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  1. So, I have two tickets to the July 2nd show available. The seats are in Circle S Row 2. I am looking to get back what I paid which was 96 pounds per ticket ($326 USD total)


    I was able to pick up a pair of box seats in the ticket release on Friday and place them under my wife's name. That means that one person will enter with me and one person will enter with my wife and, once we are inside RAH, you and your guest can go on your merry way.


    The backstory is that my wife and I are flying in from NYC for this show, which means a couple of things. First, I will have limited cell phone service. I am looking for someone that will be extremely responsive and comfortable using email as potentially the only form of communication prior to meeting up before the show.


    Secondly, I am going to be out and about for much of the day in London sightseeing and won't necessarily care about seeing the opening act. I anticipate getting to the concert at around 730 PM. I'm not interested in selling the tickets to someone who needs to get to the concert right when the door's open.


    Lastly, I've never been to RAH and am unfamiliar with the neighborhood. I'd like to sell these to someone who will know exactly where to direct me in terms of a meet up.


    These will go to the person who can convince me they will be the most accommodating. Please email me at [email protected]. I will post once they've been sold.



  2. US fan here. Woke up at 430 this morning to try for Night 1. Lost a pair at checkout and was pretty devastated. Somehow was able to secure a pair of Circle Row 2 tickets for Night 2 and was able to checkout with 28 seconds to go with my cart. See you all on July 2.

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