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  1. Trying to revive the influence within a topic like this is meaningless, at least I have another stable mind with Jarvis's post.


    Coldplay suck.

    If you are going to talk negatively about anything, at least have the decency to do it with proper grammar. Don't you teach English or something like that for a living?

  2. Haha I've even faked an orgasm when I'm drunk and sick of shagging (I can't cum sometimes if I've been drinking, it's not even about being drunk but even having a few drinks you can get physically blocked)

    Somebody slept with you?

  3. Merry Christmas Dfit00!


    *cups Dfit00*



    *Hug tackles Greg*




    Is the LULS really on me when you are familiar with a brand of douches?

    The reason for my familiarity of the brand lies within the nature of this thread, and hence I guess the luls still goes for you.

  4. What the fuck is the point in responding to you? You'll only write fuck all back.

    You always say this whenever you're responding to me, why don't start your posts with a better introduction?



    Oh did you research what I do for a living? Isn't that the kind of thing a little fucking creep like you would do? Just give me one reason as to why you still hang around here, the only thing you do is make boring conversation with people who secretly don't like you, and make pompous trolling conversation AGAIN- with people who don't like you. Please piss off.

    I still hang around here because I want to. If I have that many haters, then tell me who are those that "secretly dislike me". I can guarantee you that your list won't be long enough to support your claim. Oh and if you want me to piss off then make me - you already failed once.


    If you did research what I do then you got things wrong here, and regardless, laptops and netbooks differ in pricing! Are you THAT fucking retarded?


    Did you actually think that it's impossible to find a netbook that's more expensive then a laptop? God damn you must be one of the stupidest people on here.

    You seriously love mixing things up don't you?


    Netbooks are cheaper than laptops, and my point is that you are cheap for buying a netbook and whining about its capabilities instead of making an EFFORT to buy a regular laptop and not WHINE about stupid stuff like inserting and finding where the memory stick is located.


    I remember the time there was a discussion about economics and you were like "The earths way big enuff to hold trillionz of peeps!" HAHAHAHA. Go die.

    My point in that discussion was that the Earth is big enough to support more population if natural resources are also met with the proper supply and demand.


    It's really sad for a young guy like you to spend 7 years of insanity in this forum, annoying other people, making stupid threads, and wasting precious time that could be used for a better purpose.

  5. Julia, is there a particular reason of why you usually talk about this topic? :)


    You shouldn't be afraid to lose people, we all die in the end. Personally, I don't believe in true love and I don't plan to get married or have kids. Living by yourself can be a tough experience but it has its rewards just like anything else. It's up to you what lifestyle you want to have and what choices you want to make, overall life is better if you have real friendships and people that you can count on.

  6. Great but your opinion means fuck all anyway.

    Yeah whatever, but unlike you I'm independent enough to not live with my parents and handle things on my own. Maybe you should seek some sort of creativity and self-expression that will help you in the long run.

    Reilly instead of making criticism for the sake of criticising why don't you show your own opinions for once. Tell us what you know - don't worry it'll only take 10 seconds for you.

    Do you really think he has the mental capability to debate a topic without accosting other people for their different opinions? Just look at the picture in his avatar, I think the mental capability that he has represents itself very clearly.

  7. Am I the only one who finds these things incredibly frustrating?


    Everything about it is just awkward, you move the cursor around and it assumes you're trying to drag things, on top of many other problems that make no sense and here's one in particular that baffles me:


    You plug in a memory stick and there's no way of fucking finding it (Well it took me and my friend 10mins to find out where you can access the memory stick- normally you would find the file and click on it, but with this piece of shit you click on the file and it brings up Properties- the memory and data info- and not the fucking file itself) but if you plug in a headphone then 3 messages come up to acknowledge whats been plugged in, what the hell is that about?!


    You would assume when you plug in a memory stick it pops up, but no, and then when you go looking for it, it's god damn hard to find.

    Why don't you get a normal laptop so that you can avoid this tremendous frustration? Are you really this cheap?


    Oh never mind, I just remembered what you do for a living.

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