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  1. Thanks Lore... but arrrhghggh I hate being a grownup. i want to live in neverland with peter pan :bigcry:

    Gee, you take the time to post a bunch of replies but you don't bother to see to whom you're responding?


    She's not Lore.

  2. For U2's Larry the founder who is ready to go , have long time lost its band

    He actually lost it when they had just started.

    Good to know.

    LP5 won't make a huge impression on anyone then.

    Coldplay reinvented themselves with Viva; they went from a dull, quiet, and emotional music style to a more loud, enthusiastic, and spiritual style. I'm sure it won't impress you in any way, but it certainly will for the majority of the fans out there.

  3. how can you post here if you're in the shower? :inquisitive:

    There's a reason that explains the fact of why he's in the shower with his laptop, naked, while posting in this thread, and taking a look at the "Pictures, webcams, mugshots, etc etc etc" thread.

  4. Not statistically, which is why insurance rates are much higher for younger drivers.;)


    Even the raw data says that young drivers are in more crashes than older drivers on % terms.

    It's true that young drivers have a higher probability of crashing their cars and hence they have higher insurance rates, but in the end it all comes down to the individual.


    A very tiny number of young drivers from the whole population of young drivers drive well, it will always be stereotyped for the fact of how teenagers and young adults lack driving experience, their age, constant partying, drinking, etc. But not everyone is in that crowd, insurance rates and the probability of crashes involve a huge number of factors, not only age.

  5. sorry, didn't catch the edit first time.

    yeah, i reserve the right to call people out on their musical tastes

    just like others can call me out on mine.

    i guess i'm just lucky that i have the best taste in the world and my opinions are 100% fact

    You do have the best musical taste in a forum, but not outside of the forum, something also known as "The Real World". ;)


    you're so cute

    the thought of being in your arms makes my tummy jump

    you should probably subscribe to me or something, if it's possible

    that would help.


    it's kind of nice being stalked

    I would seriously make out with you if I ever meet you. :lips:


    I'm just in life, I'm going to a elementary reuinion tomarrow :anxious:

    Wuuz goin' on with you? :awesome:

    Gee, and elementary reunion!? Save it better for college I guess.


    I'm just doing my summer work, hopefully I'll be done with the 368 pages that I have to read in less than 7 days.

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