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  1. didn't we just talk on fb? or was that someone else

  2. omg hi carla

  3. GETTING DRUNK ON BRITPOP BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i heard rumours that ian died and i thought that was fucked up and not funny at all but apparently some american with the same name died in a motorcycle accident last week and thats what comes up if you google his name i got this information from greg though but we really shouldn't trust him because he is english and really what good have the english ever done? an energy drink based on a fad genre in the 90s?

  4. why the fuck was cping down for so long????

  5. oh my god he is so stupid

  6. bb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. It says 0 people to me fucking hell

  8. Really? I've never seen you on Coldplaying or Tinychat.

  9. Hello! My name's Diana, what's your name :daisy:

  10. and yeah lol irony, UTW is my last.fm username, I mean I like it but ehhh

  11. I don't want to like that San Cisco song for some reason as it sounds like something that's been done before 10000 times, but yeah I like it, it's cute btw I listened to it prior to this, I just forgot to reply :anxious: pfft you're such a bully :shame: Their thoughts on making a new album are getting more serious and I don't know how to feel about it, if it's anything like UTW/The Puritan I won't be impressed But Damon's capable of writing good songs in other projects so we'll see

  12. hey BITCH you're not mexican why don't u change your flag :veryangry:

  13. Woah, I just looked into the line-up and it was a good festival! Plenty of interesting bands to check out. Did you get the chance to see Jake Bugg or Johnny Marr? (Or both?) "SNOOP LION: REINCARNATED (FILM)" omfg Yeah, that would be great! Ahh I'm so excited for you :wacky: did you manage to see any bands in the front or the first few rows?

  14. bahaha amazing avatar

  15. simon-le-bon.tumblr.com But I haven't posted in it in ages. I believe I'm following yours, not sure though

  16. Thank you :dazzled:

  17. How did you even make your avi I fucking love it btw

  18. Juan doesn't love you he loves Jesus bye Jake Bugg is kind of a poser, and he's not even that cute and he doesn't write any of his songs Not Impressed idek I've never seen the show I just know what it's about DUHhhh it's in the title why don't u meet me in real life and punch me u little bitch

  19. That's so odd that Lancaster is backwards about the terminology, especially as it's a core part of CTY and everyone else would follow suit to the things they do. I don't know what I want to take yet, I normally just go with the flow and pick a site first. Did Taameen end up going to CTY? I've never seen any of these help :c

  20. Sorry, I read your messages but forgot to reply :disappointed: I took Electrical Engineering. Did you ask questions or did you stay quiet? Yeah it took me a while for things to sink in too... in the end I didn't learn everything at the time that it was taught but upon reading back in the book I taught myself the rest. Cool! I dunno when I went to Rhode Island, it wasn't very diverse, mainly white Americans and maybe a few dozen other Americans of other races or people from other countries. The Los Angeles site, like the city itself, is represented by a loooot of countries, and the majority of people are Asian. (Not that it matters what their race are obv, I just think it's interesting how each site differs) That's great! Yeah I love how people at CTY are so well-educated and open-minded about that kind of stuff.

  21. Ahh :wacky: have lots of fun!

  22. and she wont shut up and my sister starts bursting into tears and I'm just like :blank: let's just like someone who is famous in 2013. Let's just do that with our lives. Let's try that Omfg calm down bb I was just teasing you We were like iCarly and now we're Sex and the City Who lives in LA? Christoph?? Wow what aging home does he live in

  23. that album is basically the reason i know anything about music from more than 10 years ago omfg If it weren't for Damone and dR dEE i would still be listening to deap vally and the xx while being like "who R tha beetles???" Damon got a LOT more famous with gorillaz like in america no one knew about blur and they still don't, but everyone knows gorillaz. Getting all conservative Christian juankiss up in here Dude a nun made my sister cry the other day We went to a monastery and my sister wanted to buy a cross necklace and she pointed at it and the old nun was like "DONT YOU KNOW YOU NEVER EVER TOUCH ANYTHING IN A MONASTERY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WHO RAISED YOU I CANT BELIEVE YOU ARE THIS IGNORANT BABANSDHSBEBHEH" and my sister was like "oh, i really didnt know, i'm sorry" and the nun was like "Oh, I don't need to forgive you, GOD HAS TO FORGIVE YOU. LETS SEE IF GOD EVEN FORGIVES YOU!!!!!!!!! YOU NEVER TOUCH ANYTHING IN A MONASTERY NEVER EVER EVER NEVR"

  24. "mexican dick party" I think i'm always late to liking my favorite band/singers at the best time, who cares man just love them Just talk abt the old mans dick dude. Just feel confident in yourself and who you are. U can do it man. I have no idea why you complain because our conversations are like 90% me talking about some random famous guy that you probably don't even like that much, and then you maybe getting in a word about stuff you actually care about like that's fucked up I've heard that it's not good for you idgi will i get AIDS??!?? I like not wearing one but i'm fine either way Let's go bra shopping We should rent out an apartment together when we get older

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