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  1. I think they've given us previews of the THREE singles they will be releasing from the album. Makes sense. The first single would be the first couple of videos they posted...the ones with the weird titles with the letter of the beginning of each word.


    The second single would be "Trapezes".


    The final single is this one..."Every Tear Is A Waterfall". Makes perfect sense now! :O

    I agree with this!!! :D

    Someone posted on youtube the comment that the new album's title is "Mnemonics and Murals", which was swiftly deleted :stunned: :)

    :cheesy: How intriguing! :D

    If this is the title of something, it would explain why they tweeted in mnemonics :D

    Yup! Or maybe they won't even release all three yet. Maybe just the first one. But I do think they have just shown us snippets of the singles they will release off of the album. :) That's what the "And finally..." means. Now they've told us which singles will be the three officially released singles.

    This. Usually there's still a few singles released after the albums comes out :D

  2. UGH, I really thought we'd get more than just a teaser today...but at least that one says "finally," which I take to mean we won't have any more bloody teasers :bomb:.


    But like some other people, I'm starting to think that all these various teasers haven't been teasing us for one song, they've been lyrics from various parts of the album, and they're gearing us up for an album announcement.


    I still think it would benefit them (and us) to have one new song to bring on the road with them starting Friday, but I just don't think all these lyrics etc. are from one song anymore. I'm now wondering how likely a single is in the very near future :shrug:

    Yeah I kinda agree, I'm not sure if these lyrics really fit with the others :\

  3. Trapezes


    I turn the music up

    I got my records on

    I shut the world outside until the lights come on


    Maybe the streets alight

    Maybe the trees are gone

    I feel my heart start beating to my favourite song


    Maybe I'm in the black

    Maybe I'm on my knees

    Maybe I'm in the gap

    Between two trapezes


    And all the kids they dance

    All the kids all night

    Until Monday morning feels another life


    I turn the music up

    I'm on a roll this time

    and heaven is in sight


    Maybe I'm in the black

    Maybe I'm on my knees

    Maybe I'm in the gap

    Between two trapezes


    I turn the music up

    I got my records on

    From underneath the rubble sing a rebel song

    Don't wanna see another generation drop

    I'd rather be a comma than a full stop


    I think this is it...


  4. alsooooo, maybe the reason why these lyrics don't seem to fit as much is that the other previews have been verses, and this is the chorus... and the song itself is called Trapezes, hence the title of the video being the actual word? :thinking:


    for some reason I really like the name Trapezes, I kinda hope that it's the title of something, at least :P

    Oooo I didn't think of that :surprised: I like the sound of that :wacky:

  5. hmmm, that sounds possible, but it's a holiday here and in the UK tomorrow, and they never post coldplay.com announcements on weekends or holidays, do they? :thinking:


    this video has me really excited though... hearing Jonny's guitar has made me realize that they're really, truly coming back :dance:

    maybe they'll break that habit for a big announcement :wacko:

  6. If there's gonna be a new single out, it has to be on Tuesday most likely. That's when the majority of music related things come out, plus it would have been a week since the first video slash lyrics came out. :)

    maybe they'll announce it on monday and release it on tuesday?


    It's very un-coldplay to just drop a single with no notice. Even if it's 24 hours, I think they'd announce it first.

  7. In the event that it is the end of the song, there's a chance it could signify the end of the video clip updates and reign in a massive announcement tomorrow! :)

    Ohhh, I didn't look at it that way :bomb: That would certainly make my monday much better.

    I concur with the fact that this lyrics are unrelated to the other ones...


    I am worried that this site semi-crashes with a little video - don't want to think what will happen to it when more important news see light and even the day the album is leaked...

    I've been thinking this too :P

    Unrelated? They start with "Maybe"!


  8. that's what I've been thinking! either Chris is suddenly really proud of his lyrics now, or they're doing this without his consent and he's throwing a tantrum somewhere at this very moment :P





    I like the whole gif twitter leak thing, it's creative :wacko:

  9. I have this feeling we're going to get something tomorrow, it might be another hint or it might be something big. But I just have this feeling we're getting something :D :wacky:

    So madness begins. It's definitely has something to do with album title, remember VLV title presentation?


    We could expect release date, first single date, album name and songs with promo photo perhaps even tomorrow!!!

    God I fucking hope so



    If you look real closely at the image, you can see what looks like piano keys. You can see it on the head in the coldplaying.com banner off to the far left.


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