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  1. GOOD LUCK WITH MOVING AND EVERYTHING! :D :hug: I'll talk to you in a few days then! I'm glad your rental house rocks :awesome: Moving also makes you realize how dependent you are on the internet :freak: THE PHILLIES KICKED ASS TONIGHT HOLY SHIT Aw, the red sox still aren't doing well? :(

  2. Sorry for the late response, I moved to my apartment and we don't have our internet setup yet, dumb comcast. :dozey: But I'm home for a few days to work, so internet yay! I hope you find your dream home soon :D And I hope the rental home is nice and homey in the meantime :wacko: Ugh, moving is the WORST. I'm so exhausted from moving and helping other people move and building furniture and jfkdlsjfkalsdfs :wreck: And I still have a few more things to move over. It never ends. I still love this weather, it's so great! I'm actually a little optimistic about this. Although, while I think they have a good shot at the wildcard, I don't feel like they'd go far in the playoffs if they made it :\ I've been busy moving and now I'm busy working :P My classes start monday. How about you?

  3. Yay!! :dance: That's great that you can keep your permanent around here! Close to your families to lots of great cities :D And have you really?! :cheesy: That's right next to me :P It's actually really funny though because SO many athletes live in Haddonfield :lol: Ah this weather must have made fashion week and the memorials and everything so much nicer :wacky: MOTHER NATURE KEEP THIS WEATHER PLEASE! I hope it is too!!! :freak: yay free swag! :cool4: Hahah, I bet yours was the best! :D Oh my god, please go as kermit and miss piggy!! Didn't you guys go as the Palins a few years ago? :laugh3::laugh3: And I have no idea what I'll be doing for halloween :P

  4. Ugh, one of these days I'll make it to Glastonbury. And Bonnaroo. And Lolla, and ACL, and coachella and outside lands and oxegen and t in the park and reading and leeds and well, all of them. ONE DAY. :dead: I can't get enough of this weather!! It's perfect. :D I wish it would stay like this forever. I've gotten a lot :uhoh: It's good because I needed clothes but bad because I've spent so much money :P It's kind of surprising, considering all the major cities and how populated the northeast is, that the closest festival to us is Bonnaroo. Well we had Firefly in Delaware this summer, hopefully that sticks around :D Ah nice! How was fashion week for you? It's sooo close! Got any costume ideas yet? :D

  5. It went well, thanks! :hug: My cheeks barely swelled too, which is great. That'd be great if they went far :dance: The only thing I don't like about the tower theater is that there's no GA though :( most of the time anyway :P I NEED TO GO :dead: Glastonbury is like the epitome of my existence. THIS WEATHER IS SO PERFECT :D :wacky: I'm actually sitting in my kitchen wearing a hoodie right now because I got chilly. And I agree! Fall and winter fashion is the best :wacky: I've gotten so many new fall/winter clothes but now I have to wait to wear them :( SERIOUSLY! It's not fair. We need festivals! Saturday I moved some stuff over to my apartment and sunday I worked :P How was your weekend? :D

  6. Actually I have no predictions :stunned: You got any? :D I'm excited :dance: But I won't really be independent of my parents, they and student loans are still paying for everything. I love the apartment though so I'm excited :D They NEED to announce their us tour. I NEED to see them :dead: I just hope it's not somewhere huge like wells fargo. Ugh, TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!! Ahhh really? :dance: I'm so excited for fall :wacky: I hope Philly gets some kind of festival! :dance: We seriously need one. Thanks!! :hug:!!

  7. Ahhh :uhoh: I swear if baseball ever has a lockout I'm just going to throw myself off the ben franklin bridge. I love being lazy and doing nothing, but I guess maybe I need the option to do other things? :thinking: I don't know. Anyway, I've been super busy today cleaning and packing and getting stuff ready. I think I'm going to start moving some stuff into my apartment on saturday :D I knowwww, SUCH a good year for music :wacky: and holy shit time really did fly by :stunned: I feel like 2013 is gonna be a kickass concert year. This weather sucks. And you saw that from your balcony? :cheesy: that's so awesome!!! :dance: I'm getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning, gonna be a fun day let me tell you.

  8. I really have no idea what's going to happen with the lockout but things aren't looking good :uhoh: :( But I hate being bored :P At least I have a job now though. I knowww!! HOW is it september?! I went to the Bruce Springsteen exhibit today, it was pretty cool. :D How was your weekend?

  9. Oh yeah! I remember that, it's such a perfect idea :wacky: :D Aw man, these situations are really hard. But that's wonderful that he's optimistic!! :D That's really important. So is taking everything one step at a time, that's kind of the only way to handle it or else you freak out :wreck: But things will definitely get better!! :D :hug:! Nope! I just hung out and worked :P Now I'm off for a few days so I'm just going to spend some time with my friends before they go back to school and I'm still here for weeks :dozey:

  10. Thanks! :D If you want one, you should get one :D I keep meaning to get someone to like draw it out on me so I could get an idea of what it would look like but then I keep forgetting :P Not yet! I'm thinking somewhere in New Jersey though, because I think their sanitation laws are better or something. I know when you give blood you have to wait if you've recently gotten a tattoo, and you have to wait twice as long if you got the tattoo in Pennsylvania. (I think anyway). I also wanna ask my cousin where she got hers. And awhile ago I found an article with the top 10 tattoo shops in south jersey and philly that I bookmarked. But yeah, whenever this happens I'll let you know :D Oh, man. :wreck: That really SUCKS that he's going to miss so much :( But at least he'll be home with you then right? And wow San Diego! Kinda sucks that you don't know where you're going to end up, it must be really frustrating :( :hug:! doing anything fun this weekend? :D

  11. part 2: Yeah I do! I have a couple ideas actually. My first idea was to get lyrics on my wrist, and I figured I would choose coldplay lyrics because coldplay means the most to me. But before I ever decided on what lyrics to get (I had a long list :P) I had this other idea that I really love and think I wanna do first. Since my favorite lyrics EVER are "and I know I'm dead on the surface but I am screaming underneath" I want to get the bars of music for that part, since the lyrics are kind of too depressing. So I was thinking of getting the bars of music for that part, maybe on my upper back like below my neck or something. Those lyrics and that song mean so much to me, I can't even explain it. And then it would be cool having bars of music because that would also show how much music means to me, and like I'm going into the music industry and stuff. So yeah :P :D And if I still do the lyric tattoo I might pick another band since I'd already have a coldplay tattoo. But we'll see.

  12. I'm glad his shoulder is doing better! I hope he's out of the sling soon :nice: And aww, poor Brian! :kiss::P Yeah, it looks really beautiful! :wacky: Ohh a new guitar :cheesy::wacky: I like how, for the most part, all we ever ask for is music related things :D

  13. I know, I haven't watched nearly as much baseball as I usually do this season :\ It's weird. I'm glad they're going well! :) :hug: Aww, it's great that she gets to see him now then! How is his shoulder doing by the way? Yeah, the distance must suck :( it's still pretty cool though :wacko: and yupp! My mom's parents were born there, but I know, at least for my grandmom's family anyway, they're in Germany now. One of these days I'm determined to find my way over there and see everything :P I've already started my christmas list :P so far it consists of vinyls and cds :wacky: and maybe money......for a tattoo. Maybe. First I have to convince my parents not to disown me for getting one :uhoh: the character limit SUCKS :dozey:

  14. I was about to say, 'hopefully the phillies can keep this up' but I've said that enough this season already. I know better now :P :\ but let's enjoy it while we can :dance: That sucks :( At least you got to see your friends though! :D Ah that's so awesome!! :cheesy: I love it when singers do that :D My weekend was good! I worked a wedding at the riversharks stadium on sunday, so that was cute. And I was super busy last night but I made a lot of money so it was good :D I've been watching things on demand too! There just isn't much on tv now :P Hahahahah, really? I'm sure if you get into it it would be interesting. To me it just seems more like science than a sport :shrug: Yes! Bobsledding or whatever right? it's so cool! Yeah I'm sure things will get much better after that! How's your family doing? :hug: (also okay you literally have family ALL over the world it's so cool :cheesy:) WAIT WHAT? Where the HELL did all the time go?! :o

  15. THE PHILLIES ACTUALLY DID AWESOME TODAY :dance: I miss games like this. Riversharks games are fun! Mostly because the view of the ben franklin bridge and skyline is GORGEOUS :freak: Even though I work there I don't get tired of the view, ever :P How was the concert and your trip to new york? :D Actually I am excited to go back hahah. I can't wait to move into my apartment and see all my friends again. And home is boring so I'm actually looking forward to classes hahah. That is until I'm swamped with work :P I literally have no idea what to watch anymore. I've resorted to putting random episodes of friends on a flash drive and putting that in the tv to watch :lol: Yeah those are great! I like the snowboarding too. Curling just makes me angry though :P I've heard about all the terrible things going on! That's really terrible that they have to flee though :( :uhoh: I hope everything works out for them soon!! :hug:!!

  16. part 2: SO AMAZING!!! :dance:! And I know! That is truly remarkable! I heard someone say a couple seasons ago that it's probably because they're finally beginning to really cut down on the drug use and stuff. Stupid Rays :lol::P So what's new with you? Doing anything this weekend? I finally registered for classes this morning and tomorrow I'm going to a riversharks game in a suite with my family who I go gown the shore with :D It'll be nice to be served there instead of being the one serving :P

  17. GOOD JOB!! :clap: I'll have to do that :D I know! It's so ironic :laugh3: American is literally known for being fat and then we own the olympics. But seriously the women did AMAZING! I'm so proud! :dance: Yeah I like the summer ones much better, but the winter ones are still great :) And I know! I told my friend who's Russian that we should go and she can translate for me :P You know what's interesting though? For the next summer olympics in Rio, it'll be winter there. So that'll be interesting!

  18. I know! I was literally shouting at the tv, "SHOW ELBOW. SHOW ELBOW!!!!" Fucking NBC :dozey: I'm still really tempted to write an angry letter or something. We should all contact whoever controls the fact that NBC airs the olympics and complain until they lose it :P It really was an incredible olympics :wacky: And I know! I miss there being something good to watch 24/7. At least it's shark week this week :awesome: that helps a little bit. But next week though..... Ugh I really hope they can finish out strong and make the most of the season.

  19. Those were a great couple of grammys :D Hopefully this year will be similar! (not getting my hopes up though, it is the grammys) Hahah I was the same way! I'm still not sure how I feel about survival either but watching it live made me like it more. Definitely better live. ALSO NBC SUCKS. They were awful for the entire olympics dear god they should not be allowed to broadcast them ever again. I already miss the olympics though :( Have fun in Boston if you go :awesome: I seriously need to go there sometime soon. COLE FUCKING HAMELS. THAT IS ALL.

  20. Ugh, the grammys. They will be interesting though, with all this new great music, to see what happens. Of course what you said will probably happen :dozey: Then again, arcade fire got album of the year a couple years ago, so someone worthy could actually win you never know :P Nope, just enjoying the weekend :D What about you?

  21. Yeah I really hope they do another US leg and that Amsterdam is still in the setlist!!! And I hope you can go :dance: They just announced doing something in NYC at the end of september but I probably won't even try and get tickets, especially because getting tickets for that is kinda weird (I looked into it a little bit :P) I feel all of september will feel like christmas with all of the albums being released :wacky: :stunned: I hope he's wrong too. But if that happens I'm going to join you in becoming a huge fan of whatever team playing them :D Ah I hope so! I would really love it if they play more older stuff and if they write more songs like that. MX has u.f.o., us against the world, and up in flames that are more like old coldplay but I would love a whole album :wacky: since their other idea for LP5 was a stripped down concept I REALLY REALLY hope they go back to that for the next album. :freak: HAPPY FRIDAY!

  22. COLDPLAY PLAYED AMSTERDAM I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WTIH MYSELF RIGHT NOW I don't think anyone can understand how badly I need to see that song live :dead: It's the number one thing on my bucket list or whatever I'M BOTH HAPPY AND SAD ABOUT THIS :uhoh: :bigcry: Anyway......I got In rainbows (only $15 woo!), alex turner's submarine ep, fantasies by metric, michigan left by arkells (a canadian band), and high violet by the national! And Alina had gotten a matt and kim single for me LAST YEAR on record store day that I got when I got there :P :wacky: Oh FF, I bet that sounds great :wacky: I want to pre order it but again.....totally broke. So Christmas it is :P :D It really will be quite an interesting playoff season.....especially if the nationals make it......

  23. My vinyl collection is pretty great :wacky: I can't remember whether or not I mentioned the vinyls I got in Toronto/Buffalo :thinking: I got 6 though :D Well one was a gift :wacko: But I really need to save money so I'll probably have to hold of vinyl buying for awhile :disappointed: I'm already starting my christmas list :lol: :D How about you? Get any good vinyls lately? I seriously can't wait to get Babel on vinyl at some point :freak: It's seriously painful to watch the Phillies now. And it's hilarious because the nationals are good and it just feels like the twilight zone, man. :dozey:

  24. :kiss:! Yeah, it was the perfect week to get away! It was so hot. Vacation was amazing though! The water was so warm it was unreal and the house we had this year was unbelievable :wacky: :D I know! It really doesn't feel like the Phillies without him :bigcry: I loved Pence too but he was only here for a year, so it's not the same :\ But Shane......he's....gone. WHY :bigcry: Oh my god so am I! :P I was actually pissed when we reached the trade deadline and he was still here, but then he got traded a couple days later and I was happy hahah

  25. I'm back! :D How are you?! How was your week? :hug:! I'm glad everything went well with the surgery!! And I'm SO glad you had such an amazing time at sigur ros :freak::dance:!!! Also I'm in denial about shane victorino

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