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  1. Huzzah! :awesome:


    Maybe I'll see you! :cheesy: At least before the show, if not there. :lips:

    Not sure if I can go over and say hi or anything though, my parents don't know I have internet friends. :|




    And you said you're in row J right? :thinking:

    No worries, I totally understand that. I didn't come clean to my parents about it until last august :P


    and yupp, row J!

    Damn I didn't know about the presale!!!

    it's still going on!! though at this point, it might be better to wait for friday, when more seats are released

    Actually, do you guys have any advice?


    My seats are in row V section 104. Any way that I could snag closer ones (without paying doubel the price that I originally got them for!) or should I just give up on the idea?

    keep trying to get closer ones! More will be released on friday. You can return the first pair if you find better ones, and if they don't let you for whatever reason, you can always sell them on stubhub or something, good luck!!

  2. XD I love that emoticon so much, and they've played here before...just once :freak:

    I know, but I didn't think on their festival tour they would come here :bomb:

    Seems like they finally put the actual event on Ticketmaster (the link on RXP's site leads to this now): http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/020046D1E8A89BC1


    Presale is definitely at 10am and prices range from $25 to $109 (plus fees).

    sweet, thanks! :D

    I fucking hate service charges :veryangry2:

    My plans were to go all day once I got the tweet this morning...til I just got back to my computer tonight and looked up the details and saw the final price is $127 :freak:


    I still have to think about it, but that's really a crazy price, even though I'd love to see TDCC again and The Kooks for the first time. We'll see, but damn, I went to another small festival in a very similar venue in Maryland two months ago, and the tickets were $55, so I thought this would be similar, but I guess not :angry:.


    If I wasn't seeing them at Oxegen I might say screw the price and go, but because this is Coldplay and I KNOW they're going to tour again at least twice over...I'm starting to think I won't spring for this. Le sigh.

    I figured it'd be around $100 so I'm not toooo surprised.

    Gah Chelsea I would LOVE it if you came :cheesy::wacky:

  3. Oh, ok. :\ I was hoping that that was referring to them being sold as presale. :sad:


    Well, for Muse I bought my tickets a month after they went on sale and I still got (crap) seats in the 13k capacity Prudential Center, so I think I should be ok 2-3 days late for a 17k show.

    you might be right about that :thinking: it's weird though because the presale link on the website sends you to ticketmaster





  4. here[/url]


    Yeah, that's true. :wacky:




    Maybe I can meet some of you guiz! :cheesy:

    Ahh I see, thanks! That says VIP tickets though :\ They're probably more expensive than regular tickets.





    PNC Bank Arts Center, from wikipedia :nice: :


    The PNC Bank Arts Center is a modern amphitheatre located in Holmdel Township, New Jersey, USA. About 17,500 people can occupy the amphitheater; there are 7,000 seats and the grass area can hold about 10,500 people. Concerts are from May through September featuring 35–45 different events of many types of musical styles. It is ranked among the top five most successful amphitheatres in the country. It is one of two major outdoor arenas in the New York City Metropolitan Area, along with Nikon at Jones Beach Theater. Like the Nikon theater, the PNC Bank Arts Center is managed by Live Nation.

  5. So exciting!!!


    Okay, so we're all going to check at midnight, but if it's not up then, we're assuming it'll be at 10 AM tomorrow on that festival presale link (and we're assuming that that weird window that pops up with the username/password thing will disappear by then), right?

    if you just type the url into your browser instead of clicking on the link, the window disappears :nice: :)

  6. For the presale: based off of ticketmaster's listings, it looks like the presale will begin at 10:00 am (it says "RXP VIP etc etc" so I'm assuming those are presale tickets?


    Anyways, if you're planning on doing presale I'd stay up until midnight, and if nothing happens get some sleep and be ready for 10

    Where did you see that?! :surprised:

    But yeah that's what I was gonna do anyways :)

    True. . .I just don't want to be stuck in the lawn behind the main area. :bigcry:


    Good news and bad news.


    Good news- I can definitely go, and my mom will definitely take me!


    Bad news- my mom doesn't feel comfortable ordering tickets online, so I have to wait until Thursday night when my dad gets back to order tickets. :freak:

    I think the presale is still going on thursday night, so that's slightly better than friday morning at least?



    It's got a cumbersome name, but the lineup is pretty slick. NYC radio station WXRP's TaKLIBERTY (pronounced "take liberty") festival will bring Coldplay, the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Richard Ashcroft, the Kooks, and other contemporary rock bands to the PNC Bank Arts Festival in Holmdel on September 18. There'll be music on two stages, and the radio station promises that there'll be more big names announced in coming weeks.


    So far, TaKLIBERTY has a distinctly Glastonbury-like feel to it. Most of the bands committed to playing the festival are from the British Isles. Coldplay, the most popular of the TaKLIBERTY bands, will arrive in advance of its as-yet-unnamed fifth album; "Every Teardrop a Waterfall," the lead single, is currently climbing the American charts. Richard Ashcroft was the frontman of the Verve, a Northern English group whose "Bittersweet Symphony" was an enormous, if mostly unacknowledged, influence on Coldplay's cinematic sound. The Kooks, a Brighton-born pop-rock band with catchy songs, have never had a big stateside hit, but they've reached the U.K. Top 20 five times. Graffiti6 is a London singing duo; Two Door Cinema Club is a talented electropop combo from Northern Ireland. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, the one American act on the bill so far, plays music heavily informed by the New Music Express' much-venerated C86 compilation.


    Tickets for TaKLIBERTY go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. through ticketmaster.com. Members of WXRP's online Rock Republic program can take advantage of a presale that begins on Tuesday.




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