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  1. Danke, danke, danke! :awesome:

  2. Frohe Weihnachten ebenfalls! (Wenn auch spät ;)) Jap, hat geklappt, danke dir viel mals! :D

  3. Du hattest Recht: Jeder kommt wieder zurück. ;)

  4. It depends on how fast you are able to learn. And you need to have ideas for signatures after all. ;) But I guess you'll be pretty good in no time. :cheesy:

  5. You'll find your very own technique quickly. :nice: So there won't be much to tell you.

  6. For most of the things I create, I use textures. You don't have to credit them in your image though. They want you to credit them if you publish something on deviantart, for example. Don't worry, I use many textures and never got in trouble *fingers crossed*. They only have these rules to protect their work from people claming it to be theirs or the textures to be used for public stuff without their permission.

  7. This weekend I'll be more than busy, but what you can already do - even before you get Photoshop ;) - is to look for so called textures. Those will be the effects on the signature (light, dust, scratches, etc.). You can search for them for example on deviantart.com. Make sure that you've read the conditions for usage from the artist so that you won't get in trouble. Enjoy your weekend! :happy:

  8. Aw, thank you for both the niec words and the explaining! :nice: I need to go now because it's quite late where I live. ;) See you!

  9. Where do you suggest to explain some basics to you then? ;) Well, I tried to upload my signature again - in another size and everything - but it still won't show up. :\ As I said, there are links in my signature if you want to have a look at my 'work'. :)

  10. Well, it's a few steps in Photoshop but not too complicated. I mostly only need around ten to maybe fifteen minutes for a signature and I do most of the effects variously every time. You just can't say that another layer with 50% luminance always looks the same, let alone good. For a quite long time it's just practising and trying different things. If you'd like I could show you some things you can do. :happy: And if you want to you can check out my gallery of things I've already made. You'll find the links in my signature (which unfortunately has no signature photo at the moment ...). :nice:

  11. Hello Carol_Jade, thanks for the compliments! Yes, I made her (and some other) signature(s) with Photoshop. Do you want me to explain all the steps to you? ;)

  12. We need a Glasgow - Party thread. And a photo thread. Something new. There's some plans we have to make for the Lightbody-Group, I s'pose! :cheesy:

  13. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1BeeNppXEc"]YouTube- Snow Patrol Interview 2010 - Duke Of York Plaque Unveiled[/ame]

  14. [IMG] Mine > this or the other way round? :thinking:

  15. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2_ZCRl_seU"]YouTube- Snow Patrol - Crack The Shutters @ HMH Amsterdam 01-06-2010[/ame]

  16. Love that you have a Gary-avatar now! :cheesy:

  17. Hello, Anna, thanks for the friends request! :nice:

  18. Das ist hier jetzt so ungewohnt ... :uhoh:

  19. Ready for some samples? Habe immer noch nicht die Signatur für dich gefunden bzw. erschaffen, aber ein paar im Angebot, die dir vielleicht als "Bürken-Signaturen" dienen könnten. Willst du sie sehen?

  20. Vor allem könnten sie Gary vielleicht auch erst einmal richtig zitieren ... :rolleyes: Ich stand zwar nicht im Pulk, aber ich habe trotzdem gehört, was er gesagt hat. (Mental connection und so, nein Spaß :laugh4:) Kann ich absolut verstehen, dass sie dich aufregen. Wieso dürfen solche Leute eigentlich zu Konzerten? Im Ernst ... Gary hätte das echt erkennen müssen, dass sie so doof sind - darum hat er sich auch keine Mühe bei dem Drumstick gegeben. Und um ihre Blödheit zu unterstreichen haben sie den Sänger den Drumstick unterschreiben lassen. Marvelous. :dozey: (Das Forum hat sich gehörig verändert, seit wir das letzte Mal richtig aktiv hier waren ... :uhoh:)

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