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  1. I came up with it in like two seconds, it's pretty good. Picking fights on here is an awesome way to vent your frustration. Just go find someone who's really emotional, say one tiny thing, and watch them go nuts. It's especially fun when it's a group of people that team up to bash you. The funny thing is I like some of Oasis's older stuff. It makes it all the funnier to get told off by those morons.

  2. C'mon you have to admit that last VM was funny. :lol: Nah, really I'm just pissed off and in the mood to pick a fight, and all those whiny Oasis pricks are making it super easy.

  3. Thanks Sherlock. Now go solve the mystery of your missing life.

  4. Well I'm so glad you didn't waste my time.

  5. I don't think so. I just randomly come on this place when I am bored.

  6. Well I've just been hanging out with my friends a lot lately and kind of forgot about this place. Then I got a Happy Birthday email and I was like woah I need to go post! :laugh3:

  7. Thank you Crests of Daylight. :cool:

  8. That was a fast response! :lol:

  9. Thanks Rudy! :happy:

  10. Thanks so much Elif. :hug:

  11. yes, you are the one who won't tell me your name :smartass:

  12. who cares if it's fun? it's the best song ever! Legos need good music :wink:

  13. A rush of blood to the head is a great one

  14. that post in your signature (Legos) is fucking brilliant. well done.

  15. He isn't a droning idiot, but he's a terrible hypocrite. The way he calls others stupid for dumb threads then makes a million of his own. If there's one type of person I can't stand above all others its a hypocrite.

  16. With me I am usually good about it, but sometimes certain people will trigger insecurities. Someone I used to have feelings for, or maybe a former friend, sometimes the cause me to revert back to those thoughts and habits. I'm the same way though. I hate Paul, not because I'm a jerk, but because he claims to want real threads, yet he spams all the time. Hell he joined the forum to spam, then stayed for whatever reason. Don't really know why anyone likes him here.

  17. That's so true. And I've spent so much time worrying about little insecurities, but over the last year or so I've really gotten a handle on it. Of course I still have them as well, but I've learned to clench my fists and push through them and just be myself no matter what people may think. Once I got the hang of not worrying about people's opinions of me, it was really freeing. Again though, not many people I know understand what it's like. When I first started posting here I assumed you were just a jerk because people said you were and I saw you insult some people. Soon enough though, I realized a lot of the people you insulted were being idiots ruining real convos. IMO, someone deserves to be told so if they are a moron.

  18. And people like that always tend to group together and try to demean you for having a mind. It never works, because why should I give a shit about what they think of me? Sadly a lot of people I know do care though so they act like them to get their approval. High school can be a sad place for insecure people. I see that you and few others try to have real threads on here. People complain that you are mean, but those are the same people who spend 18 hours a day on here posting smilies. People get so defensive when someone tries to make them open their mind.

  19. Haha exactly. The kind of people who see a thread like that one and leave to make more waffle threads. I mean don't get me wrong I goof off sometimes too, but I am also to have an intelligent conversation without acting like an idiot to cover up for ignorance.

  20. Yeah well I have one friend who completely gets me and thinks the same ways on a lot of things. We tend to be miles above our other friends a lot, they get confused by how in depth we think about things. It actually intimidates some people. Imagine that, people afraid of thinking.

  21. Thanks. I know I think way beyond most people my age, even most of my friends don't get my logic most of the time.

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