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  1. Tweet from a DJ that works at KROQ in LA:


    I just heard the new @coldplay song. Who needs meds? It proves my theory that unicorns live among us...and they have instruments. #Sparkly




    Ok? LOL. I can't wait to hear the song!!

    Umm, what the fuck? :P


    I think that's good....

    see, I just don't get this. if they have a release date, why aren't they announcing it? I don't see the point of this much secrecy :shrug: unless the date is just too far away, but I can't imagine that's the case.



    edit: unicorns? Coldplay? OMG MARISA CHRISSYCORN!

    They'll probably announce it this week, maybe even tomorrow.


    OMG CHRISSYCORN!!!!! :heart::heart::heart:

    conveniently enough, I already have an image to go along with this tweet.





    I never knew that this image could ACTUALLY be relevant to a conversation. :blank:

    Chrissycorn, oh how I've missed you!!! :heart:


    I'm actually not surprised that it's relevant to a conversation:P It's relevant to the conversation you got it from :P


    Chrissycorn in love park :wacko:



  2. and we're back to waiting.


    ... :whistle:


    WELL guys, in other news, Coldplay's iTunes artist page has been updated to the new graffiti picture and font. but ETIAW isn't there, obviously.





    Also, the oracle confirmed today that they have release date for the album :bomb:

    i keep refreshing the ETiaW purchase link on Amazon to see if they put a sample button on

    I actually think that amazon is our only shot at getting a preview, because they had the preview of The Strokes' UCoD before it came out :D

  3. one dude was like "my friend heard it and said it was like 7 minutes long" and then some other dude randomly showed up and was like "LIAR it's only 4:03!" and then they kept calling each other liars till someone pointed out that the track is 4:03 on Amazon. then this OTHER dude was like "the 4:03 version is online :sneaky:" and here we all are.



    Gotcha! Thanks for catching me up

  4. Monday Morning?


    Makes sense!




    The inspiration is the graffiti movement of the 70s in New York and the White Rose-movement.


    Chris Martin said something about, that he did some things, which others wanted him to to and not what he wanted to do. Moreover something about assimilation and the brave for individuality.


    Consequently Monday Morning fits - because its "another life", where you do all the actions, which the society expect from you...




    I can't describe it better, because my englisch isn't as good as yours. ;)

    I really, really, really like what you said here! :D

  5. Rolling Stone just answered this question on Tumblr...too bad they didn't say how they like it. My friend is a new employee at RS. I wonder if she's heard it...



    I wish they said more :disappointed:

    You should ask your friend! :D :P

    Listen please, a friend of me that works on radio one saif that he already listened to the song, that it has a radiohead - bass style , similar to the song "where I end and you begin " from radiohead, whit a fast beat and a clear bass, he says is sensational, it is expecting over 20 plays tomorrow, and something else, aparently the name of the new album, acording to him, COULD be Monday Morning , that would explain the MM on the exibition room and the "MONDAY" that is painted in the wall of one of the newest pictures of coldplay , where the bassist is sitting in like a window, that is all, and he said it could be a big change for coldplay but seems to go to a good direction, thats pretty much all I know, and i singed in just for you to know...

    This makes me even more excited for the song tomorrow!!! :dance:


    The Monday Morning would explain a lot, like you said, and the monday morning lyric in ETIAW. Kinda of seems like a weird album though :shrug:

  6. I'm not sure if this has been posted yet but....


    June 2, 2011 - submitted by Amy, United Kingdom


    Q. Hi Oracle, I think this might be a stupid question, but is there a specific release date for the new album? And will I be able to hear the new song here or where do I stream it? That is probably a stupid question too!

    Well hope you're enjoying your day




    The Oracle replies:


    Yes there is but I can't announce it. Tomorrow just come back here to listen to the new single. Exciting isn't it?









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