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  1. Wow! How nice :D I am sure that our fellow Coldplayer will post soon a thread on the West Palm Beach concert or in Tampa's. Keep checking, I am sure he'll join us! :)

  2. Thanks for the advice Lola, and by the way, I saw on your profile that you are Venezuelan-American! - I am Venezuelan too! What a coincidence! :lol:
  3. For the Tampa show, Livenation still shows sections 1, 2, and 3 as 'sold out'. I am still skeptical about these sections. Sections 4 to 10 where sold via Livenation, and there are a lot of people who have tickets in these sections and the scalpers are selling those on eBay. But no sign whatsover of sections 1-3, who knows? - Stubhub's and Razorgator's maps show that there is a pit, and some people are selling tickets for the pit for over $600. There's no pit in this WPB show, it's all seated. Do you guys think that we would be able to find good tickets (Sections 1-3) during the presale
  4. Squee! :dance: I think that there are about 10 rows in each section (A-J), each row has about 45 seats, so it would be about +400 people on each section. If we want to cover at least sections 8-10, we need more than 1,000 glowsticks! MEGA-OMG :stunned:
  5. Good for you guys! I am sure that Coldplay will place an awesome live show for you fellow fans in Singapore. Keep updates going, I wanna know the setlist! :)
  6. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Hey by the way, what does "Phil is hot" mean?
  7. Ohw! I would love to hear all of them live! It would be so memorable and beautiful. The problem with the band is now that they are not usually 'remembering' those songs, I have seen other forums from live shows and people who tried to tell Chris to play Amsterdam, and he said that he couldn't remember it.... :thinking: But anyway, let's make this show the best one live ever for fans and for Coldplay!
  8. It is my dream to hear "Moses" live by Coldplay. If you haven't heard it, it is in the Live 2003 DVD & CD. I will try to make a big sign saying: "PLEASE PLAY MOSES". I am in section 8, so it would be practically impossible for the band to see the sign from such a long distance (Even if it has lights on it). :cry: Hopefully, I'll ask a roadie for a ticket upgrade and I'll show it to the boys if I get to sections 1, 2 or 3. :) Another possibility would be to give the sign to someone who has a seat in sections 1, 2, or 3, and ask them to show the sign to the boys. :D Let's pray, w
  9. It depends in the venue, but they're ranging from $32 to $97.00 each. Keep in mind that if you buy them either from Livenation or Ticketmaster, they'll charge you a covenience fee which are about +$25 per ticket, plus shipping fees if they're applicable. So basically, including those fees, the cost of the tickets would be about this: $32 - Lawn: $53 with the fees $77 - Upper Level: $110 with the fees $97 - Lowel Level: $130 with the fees Good luck, and be sure to buy them early! You do not want to pay $200-$500 per ticket from scalpers! :confused: And if you buy them w
  10. According to Livenation's map, there IS a pit in the Tampa show, but no pit for West Palm Beach show. :(
  11. Hey guys! I love the idea of the yellow glowsticks! I am also in Section 8 - Row B, and add me in! I will be bringing a bag of yellow glowsticks to cover at least 50-70 people. Make sure to spread this at least in sections 8-10, and also in the West Palm Beach show (For those of you who are going to both of them). We must make a memory of welcoming Coldplay, and a memory of saying goodbye to Coldplay as well. :)
  12. Don't worry that much about it, there are plenty of Days Inn hotels nearby and most of them are about $89 a night. Check their websites. I do have to tell you that transportation is very bad, so if you do not have a car, you will have to rent one somewhere... Other than that, let see that presale comes along very well. The Tampa show presale was hideous, do a Google search to find the presale code. There are some blogs that have it.
  13. Concert virgin! LMAO!!!!! :laugh3: Well just wear casual attire, not too extravagant, and not too crappy. Take a camera, camcorder, etc. to take pictures or record a video. Take your ticket (obviously), and at least $50 to buy food and merchandise if you wish too. Keep in mind that the food in the venue is usually very expensive and the merchandise is even more expensive. After that just find your seat (If you have a seated ticket), if it is general admission then try to get to the venue at least 5 hours before the concert if you wanna have a good spot to see the band. Enjoy the co
  14. Wow! I had bought tickets for Tampa's gig while thinking that they were not going to make it to West Palm. I'm going to both now! :D
  15. Well, Coldplay did have a concert in New York City. It was on June 23rd in the Madison Square Garden, and it was free. They also had two sold out concerts in East Rutherford, NJ @ the Izod Center in October 2008, and to be honest with you, the Izod Center is within "walking distance" from anywhere in New York City... well at least in Manhattan. :P
  16. I am still really skeptical that there is going to be a general admision pit. I can see that StubHub, TicketsNow, and RazorGator are selling tickets on sections 1-4 for over $700 and the quantity is very small. :inquisitive: I also found out other websites selling tickets for a supposed "General Admission Pit" and each ticket is priced at $570. :angry: As far as I can see it, Livenation is completely LYING in that the orchestra sections and lowel level seats are sold out... :veryangry2: They may be very limited, and the majority of the tickets could have been given to roadies, promoters
  17. Does anybody know anything about the general admision pit? I called Livenation earlier today and they said that it was "sold out"... I didn't believe that representative, there were not even sections 1-7 in the presale nor in the public sale. Another thing is that the pit is very small compared to stadium and indoor arenas' floor sections. Any info about the general admission pit?
  18. Hi! I am also new to this Coldplaying.com forum. As far as the tickets went, the presale was pretty horrible. No good seats, everything on sections 11-17 and backside rows (K, Q,R,W,X). I was able to finally get tickets for section 8, row B! :D I am pretty happy that Coldplay is coming to Florida once again, I hope they do when the next tour comes along. And yeah I do believe that as far as the first frontrows of the 11-17 sections will be able to get confetti butterflies during Lovers In Japan. :)
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