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  1. I can't remember either :uhoh2: I think I may have given myself away by posting somethings on facebook but I don't know how it would have gotten back here. I only have a few coldplayers there who took part in Alias day. :thinking: Boobs on a castle. Somehow I knew no one else would think of it. :awesome:

  2. HAHAHA I thought of it the day before. And I went through a couple ideas all involving castles. :stunned: This was the only one I wasnt embarrassed about. :sad: But I loved Vampire Weekdays. I thought it was clever. :)

  3. Awwwwwh Yeaaaaah. :dance: That's LEGIT!

  4. ROFL :laugh3: That was you?! XD

  5. DAMN STR8 :cool:

  6. aww shug :3 :hug:

  7. hi bjork how are you

  8. there should be an emote for that :whip:

  9. lol yeaaah he showed me his pics from new york, they turned out pretty good. :) lol for a while we'd be spamming in then until we got more news about them. :P not that I oppose. No no...for some reason my family was pushing me towards being a lawyer, no interest and decided i'd rather be a doctor. :D

  10. it smiles now :o

  11. curse that facebook and it making people who talked on forums talk on there instead. CURSES AYE SAEEEEE !!!!!11!1!1!!!!!

  12. i made a few i abandoned. :cry: my poor babes. they are: the magenta skycode thread, stina nordenstam, jonas bjerre and *thinks* a band from sweden called *forgets* :embarrassed: Yeah, what a bummer and he's going home soon (lives in canada) so there went that chance. :P I think he is smarter than I am tbh, I'll have to ask him. :) Wonder what answer I'll get... lol :lol: And yes Aerospace engineering and he's been successful in it too. My mom also studied engineering but ended up educating instead. One way how they met. :)

  13. YO YO YO :cool:

  14. Lol, just like our dad, you mean. :P He's aerospace engineer. And yea it's been a long time since I've been in new York so it was good. One of my friends was there too but I missed him. :o I like having roommates, I've become good friends with mine. You do not want a roomie you do not get along well with. LOL. And yes there will be. You'll make plenty of new friends. :) And woot! The thread has been bumped. I wonder what happened to mine... :uhoh:

  15. I said "Yeah" a lot. :thinking:

  16. Engineering. :) And yes, I was in new York. :D Yeah, ugh xrays are so uncomfortable! :P Yeah, I hope so. I think it can only get better this year and I have fewer distractions so *phew!* Yeah I love my roomies, we're all in school and I made a lot of new friends so it's pretty cool. :thumbsup: And no I did not :o WOOT!!!

  17. Original message too long, LOL. Last year was not a good one for me! I did fine but without ease and I took on less than I did my freshman year. Just a lot of family problems made it hard for me to concentrate, I feel the need to make up for that. Anyway, how are you doing in school and life? How's your sister and family? I hope all is well and yeah, you definitely miss some people :( but you keep in touch which is better than not hearing from them again. :)

  18. :hug: I have finished my studies for now and have started summer. Been trying to get a good job I can hold for a few years until I move from here. I also went to my brothers commencement ceremony in New York. In two years it will be me, hard to believe.:P I have also been getting my butt kicked at the gym though I'm not feeling so well these days. I made a few appointments even for my dentist. (Who always seems to be on vacation the loaded bast--!) I think my wisdom teeth are coming in and if they need to be extracted the sooner the better. I want it over with!:P I also will be doing some studying this Summer to get a head start on the next semester.

  19. omg at ":facepLam:" :facepalm:

  20. Boo! I need to come on more often. This time last year I was posting a hundred times a day... now look at me. I havent posted in months. :bigcry: I have threads to manage too. I start them and forgrt about them. :faceplam: How are you?! Sorry it's been so long. :hug::heart:

  21. Thanks!! <3 :heart: :)

  22. THANK YOU DARLING!!! :heart::kiss::hug: :heart::kiss::hug: :heart::kiss::hug: :heart::kiss::hug: :heart::kiss::hug: :heart::kiss::hug: :heart::kiss::hug:

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