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  1. no but i make le minion memes :)

  2. Thank you! You as well. :)

  3. How the fuck do you embed tweets into posts? I use the embed code from said tweet, copy and paste it into the post I'm submitting -- and then nothing. It just leaves the code sitting in an ugly mess. Am I doing something wrong?

  4. omg I just saw this You are correct. :cool: Changed my name a while ago. Are you happy Coldplaying is saved??? :wings:

  5. Batman :awesome: omg I missed you.

  6. much avatar such nice wow

  7. Hahaha. I'm sort of ashamed to say I had to make sure that wasn't a real town in Texas -- because I was born and raised in Texas. :sad:

  8. I just noticed your location on your profile says Hinnom, TX. That's my favorite Bon Iver song. :dazzled:

  9. He's also on Breaking Bad! A very minor role, though.

  10. What is your avatar from? I know I have seen that guy *somewhere*, but I can't think of where from! :sad:

  11. Ugh, I am stupid. :sad: I knew you were messing with me. :angry: Stupid Batman harassing people. :angry:

  12. So So you're telling me that you somehow didn't do this on purpose? D: Okay. Now I am scared.

  13. Tell me I'm not crazy. :angry: D:

  14. Why is this showing up on your posts? D: [IMG]

  15. :sad: I'll go back to my remote prison. :sad:

  16. Well I thought you should know that... I'M BACK BITCH. I'VE BEEN IN DISGUISE. And I'm back. ~Bane voice~

  17. is ur back ok

  18. ooh :wacky: lol remember when you killed Bane was that kewl

  19. Why are you naked :sad:

  20. Oh my GOD THAT SCARED ME. I'm on my phone and had no idea what was running towards the camera. DD:

  21. DoN'T SAY THAT :angry: (I love Cillian, omg. He's my man-crush over Chris Martin ok help a playa out.)

  22. yessss Hey I want to be friends with Cillian Murphy (Scarecrow) okay tell him I'm cool

  23. I had a villain. :angry: She was my wife. :angry: And now - now I have no one. Poison Ivy would rejuvenate me, if you get what I'm saying. :wink3:

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