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  1. ME TOO :dance: I probably shouldn't have spent so much money on that ticket. And I'm going by myself. Oh well I guess :shrug: Hahah seriously! The fact that America elected the right guy makes me hate everything less. Oh man, that sounds awful :( I miss hockey I want all of this ridiculousness to end. Also I'm scared because baseball is the only sport that hasn't had a lockout and if there is I'll die. COLDPLAY AND JAY-Z ON NEW YEAR'S EVE YES PLEASE :freak:!!!!

  2. I couldn't get a mumford ticket :bigcry::bigcry::bigcry:!!!!!

  3. I'M SO HAPPY!!!! I was freaking out until he got PA, then I calmed down a little bit but holy shit that was close :freak: I just don't want to have to queue by myself cause I want a pit ticket hahah :P I'll probably just buy a ticket anyway, I could always sell it. Are you gonna get tickets? :dance: Someone needs to take candy away from me :blank: I can't believe the lockout is STILL going on :wreck: I barely got any snow :disappointed: how about you? :D

  4. I KNOW, FINALLY :freak: Yes I wanna go! I shouldn't spend the money but, MUMFORD AND SONS! I think I'll try to get a pit ticket on friday, we'll see though because I don't wanna go alone :P Why can't candy be good for you? :P I seriously have multiple plans to move to Canada. I even looked into universities :blank: God I'm so terrified I hope I can sleep tonight :uhoh: How's house hunting going? :D Any new developments?

  5. MUMFORD AND SONS ARE FINALLY COMING BACK TO PHILLY but at the susquehanna bank center :\

  6. Wait.....we're getting another noreaster?! :uhoh: Candy candy candy candy candy yes, I did! :D I want more hahah. Maybe I'll steal some when I go home to vote on tuesday. IT WAS SO AWESOME :freak: here's my review :D http://thecorrespondencemusic.com/post/34909579475/grouplove-at-the-electric-factory-11-1 and before that I like, hung out with them for an hour and saw their soundcheck thanks to this organization called GrammyU that I'm in. It was fucking awesome, they're the greatest people. :freak: I'm both excited and nervous for election day. If Romney wins, I think I'm actually going to have to leave the country.

  7. It actually wasn't bad at all where I am! Didn't lose power or anything. I was so surprised, but so thankful. But I have a lot of family in north jersey and they got it bad :uhoh: I hope your sister's house ends up okay!! :hug: I love your costumes! :lol: I saw grouplove last night :freak:!!

  8. Officially worried about the Tigers. I stole some halloween candy from my mom's stash when I went home this weekend :P :D Have you decided on a costume yet? Drexel is closed for monday and tuesday and they seriously NEVER CLOSE. Not even during all the snowmageddon's and stuff. THIS IS SO SERIOUS. My roommates and I are stocking up on candles, flashlights, and food we can eat if we lose power. STAY SAFE!!!! :hug::kiss:!

  9. The Tigers are making me so nervous :bigcry: I'm only catching glimpses of the game but they really need to get their shit together!!! 7 INNINGS? :o Holy shit. I agree with you on that! That's serious, they need to be seen right away!! I hope he's okay :uhoh" NO, they should NOT do it. That would be horrible. I'm killing Amaro if he does it. You'll think of something good soon! :kiss: I don't think I'm dressing up because I don't have anywhere to go where I need to dress up :P I just now heard about this whole Frankenstorm thing and uh....fuck. :stunned:

  10. THAT MAZE THING WAS SO FUCKED UP :uhoh: holy fucking shit. Thankfully he's finally dead. That's what I did last year on winter break :lol: :P It'll probably happen again this year too. :) Get as much advice/help as you can! :D How many more houses are you going to see? :wacky: GO TIGERS! :dance: I'm excited for the world series too :wacky:, too bad I probably won't see much of it :disappointed: I want to be happy for Hunter Pence but FUCK THE GIANTS. NO I HAVEN'T HEARD THAT......WHAT.....:blank: Hahah, I'm having fun which is good, it just feels like way more time has passed I guess :shrug: :P Did you ever figure out what you're being for Halloween? :D Totally send me some! :D I'd love to see them :wacky:

  11. Were you just visiting Natalie in London or were you working? :) It was SO creepy oh my god. I haven't watched tonight's episode yet. Both of those shows are already on my list of things to watch hahah. I need to stop being busy so I can watch tv :P No oh my god you don't even know, one time I literally had to ask my friend when I should shower. I can't make any kind of decision, ever. Asking people is a good idea though, is it helping with the decision process at all? THE TIGERS BEAT THE YANKEES I'M SO HAPPY! I keep rubbing it in my friend who is a big yankees fan face :P :smug: My week has been so busy :wreck: I honestly don't know how it isn't past Thanksgiving, I feel like it's been so long. Really, really good week though. CMJ in nyc was pretty cool :D I've been tired and out of it today though, I'm using that as an excuse to just relax and not do homework :P :uhoh: How are you? :hug:

  12. I just watched Dexter. Oh my god.

  13. I have so much work to do can I just run away to London with you?! :wacky: I'm literally the world's most indecisive person so I wish you all the luck on picking a house!! I'll start watching it soon :awesome: BASEBALL WITHDRAW IS THE WORST! I'm already counting down til spring training :P I had to suffer from not knowing what happens while watching tv shows so I want everyone to as well because I'm an evil bitch :P :smug: HAVE FUN IN LONDON!!!!! :dance::heart:!!

  14. so much studying :freak: my mind is currently in a jumble from studying so much music history. and a little bit of calc jkfdsajfldsajfdaslfjlas Damn, that's a lot of houses! Did you see any that you're seriously considering buying? :D Where were you looking? PA or NJ? I'll have to start watching it soon :D Baseball is like a drug because it makes me happy and crazy and sad and love life and hate life and I can't live without it :freak: I haven't seen it yet so don't tell me anything! My friend keeps asking me what happens too but I won't say anything :P :smug:

  15. FRIDAY! :dance: School is busy, and unfortunately I have to spend my entire weekend studying for 2 exams on monday :( :wreck: And then in the beginning of next week I have to get a lot done since I'll be in NYC thursday - saturday. What about you? :D Anything planned? No but I've been meaning to watch it for a year :P I should get on that!

  16. Ugh baseball, it messes with my heart so much. I hope next season is way better, for the Red Sox and the Phillies. I don't think I can take it otherwise. I should also start following the red sox more closely :wacko: yeah that's true! I bet tickets will be way cheaper and easier to get! :D There's always a silver lining. I know right :P Everyone is waiting for her to die :lol: One of my roommates is doing the same thing! She just started season 4, I've been watching old episodes with her. And I got another one of my friends into Dexter a couple weeks ago and she's already in the middle of season 5 :D it really is an addiction :freak: I wonder what would happen if Deb turns him in :shocked2: I feel like he would find a way to escape because you can't just end an incredible show like Dexter with him in jail or on deathrow or something. Unless Deb or someone else kills him, that'd be interesting!

  17. Hahah, suck it Werth! :P :smug: who's winning the series? :thinking: Yeah, I have a feeling we might be getting a lot more surprises this offseason :uhoh: :blank: Probably a lot of young players too :\ I know we need young players but I'm so attached to this team I don't want them to leave :( SERIOUSLY! That is the worst possible idea!! And like she wasn't even going to let him go to the site by himself even though he'd be surrounded. He needs breathing room. Ugh, waiting a week for each episode is killing me :bomb: I feel like he's eventually going to have to die or be taken care of somehow. But he and Dexter will probably mess with each other more to make it interesting before anything serious happens :D The week is halfway over! :dance:

  18. Woohoo go Tigers! :dance: Fucking nationals :dozey: I feel so lost without being able to watch postseason baseball :( I know! I saw that! :shocked: I really don't think that was a smart decision at all. Especially I'm not too sure how I feel about all the new people they're bringing on :\ IT WAS SOOO GOOD! Yeah, Deb's being a little extreme. I understand, cause like, she can't just let him kill.....but wow. I feel like he's going to try this workshop thing with her and then kill her once he sees it can't work. And Maria is gonna be on Dexter's trail soon :bomb: Also I'm actually sad he didn't kill that intern :P

  19. I don't have cable so I can't watch the playoffs :( How's it going? :dance: It looks and sounds sooooo good :wacky: It's probably worth the money :drunk: I brought it up to my friends I'll be with already :D I probably should have waited until I watched Dexter tonight to post this message so I could mention this episode but it's too late now :P

  20. Thanks!! :D You should do it!! It'd be so worth it. :wacky: I'm seeing the vaccines in NYC and Philly :blank: :bomb: :dance: I'll be in the city for a few days at the end of my winter break, so maybe I'll go then! :D I think he's going to have to, it's just a matter of when he'll actually do it :sneaky:

  21. I totally forgot that I have a friend going to school in Brooklyn so I think I'm gonna crash with her for a couple nights :D But yeah, the whole music marathon thing should be pretty awesome. I'm excited :D My mind might explode upon FINALLY seeing them live :bomb: it's unfair how much we've missed them. God they better be playing a good venue. Yeah I've been there a couple times! It's kind of like a smaller version of the electric factory. But it's really awesome because there's no barrier and you're taller than the stage so you lean on it and you're so close and IT'S WHERE THE VACCINES ARE PLAYING OH MY GOD :dead::dead::dead: I might go to the vaccines show in nyc and philly, we'll see. Ohh, I just looked at their menu, sounds DELICIOUS :wideeyed::wacky: I KNOW OH MY GOD. When the HELL did Deb get so smart?! I never thought I'd say this but......she has to die.

  22. oh yeah, and I might be volunteering at CMJ, this music industry conference thing in new york city in a couple weeks, which would be really awesome for me because I'd get in to it for free and make contacts and stuff :D I'm pretty excited about it, but right now I'm stressing because I think I'd have to stay overnight at least a couple nights and I can't afford a hotel and I don't know what to do :wreck::wreck::wreck: hopefully it all works out though :D

  23. Yeah, it's REALLY different. But I like it, which I'm glad about :D Mumford needs to announce their north american tour RIGHT NOW. :lol: :P Is he still in new york for the talks? :thinking: They'll be at Union Transfer! I'm excited to see them. A very long week it was indeed. I just hung out with friends :P had a lot of fun though :dance: What about you? :D AND HOLY SHIT DEXTER

  24. I actually love the 2nd law :D I had gotten really nervous for it, but I think it's great :D Have you heard it yet? What are your thoughts? Ugh, Babel is so amazing. Mumford and Sons are gods. :dead: :wacky: It was worth the wait. I hope these NHL talks go better than the last ones :blank: Have you ever heard of Tennis? I'm going to go see them on Monday, I'm gonna pick up my ticket in an hour or two :) HAPPY WEEKEND!!!! :dance:

  25. I just went through the same thing last week, its awful isn't it?! But YAY for internet!!! And Babel is so amazingly perfect I can't handle it. I've been good! Finally started classes. Music History is going to be the death of me. :wreck:!!!! How are things with you? :D :hug:

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