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  1. Hey everyone!:blush: Thanks for actually getting the picture on here! :) I got it done on the inside of my right ankle.
  2. So it's been a super long while! I used to post on here all the time when I was like....13 years old...for years. Here I am 10 years later. Kind of crazy. I wanted to say hi. I like coming on here once in a while, I spent so much time on here as a kid. That being said, Coldplay has a special place in my heart, always. I thought in honour of my new tattoo (and to have some more people to share it with) I would say hi and see if anyone is still around. If not, hi to all the "new" people. I just got this tattoo. I've wanted that lyric for as long as I can remember, so I'm really hap
  3. In My Place. I actually think it was december 2002. Very clearly remember watching on tv, and immediately after I found my brother and made him download the whole album for me. I was 12 years old and no one my age had any idea who Coldplay were. I also think that Coldplay were on Letterman the first night I ever heard them and I stayed up late to watch them. I'm gonna take a guess and say it was december 12th...wait! Google says dec 16th. Damn. I was pretty close. :)
  4. I LOVE this show, it's hilarious. And it just got picked up for a full season! :)
  5. Against popular opinion, I actually really like this version of the song. I'm a fan of glee but I was dreading hearing this song after what they did to fix you. The scientist has been my favourite song for 10 years and I have heard tons of covers so that I'm usually not impressed with. Obviously it has nothing on the original but I really enjoy the cover. Especially because I'm a huge Darren Criss fan as well haha.
  6. Amazing beyond words. Saw them for the 6th time tonight and they never fail to blow me away. :)
  7. New picture I took today in honour of seeing coldplay for the 6th time. Me as a Coldplay fan: Then and Now. And not sure if anyone on here remembers me winning this lithograph years and years ago...but I didn't sell it like everyone expected me to! It's framed, up on my wall
  8. Tornado I can't believe this is a continuation of a thread that I started 8 years ago :shocked2: big bag or small bag
  9. It's actually different for me, because I haven't been following what happens on this tour so it will be mostly a surprise!
  10. I know I will! It'll be my 6th time, seeing them can never get old :)
  11. When you stop by this forum a couple times a year after being a fan for so long and see if you know anyone who's still around. Long time no see Coldplaying. Making my semi annual visit in honour of watching Coldplay tonight :p

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