of it hahah, the guy playing sucked but it was fun to be there with all our friends for a little bit. How was cleaning up the shore? :)

  2. The 8th season better be fucking unbelievable to make up for this shit. :dozey: 66 WHAT THE FUCK :o Seriously, I should wear a dress or something. This weather and school and stress from school has taken me out of the christmas spirit :P hopefully this tacky christmas party will help with that though, and if not, I go home friday and that'll put me back in the mood :wacky: I always feel like I'm way more in the christmas mood before thanksgiving but I hold it off until after but then I get too swamped with school and life and before I know it it's Christmas. How was shopping? :D Were you successful? HOLY SHIT IT'S ONLY 2 WEEKS AWAY WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN

  3. Occasionally I'm clever but not really :lol: I need to figure out what to get my brother though because a) he's impossible to shop for and b) his gifts to me are so clever and thoughtful that I want to get him the best present ever. I WATCHED DEXTER. How did it take to get to the 10th episode for the plot to start?! I KNOW, what. the. hell. :angry: It's supposed to rain so it could be snow, but noooooo! :veryangry2: No :disappointed: I'll definitely take you up on that!! :D Sounds like baseball heaven :wacky: We lost Worley. I'm so pissed. And sad. Yeah actually :awesome: My roommates and I are having an ugly christmas sweater party on saturday :lol: :dance: How about you? :D

  4. Yeah it is :wacky: my brother's the best :heart: Yeah, it's a Rogue I believe. It's nothing special, but to learn I don't need a nice guitar. Thanks for the tips! It's going to be hard but I'm pretty determined, playing guitar is something I've always ached to do. I'm sick of not knowing how anymore. That gift sounds perfect for you :D Good! I hope it stays colder too. GIVE ME SNOW! I'd LOVE to go to Fenway. And to Boston in general :wacky: I'm worried too, friggin Ruben Amaro Jr. :dozey: Ugh they probably will, even though that's the last thing we need. I can't wait for break either :dance:

  5. part 2: My brother is doing this really cool thing for my Christmas gift where he's giving me vinyls, from artists I've never listened to, and I have to write a small review of it and send it to him, and then I get my next vinyl :wacky: I got my first one last week, it was a really great album! :D If I have time I'm going to meet up with him in center city tomorrow to get my next one. How about you? :D

  6. Rainy Christmases are the WORST :( I HEARD! I'm actually really happy! :dance: I've always liked the red sox and have meant to get into following them more, I should really get on that :D especially now :wacko: HOLY SHIT! 10 hours? I'm so sorry!! :hug:!! I hope the next round of talks goes well! *fingers crossed* I can't believe there's still no games on the horizon :wreck: YAY Boston! :cheesy: Thanks! :kiss: I actually know most of my presents already which is kinda sad :\ I got an acoustic guitar, I'm going to attempt to teach myself. And I got two pairs of boots, and some movies. And a reusable filter/make your own k-cup thing for my keurig. Anything else will probably just be vinyls or clothes or something :D

  7. I still haven't received my DVD or litho :(
  8. Seriously! We haven't had even the slightest kind of white Christmas in SO long. Not even flurries or anything. :bigcry: I'm glad then! :D How are things going with work and life and whatnot? :D I can't believe it's my last week of classes already, where did the time go?!

  9. Good to know :D Seriously about to start taking trips to snowy places in December so I can get a white christmas :P EXACTLY! That's literally all this class is. :dozey: I can't promise I'll be able to make any decisions but I'll do my best hahah :D

  10. this makes me really nervous to be honest :blank:
  11. For everyone who has gotten it in the US, it come with your regular mail, UPS, fedex, or what? Just wondering what I should be looking out for. Still haven't gotten mine :angry: :(
  12. Ah really? Maybe I'll have time to watch it tomorrow :D I'm glad it was better. THIS WEATHER IS BULLSHIT. Brb going to antarctica. :escaping: I feel that way too :lol: Imagine how I'll feel once I start homeland and the walking dead :freak: I also wanna start Boardwalk Empire. Shit. :blank: I have my 3rd exam today and then the final next week. Too much studying :P It's just an awful class hahah. Did you go see houses yet? :D

  13. I know! It keeps confusing me :P I have no idea when I'll be able to watch this week's episode of Dexter because I have so much to do this week :freak: especially in the first half of the week. I might take a study break later tonight though to watch the new once upon a time before tumblr ruins it for me. Ignorance is bliss, hahah. :D That sounds like the twilight zone :uhoh: I would hate it. :hug:! I KNOW! THIS SEASON LOOKS SOOOO GOOD :dance: I'm so excited for it! p.s. I am beyond sick of music history right now :wreck:

  14. I want to punch Deb in the face. Hopefully this week's episode is good. (I say that every week, don't I?) I KNOW! I do. I should have this past week while I didn't have much going on, but this is the last week of classes and then finals so I probably won't have time until winter break to start it. But then I'll have all the time in the world :D SERIOUSLY! I want snow dammit. Oh god I could never do that either!!! That'd be so bizarre. I couldn't even be in florida or california for the holidays. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FPkC9In57I"]Girls Season 2: Trailer #1 - YouTube[/ame] And okay! :D Can't wait to see them!

  15. I think that's the only thing Dexter needs to connect with someone :P Yeah that's true :P The plot can finally, FINALLY, move on from that. :D I want a snowstorm so badly :bigcry: It's going to be 60 in the beginning of next week WHAT THE FUCK?! IT IS DECEMBER. Give me snow or give me snow. :snobby: It really sucks this year because I don't have a job this term :( Oh well I guess :shrug: CAN WE PLEASE DISCUSS THE NEW GIRLS TRAILER I THINK I'M IN LOVE

  16. I kind of like Dexter and Hannah together though. And I'm strangely sad that Isaac is dead. I think they're going to continue the phantom fire thing which is good! I think that'll actually make the show slightly interesting again. We'll see. Mine was good! :D I ate wayyy too much all week. Tis the season, eh? :P I hope it sticks :dance: but it probably won't :( Get any holiday shopping done? I got most of mine today online, but my bank account hurts now. :\

  17. That scene was so good :freak:!! I hope tonight's episode is interesting. But I'm not holding my breath. Have you caught up yet? :P How were your 3 thanksgivings? :D It's supposed to snow a little tuesday and wednesday :cheesy: I can't wait for a snowstorm :wacky:

  18. I think it's already happened :blank: There was a really good scene towards the end of the most recent episode that had me like HOLY SHIT! Enjoy your time off!!! :dance: :kiss: I haven't been in forever and I really wanna go now too :freak: I WANT SNOW SO BADLY :( HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! :dance: :hug: :D

  19. I have a feeling by the end of january I'll have a full blown starbucks addiction :blank: I'm excited to do the rewards thing hahah. I still haven't watched last night's episode, I hope it was good. I'll probably watch it later today since I have nothing to do for a week pretty much :D But I agree, I miss the intensity of the show. Holy shit :wreck: You need this break then! :dance: Oh my gosh the pumpkin scones are so good :wacko: :D This time of year is the best :heart: Have you heard Sufjan's new christmas music? :D

  20. I didn't get tickets :bigcry::bigcry::bigcry: It was all such bullshit. I LOVE the holiday cups :wacko: and flavors :wacky: I plan on asking for a lot of starbucks giftcards for christmas so I can go inbetween classes during the winter :wideeyed: and I'm going to register for the starbucks rewards thing I think too so I can get free stuff hahah. But yes I love the cups and starbucks is magical. That's a good point, I feel like they have to be building up to something, especially since it's almost over. It's so slow though I'm never like "OHMYGODNEEDNEXTEPISODE" now this season which is weird. Are you excited for a little break from work? :D 3 thanksgivings and christmases sounds awesome :awesome: Uh I think I've already started gaining holiday weight :uhoh: oh well, tis the season. Mmmmmmm, apple pie :wacky: To be honest, I really have no idea :P I haven't been home to hear or discuss holiday plans, so I guess I'll find out later this week :D

  21. part 2: I'm also excited for the official start of the christmas season :wacky: I went into Starbucks yesterday cause it's BOGO for their holiday drinks and it was decorated all christmasy and the baristas had antlers on and christmas music was playing it made me so happy I don't even care :wacko:

  22. I missed the presales so I'm going to try for the general sale tomorrow. I'm scared. :blank: They need to get SERIOUSLY moving with the plot. The first episode was so insane and now it's just like, eh. :shrug: I hope it picks up and picks up fast. It's the second half of the season and nothing very captivating is happening. YES! Very excited :dance: also excited for thanksgiving break, which has unofficially started for me :lol: drexel is closed wednesday - sunday and all of my classes on tuesday got canceled by professors, and monday I only have one class where everyone just goes and does stuff on their laptop anyway. I actually think half of my major plans on skipping it :lol: Break will be nice. But yes, very excited! I think we're having people at my house this year. How about you? :D

  23. I'm glad he's doing well! :D I don't really trust him either :\ I'm worried for the phillies still. I hope next season is the exact opposite of this past season. :blank: I think the prices are around normal coldplay concerts, which is still ridiculous, but I'll probably try and go anyway because I have no self control when it comes to concerts and coldplay. :shrug: This season is kind of weird because it's not the normal kind of serial killer that they have. The last few seasons they've shown the serial killer from the beginning but like the (however you spell their last name) aren't really serial killers they're just a mob? And each episode is dexter chasing isaac and isaac chasing dexter it's getting kind of repetitive. Also I hate Quinn right now. And Deb was like dexter you can't kill anyone LOL JK KILL THIS BITCH FOR ME. No, Deb. That's not how it works. So I'm not really sure what to make of this season right now.

  24. Ugh, poor Brian :kiss: It's such a shitastic situation. :( How's his recovery going by the way? :) Thank God because I do not know what I would do with myself. I already miss baseball a lot :( :P And now there's all these baseball talks and rumors going around and you never know if there's any truth in them. I wonder what this off season holds for the Phils. I want but it's gonna be expensive and hard to get tickets for but ugh I WANT TO SO BADLY. Jayz and coldplay is a pretty hard combination to beat, especially on new year's eve. Also we haven't discussed Dexter in awhile :freak:

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