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  1. Wow, Thank you all for the greetings. Pleasure to meet you. I've found myself enjoying this forum only in my first hour of posting here and I intend to post often. I dig it. :cool:
  2. Mew as always... :) Radiohead as always... :) Elliott Smith (doesn't really count but I can't ever get enough fo his music). The Radio Dept. Sun Kil Moon
  3. Thank you very much. :) Glad I'm finally a member and glad I don't have to read the previous 60 pages. :D I'll be downloading the Apparatjik tracks. I'm sure I missed a few. It took me a while to really get into the idea of Mew, A-ha and Coldplay. I liked Ferreting but I've only heard maybe two other songs. The album news is really news to me so I obviously missed something. And Guy and Jonas are both very, very cute. :)
  4. Thank you for the warm welcomes. I have posted on the Apparatjik thread though I have yet to go through all 68 pages of it, I intend to when I have the time. :)
  5. hello. new here from the mewsite forums. i love that you guys are discussing jonas. *sigh* he's adorable. so since i don't know when i'll have the time to read 60+ pages of apparatjik, what's happening? i don't know all about apparatjik.
  6. Hmm. Hello Coldplay fans, how are you all? I'm Olivia, also known as Revolwem (MewLover backwards). I've liked Coldplay longer than I have Mew but I've listened to Mew every single day since I first heard their music. It was love at first listen for both of these bands. I hope to post here as often as possible read the interresting threads y'all have. Maybe learn more about Coldplay and Apparatjik while I'm at it. Well, I guess that's most of it. Thanks. :)
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