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  1. you gonna be a crazy cat lady

  2. Its funny cause I just came online to message you haha So like remember when we were discussing asexuality and blahblahblah, wellI think I've settled on grey-a so woo

  3. how expensive are binders and where can i find them anyways, if they're expensive or hard to find i'm gonna have to find some sort of alternative and it kinda sucks how people think you can't like be a feminist and genderqueer at the same time and they kinda just scoff at you that is epic i am jealous i am too uncoordinated for anything ever

  4. omg i've started kinda like using some sort of bra thing to flatten me boobz cause i don't have a binder yet and just that makes me feel like 700 times more comfortable and better about myself yay haha (though it could still be a lot better)

  5. samesame sup gurl

  6. Wow we've never profile messaged before?

  7. So what's your stance on the whole "gender is a social construct" thing

  8. Awesome! ♥ And same actually, he's probably moving to Canada soon but not me obviously haha. He's actually on his way here to visit for the weekend right now yay~ what part of Canada might you go to? I've been alright, last year of school which is both awesome and slightly frightening haba

  9. So how have you been

  10. haha that's absolutely crazy

  11. Hello :heart:

  12. Lol why am I in your signature

  13. not sleeping i've been up since 3 yay

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