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  1. That's true! There's hope :D Dude Contreras might be done forever :stunned: That sounds kind of heavenly :wacky: Why can't my job just be traveling around the world until I die? That's what I hear! I'm just excited to see my friend though, and go see coldplay with a bunch of people :dance: That was smart of you :D I'm going to try and start some tomorrow and get a lot done as early as possible this week. However I don't even want to think about my Arranging final project :blank: that's gonna be the one I hold off on I have a feeling :uhoh: Dude I remember when YOU were telling ME about college :P ah sorry! my bad. YOU GET MARRIED THIS MONTH AHHH :dance::dance::dance: That's so exciting!!!

  2. Ugh, I just really hope both teams start acting like themselves VERY SOON :dead: Oh wow, this situation sounds so intense :blank: I'm glad things are looking up though! :) Keep me updated :nice: And yeah from what I've heard it's pretty :wacko: Did you get a soft pretzel? :P I know what you mean, I keep making summer plans :wacky: and next month I go to Toronto jflkdsjfklsjflsa :dead: I can't really BS anything though because I have final projects and stuff :P :\ One more week of class, then finals. WHERE DID ALL THE TIME GO?! That's so exciting!! :wacky: :dance: When in July is it again? :thinking:

  3. Kyle Kendrick....how?! And Cole did pretty well today I think :dance: ugh poor Doc. This team is literally falling apart :uhoh: Holy shit did everything go okay with your friend?! How was Germany then? :wacko: Ohh Boston, how fun! :D :D My week was pretty fucking fantastic and my weekend was great. I went home for my family's bbq sunday night and that was tons of fun. Although I've definitely eaten way too much food this week :P 2 more weeks of class, finals, and then sweet sweet summer :dance: Your wedding is getting closer and closer :cheesy:

  4. THEY FINALLY REACHED 500! Took them long enough. One word: CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOCHHHHHHH :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:!!!! got anything fun planned for this weekend? :D

  5. The Phillies are doing a little better at least :dance: AND HELL YEAH POLLY!!!!!!!!! :dance::dance::dance::heart:!!!!! I'm so jealous you were there for that :wacky: I haven't seen any of the games but I've heard about them, holy crap!! :cheesy:

  6. Just a couple more months :dance:!! IT WAS SO CRAZY. Kind of stupid for him to admit it though :P Yeah seriously! The Phillies aren't in any place to be douchebags about baseball right now :P

  7. Well hopefully he has another amazing outing!! :dance: Apparently they're not playing outside, they're playing inside in the studio so there's point in going :\ So how about cole hamels admitting to purposely hitting someone?! :stunned: never thought he'd actually admit to that in a press conference

  8. I agree, let's not talk about it. BUT THEN WHERE THE HELL DID JOE BLANTON COME FROM?! That was insaneeee! Oh my god you got to hold bats ahhh that's so cool :bomb: you should have :P okay seriously getting pictures at a baseball stadium is like the best idea ever :wacky::wacky: I will hahah ;) Hmm....interesting :thinking: in other news I might go see young the giant on the today show because I've obviously not seen them enough

  9. Ugh, I really just prefer to be in denial about it because reality sucks :P SO SOON HOLY CRAP :o I can't believe you're getting married. Time flies, eh? Is everything coming along smoothly? :dance: Did your pictures at Fenway turn out amazing because they were taken at Fenway how can they not be? :wacky: I've been alright, stressed out and sleep deprived to the max this week because of midterms, but I'm alright. Things will settle down next week for a little. And my friends and I are planning a beach trip one weekend :dance: I have no idea. Do you mean posting on a thread? Because I couldn't tell you the last time I did that....

  10. Things have GOT to pick up with them :bigcry: Ugh, I know! So did I! He's still saying he has a lot of baseball left in him....but that's just him in denial. I know how chronic conditions work. They stay forever, they're chronic. Everything starts out fine and then slowly destroys you. Poor Chase :bigcry::bigcry:!!! *heart breaks* So how are things with you? :D Holy shit you're getting married this summer :o

  11. I might join in you in that jump because that would be the only way to convince myself that it isn't a nightmare They won tonight at least!! :dance: but man, they are NOT doing well!! I knowww!!! I was always said I'd be so upset the day he retired, thinking it'd be years from now. But I hate that he doesn't get to end it on his own terms. An injury decides it for him and fucks up his life. It's so unfair, it actually kills me.

  12. I think it's July actually :thinking: SO excited though!!! :dance::dance:!! I've been taking megabus because it's insanely cheap and I can walk to 30th street from my dorm. A lot of people hate megabus, a lot of people love it. I've never had any problems with it. And I'll probably take megabus again for young the giant because driving is a bitch and the train is too expensive for me :P Oh my god if the nationals won the division I don't know if I would laugh or cry :blank: But ugh, the phillies. Breaking my heart already. And Chase Utley.....jflkdsjflkdsajfklasfjsa. I don't like thinking about his situation too much because it makes me sad. :bigcry: He's done. It kills me. But he's done.

  13. yeah :D YAYYYY!!!!! My roommate got his vinyl on record store day, from what I've heard it's really good!! WOOOO CONCERTS!!! :dance::dance: And the phillies finally fucking won last night

  14. It was great! :D my friends made me such an awesome cake :wacky: nah, but one of my coldplay tickets is my present from my parents :P :D oh man, I can't even begin to imagine the withdraw you must have after that :wreck: :hug:!!!


  16. Ughh, this is so frustrating :( soooo glad baseball's back :rolleyes: :P No worries if you can't! :D HAVE THE MOST AMAZING TIME AND THE GREATEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!!!!!! :dance::dance::dance::dance:!!!!!! SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! :hug:! Can't wait to hear all your stories when you get back! :D

  17. Man I don't know what's going on with the Phils those last two games :( BUT I'M GLAD YOU HAD AWESOME SEATS AND A GREAT TIME!!! :dance:!!! Baseball is back baby!!! :heart::awesome::dance:!! I loved hear the phillies fans being louder than the pirates fans, I saw so much red on the tv :D Can't wait to read your post! Hopefully they kick ass at home :D

  18. I didn't get to see the game :disappointed: Stupid class. I can't wait to watch tomorrow's game! :dance: Yeah it was good! :D Apart from my 4 hour accounting class that is :dozey: how about you? :D how's pittsburgh? :D and yeah was FANTASTIC!!! One of the best shows I've seen. Here's my review if you wanna read it :nice: http://thecorrespondencemusic.com/post/20597057496/of-monsters-and-men-at-the-tla-4-4-12

  19. THE BEST TIME OF YEAR IS FINALLY HERE :wacky: Ahh that's so awesome!!! Have a great time!!! :dance::dance:!! Wait you had a friend who went to Firefly? :confused: this is its first year. WHAT? OH NO!!! That's terrible! I'm sorry. :hug:! :( That sounds pretty awesome though :cool: :D

  20. Deal!! :awesome: I bet it's going to be awesome :dance: YES YES YES IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION I WAS BORN READY!!!!! :dance: :dance: :heart: :freak: :awesome: :wacky: :D :D :dance: :dance: :dance:!!!!!!!!!!!! also can we talk about this new 3 day festival in delaware that has young the giant the black keys the killers deathcab grouplove and a bunch of others and I'M GOING TO BE IN TORONTO FOR IT KILLING MYSELF www.fireflyfestival.com

  21. I was thinking of going to shake shack too :wacky: I was going to go last time but then it was just so out of the way. So we'll see. I hope it's a nice day too! A concert in central park sounds so awesome :D :wacko: I know, it gets nice again as soon as I have to go back to school :P Oh well. I'd rather it be warmer. :) And no one's been announced yet. It still says TBA I think. I hope it's someone good :D AND OPENING DAY IS THIS WEEK FINALLY :dance::dance::dance:!!!!

  22. Me too :sad: I'm still in denial about the whole thing :blank: Lucky bitch :P just kidding :D that's great! I feel like it should be summer and I still have an entire term left of school :\ I want summer. The nice weather last week was such a tease.

  23. It reminded me of when we used to Chase spam each other :lol: good times :wacko: I MISS HIM ALREADY Oh my God I know!!! It was sooo great. He didn't do that at my show but it was still so great. He crowd surfed it was awesome. I can't believe I saw him live. What a legend. YOU ARE?! Yayyyy!!! :dance:!! I'm so excited!! We'll have to finally meet up this time :P Are you buying tickets or getting them for free?:P :D

  24. I've never seen this before and I thought I would share [IMG]

  25. That's great! :dance: not the bit about you falling of course :P Hahahah, I saw it at midnight :D It was great!

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