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  1. Haha yah I took a long time. Almost never come on here anymore. That's why I just use the view conversation button, makes it a lot easier. :P

  2. Definitely. :awesome:

  3. Yah I've seen her too. I still like Rooney better though. :P

  4. Yah, well actually not specifically Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (though I did love that movie), but just one of Rooney Mara's photos from her Vogue photo shoot. I basically have a lesbian crush on her she's so beautiful. :|

  5. Aw, thank you lovely Caro! :kiss:

  6. Now we have to look forward to Christmas Break! I'll be done early on Tuesday. :D

  7. Ah, that's a nice number of applications! I wish you the best of luck! I'm sure whatever happens, it'll turn out great! But yes! Thanksgiving Break starts in a couple hours for me whoop whoop! I'll be going home most likely this evening.

  8. OH yay! Congrats girl! Yah being done with all that is such a major relief. I hated applying to college. Which other ones did you apply to? Which did you get into? Is Cornell your top choice? Well I hope you did well on your SAT and ACT and all that! Awww, Kern you are WAYYY too awesome and beautiful and wonderful. I love youuuu. We are talking soon. T-minus 5 days until I get my 5 day Thanksgiving Break. And I'll be damned if we're not gonna video chat at least 80 times.

  9. I know! We're all too busy! I need to know how your college apps are going and stuff!

  10. Definitely! I can't wait till we can talk. I'm going home next weekend (not the one starting tomorrow but the one after) and maybe we'll get a chance to talk then? If not definitely Thanksgiving.

  11. Thank you Christina!! :D

  12. Haha I guess our brainwaves are on the same page then. :P I miss you too. :(

  13. No YOU'RE a babe! How is it that the first day I log on here in forever just happens to be the same day you wrote on my wall?? HMMM? I must be psychic.

  14. KERN. Forever missing your beauty MORE.

  15. Um, you could just make the text black or something. I like the yellow.

  16. Oh hi. Your settings make our conversation really hard to read.

  17. Yah, I really do think they know better than to associate with her. There isn't even a good reason for them to, and what situation would occur that would even make them friends?

  18. Well that's good. :wacky: Yah, I have no clue. Weird though.

  19. Really? Damn, that's unfortunate. It seriously lowers the level of a concert when the crowd sucks, and it's not even the bands fault which always makes me feel embarrassed. Makes me think the band will not want to come back, you know? HAHA what?? No I didn't hear that although I did see the little tidbit about her throwing a fit cause they didn't let her into the VIP area. But yah I seriously doubt Guy would be dumb enough to date her. She's so yucky. I don't even know what I would think if it were true. Where did that rumor even come from?

  20. Hahaha well I mean I guess you can't be completely surprised that only you knew all the words. At most concerts people only know like the hits or whatever. D: But I mean good for you! Being one of the best fans there is always awesome. And it's so cool you got all that stuff! :awesome:

  21. Nice! So what did the VIP tix get you?

  22. Haha wow, that's kinda funny actually. Did he talk at all? Well I still think it's a good computer, it's just weird that that's how it is. I almost feel like somehow you can do it, cause I swear I saw a screenshot someone took from Skype and they were video chatting with multiple people and the desktop was from a Mac...

  23. Haha yah, maybe if I do stay a bit before the roomies get there I could show you. And yah I miss you guys too. D: Wait you saw Sara's bf on Skype? Whaddayah mean? :thinking: And how was it awkward? I never even go on Skype anymore. It'd be kinda cool to use it to chat if Macs would let me do video for more than one other person. <3333

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