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  1. I agree with you guys completely on the people made famous by Disney!!! They don't deserve it nearly as much as other people who have been working for YEARS!! This is unfair! Coldplay truly deserves everything they are nominated for with all their effort and everything that goes into yet...they other people who don't deserve it as much win!! What is wrong with the world??

  2. UGH!! I HATE THE JONAS BROTHERS SO FUCKING MUCH!!! Seriously, they wish they were as good, talented, and good looking as coldplay is!!!! They should be happy coldplay even acknowledges their existence!! Coldplay is fucking AMAZINGGGGGGGG!!!! Jonas Brothers suck ass!! Hah hah I love Chris!! Especially when he makes sarcastic remarks like that...which is a lot =]. As for Miley Cyrus, I hate her too!!!! And when I found out she liked coldplay, and Chris...I hated her even more!!! I guarantee you she never even knew about them until Viva la Vida came out!! Everything Miley does just pisses me off....I wish she and Jonas Brothers would fucking fall off the face of the earth already!

  3. Ok so I'm torn about this...while lately I've been wondering if this was going on between them, I also try not to believe stuff in magazines, as it's usually untrue...but I hate the way the author wrote that she took Apple and Moses with her to "visit" Chris when he was in Texas...it just doesn't seem write...even though I know the writer did that to make the reader believe what he was saying is true. But it really makes it seem like something is up between Chris and Gwyneth...I don't know...it's complicated. But then after reading this I was thinking/singing their new song life in technicolor ii and the lyric "oh love don't let me go" popped into my head...does this mean anything to anyone else about this situation??? Or is it just a coincidence??

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