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  1. I'm mostly right-handed, except when it comes to swinging a softball bat. I'm not sure how I turned out to be a left-handed batter, although I do have a theory. When I was a babeh and my dad was teaching me how to bat, I was facing him, so when I modeled him it was kind of like a mirror. He was probably too excited to correct me and so I just ended up swinging the bat left-handed from that point on.

    I guess anything taught to you as a baby sticks with you for the rest of your life.

  2. I do in fact, but girls aren't like dvd's or video games that I can pick off the shelf for a discount price (at least, not the girls I know), or maybe horses and pets would be a better analogy :thinking: . I never fully understood how all guys, in some sense, objectify women...and most girls, in some sense, want to objectified. Reminds me of a time I was at a dance in summer camp, when I came across one of my friends who was dancing with some girl, and a moment later he hands her off to me (to dance), as if to say 'here, have a go, she's fun!'


    :edit: Odd example, point being though that the girls I really like, I have too much respect for to treat like objects for the pursuing and catching, like pokemon.

    yesh, yesh I gets it. Might help if I were at a less religious school. The one crush I had just graduated and is heading off to Yale. (I love how this thread went from 'help Sara dump a pursuing guy' to 'make Chris a confident pursuing guy who will most likely end up putting some girl in Sara's position.'

    Chris you have to stop being so intellectual, I know that it's hard to find people with common interests in order to have any hope at all, but it's equally important to accept people with different interests too. Be intellectual, but don't always expect that from others; the fact that you know at your age who Sisyphus and Persephone were just blew my fucking mind away.

  3. The Solar Dynamics Observatory of NASA spotted a solar eruption or “coronal mass ejection” with a high definition view of the sun on Sunday. The eruption of the Sun’s surface has rocketed plasma into space that is on the path to meet our planet in the overnight and early morning hours of August 3 -4.


    A representative of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Leon Golub stated, “It’s the first major Earth directed eruption in some time”. He continues to comment, “We got a beautiful view of this eruption," Golub said. "And there might be more beautiful views to come if it triggers aurorae."




    Although the view of the light show is usually seen from Canada and Alaska, it is being reported by Space.com that “sky watchers in the northern United States mainland will be able to look toward the north Tuesday and Wednesday evening for rippling curtains of green and red light”.


    For more information visit the Space.com website.



    Light show viewers can submit pictures to the email below, list your name for photo credit. For tips, story ideas or other breaking news, send an e-mail to [email protected].



  4. U.S. Congressman Calls For Execution Of Wikileaks Whistleblower

    by Nicholas Deleon on August 3, 2010


    What should happen to PFC Bradley Manning, the young man now charged with the unauthorized access of and subsequently leaking of classified military information, namely the video that Wikileaks released under the title “Collateral Murder”? Should the United States government execute him? If your name is Congressman Mike Rogers, then you believe that yes, the young man should be put to death.


    The congressman, appearing on a local radio station in Michigan, said that Manning’s actions (still alleged at this point—he hasn’t been convicted yet) qualify as treason in a time of war, and thus should be considered capital crimes. That is, crimes punishable under pain of death.


    You ought to listen to the entire interview (it’s available online, and it only 17 minutes long) before forming any opinion on what the congressman said. I’m not a fan of taking a few words here and there, presenting them out of context, then claiming that the sky is green.


    One odd thing: Rogers seems to be working under the assumption that Manning, who has sizable support online, was also responsible for the Afghanistan war logs. To my knowledge Manning is only in custody over the leak of the “Collateral Murder” video, and not the war logs. Not yet, at least.




    The congressman, who represents Michigan’s 8th district and who sits on the House Intelligence Comittee, said that if Manning isn’t charged with treason then he should be charged with murder.


    Considering we’re a tech site, and I’m only mentioning this because Wikileaks, rightly or wrongly, has become a pretty famous, and important, Web site in recent days.


    The site has recently joined Flattr, the online payment system started by Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde. The idea is to setup a Flattr account, maintain a monetary balance in there (currently, the beta’s minimum is 2 euros per month), then every site you “Flattr” (sorta like clicking on a Digg or Retweet button on a site) gets a piece of that minimum balance. The point is to help prevent the type of funding shortfalls that the site has run into in the past.


    Now, funding the freedom of information is as easy as Flattr-ing the site.


    Again, you can listen to the interview yourself and form your own opinion.



  5. more painfully unfunny. and yes, I've realized in the past year, that my ridiculously high standards, set against my very low self esteem render the odds of me approaching a girl I genuinely like to be mathematically impossible.



    I would have to concur with the skin-to-skin action part :sneaky:

    Come on man, aren't you in college? It's a fucking paradise in there if you really care to look around. It wouldn't hurt to try with a few mediocre girls first, acquire the experience, and then move on to something at your standardized level.


    Remember, you have to first eat raw meat before you eat the Filet Mignon.

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