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  1. It isn't his fault, I don't blame him, I actually blame his office staff that always overbooks the appointments and leaves a long waiting time after you check-in. It isn't really that late, the flu season is around from February to April. That's cool, I am proud of you! Oh and wait until you start a concept in chemistry called stoichiometry, your brain is literally going to bleed from all the stuff that's packed into those problems. So make yourself a favor and pay attention to that when it comes around. ;)

  2. Kind of frustrated, I went to my doctor today to get a flu shot and a prescription and had to wait 40 minutes to see him even with my scheduled appointment. Only to tell me that he had run out of flu shots and that my prescription had already been sent to the pharmacy. What about you? How's your Spanish going? I bet you're gonna get fluent in no time.

  3. I don't really have the desire to do so, but I am gonna think about it... thanks for your motivation. :lips:

  4. Why would you use it if it scares you? Just fine, tidying up the place after the mess of new year's and thinking in going to a swimming competition in April, but I am unsure to do it or not because I haven't swum since like October.

  5. Why does that concern you? They are free to think and assume whatever they want.

  6. Please don't use the stunned smiley, it scares me to death. :disappointed: What's up?

  7. You better start working out then, and make sure to get fitness advice from the right people. Oh and to clarify things, I never get emotional... from where did you assume that? It's nice that you considered it though. :wink:

  8. Just alright, overindulging at its best and preparing stuff for new year's eve. How's Laurita?

  9. Are you unhappy about that?

  10. Oh thank you! I hope you still remember her because she still admires you a lot. :lips:

  11. Hey! I just wanted to welcome you to the site. ;)

  12. I'd be appreciated if you refrained yourself from talking about me, and making references to my past actions with other users.

  13. Good, just reorganizing my place at the moment. What about you?

  14. Huntington Beach, right?

  15. I'm alright, doing housework and chores. It's insane how my place is at the moment. Where are you from?

  16. Hey Gena, how are you?

  17. You really don't want to know.

  18. I almost died this weekend, so I might just rather spend these weekdays being a good boy at home instead in order to avoid any traps out there.

  19. This is one of those cliched Kelsie's quotes: In Soviet Russia, procrastination doesn't believe in you!

  20. I'm fine, just catching up with my summer work and doing chores, and you?

  21. :laugh1: I once dreamt that Reilly was actually a man inside of a woman and viceversa. Is that weird enough?

  22. It's pretty much the same thing in the US, healthcare is expensive even with a very good (and costly) insurance. Private and public post-secondary education is out of reach for most families, and unemployment keeps rising as well as the number of foreclosed homes. I don't really know what exactly defines happiness in people when you see all this kind of suffering and limitation.

  23. That was certainly wasn't me because I don't have dreadlocks, maybe you were confusing me with Bob Marley?

  24. That's great Nancy, it will be a memorable experience that you'll never forget, trust me, and I don't think it's gonna be their last tour either. Have you noticed that Denmark is the happiest place in the world? Read this article and tell me your opinion about it, are Danish people really that happy? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/5224306.stm

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