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  1. Happy New Year! :D It's really great to hear your surgery went well and everything is okay. Yeah, quite a lot of sad and terrible things happen in the last episode of series 2. I really wasn't expecting it. :bigcry: I almost started crying during the one scene with Lix and Randall. The character in my avatar is a dwarf named Bofur, and he's from The Hobbit movie. :dazzled: There are thirteen dwarves in the movie, and he's my favorite.

  2. I saw the card and letter you received from the Secret Santa Project on your facebook; they were really cute! I thought of joining it, but I was too busy with other things. :sad: Merry Christmas, by the way. :santa2: I would love to see a live theater performance of Ben Whishaw. He's doing a play with Judi Dench in a few months, I think. If only I lived in London. :P Oh, no. :( I really hope your surgery and the results turn out okay, Yu-tong. :hug:

  3. Hi, Yu-tong! :hug: That's okay; I know you've been really busy. Sometimes my parents and I go traveling for Christmas. I think we're going to stay home this year, but maybe we'll go to San Francisco for a day. Do you do anything special for Christmas? College gets harder for me, so I have to stay focused each year. But I see what you mean; once you know what you're doing, you feel like you can spend more time having fun and not work as hard. :lol: For some people, the schoolwork becomes too much, so they don't do as well in their classes. :\ I've been doing pretty well. Final exams are next week, so I'm nervous. :anxious: How have you been? Ooh, I've actually never heard about Look Back in Anger. I just searched for it, so I'll listen to it when I can. A crazy man, eh? :lol: Me too, I'm really enjoying the second series of The Hour! I've only seen the first two episodes so far, but it's still just as great as the first series. The mystery looks really interesting.

  4. Happy (late) Birthday! :D I've seen a few clips of CSI or shows that are very similar to CSI. But wow, Criminal Justice sounds really amazing. Seems like it really makes you think. That's a lot of classes you're taking! :shocked: It's normal to feel that way. A bunch of my friends and I get so stressed over projects and tests sometimes. It's good that you work hard! :smiley: Just don't work too hard to the point where you get stressed, though. :uhoh:

  5. Hahaha, well, if you ever go to Japan, at least people will know your name. Two of my friends are learning Japanese right now and are obsessed with Japanese culture. I only know how to say "thank you", "good morning", and "idiot". :lol: Yeah, I'm an ABC (American-born Chinese :lol: ). Aaahhh, I've never seen that movie. My parents might have. :thinking: It's been such a long time since I've watched a Chinese movie. I have listened to Cock (mainly because of Andrew Scott and Ben Whishaw, haha). It's such a sad play! I agree, the voice acting was fantastic. I need to find the time to listen to it again. Ooh, tell me how Criminal Justice is! That's one of the things of Ben's that I still need to watch. Good luck on your midterm! Which class is it for? I'll PM you my FB. :nice:

  6. Ah, I see! German sounds really cool. My high school used to offer German classes, but they stopped by the time I entered. :sad: I'm actually Chinese, but I can only speak English. I can understand basic conversation in Cantonese, but I can't speak it. :embarrassed: Both of my parents speak Cantonese and Mandarin, so every time we go visit Hong Kong or China, they're my translators. :lol: Yay, I'm glad you think it's awesome so far! :awesome: Ben's character (Freddie) can be really rude sometimes, but I like his ambition. I think my Ben Whishaw addiction has increased with every new Skyfall interview that he does. :wacky: Plus, the second series of The Hour is coming soon, so I'm really excited for that.

  7. Aaahhh, I said the wrong thing, sorry. :sweatdrop: I meant I'm nervous about starting a job in the real world. It's easy to find a job in accounting, yes, but I'm just not ready to be an adult. :lol: If you do plan to go to other countries to teach Chinese, where would you like to go? I haven't seriously considered joining a volunteer program like the ones you mentioned (I've actually never heard about WWOOF! :uhoh: ). I thought about the Peace Corps; it sounds pretty exciting. Maybe after several years of a stable job, I can look into them. Perfume was so strange to me! :lol: My friend thought it was hilarious because it was so weird. But yes, that's Ben! My dad watched Casino Royale and he really liked it, and everyone has said that it's such a great movie. I'll definitely watch it when I get the chance! I've only seen Pierce Brosnan as 007, so it will be interesting to see a new guy. Haha, the Hollow Crown plot is really difficult to explain. I'll check out your blog!

  8. Haha, more money would always be nice. I feel the same way. :lol: Your studies sound really cool! I have a friend who is also studying English literature. I'm a college student, and I'm studying accounting. I'll be graduating this spring, and I'm feeling nervous about finding a job. :anxious: Yes, I heard about Ben playing Q! I'm so happy that he's in bigger movies now. :dance: He looks so cute too. :wacky: I most likely will watch Skyfall, but I feel like I should watch Daniel Craig's other two 007 movies first. I still haven't seen those ones. How long will you have to wait until it's released in Taiwan? My parents went to Taiwan for a vacation and to do some sightseeing (I couldn't go because I had school :sad: ). My dad has always wanted to visit the country, and yes, he loved how helpful the Taiwanese people are. He also loved the delicious food. :lol: Aw, thank you! I hope you're having a great weekend too. :nice:

  9. That's alright! :nice: Hi again! Some people don't like The Hour because they think it's boring. :anxious: But I just really like the characters, even though the storyline was a little confusing. :lol: I usually like short hair on Ben, but he still looked great in The Hollow Crown. :dazzled: I'm doing pretty well, thank you! I started school a few weeks ago. There's so much work to catch up on, but I'm really happy to see my friends. How have you been? By the way, you live in Taiwan, right? My parents visited Taiwan a few months ago and they really enjoyed it. My dad says all the people there are very friendly.

  10. Hi, Yu-tong! I'm Cecilia. :) Yes, that's the actor! His name is Ben Whishaw. I started to really like him after watching a TV show called The Hour (Ben is one of the main characters). I thought his acting in that was really great. I started watching more of his movies too.

  11. That's a great spot! I think I'm sitting somewhere in section 117. :blank: It could be worse.

  12. Nice! I'm still going to the Friday show.

  13. Hi, Caroline! I hope you're doing well. I was just wondering if you got tickets to either of the San Jose shows this week. I'm so excited. :wacky:

  14. Hey, Christina. I remember you were asking for a stream for Hounds (and if you already found one, you can just ignore this post :tongue: ). I found this one here, but I'm not sure if you need to have an account with the site. From the comments, it looks like it works. Hope that's okay!

  15. Haha, nice. :wideeyed: Thank you!

  16. Ah, that's okay! I've actually seen it a lot on tumblr, so I know where to get it. But thank you! :smiley: It will be fun to actually watch that scene. :lol:

  17. Hi there! :nice: Just wanted to say that I like your avi. :lol:

  18. Ah, same here. :\ I don't really enjoy it overall as an album.

  19. Hurts Like Heaven is my favorite too! My other favorites are DLIBYH, Charlie Brown, and UTAW.

  20. You're welcome! And thank you for the request. :nice: I'll be sure to contact you here first. By the way, which songs are your favorites off of MX?

  21. Gah, 116 looks like a perfect spot from the map. Yep, I have one! Haha, I know you're not. :lol: I'll PM mine to you.

  22. Heh, that's alright! I actually searched some YouTube videos of the gig at HP Pavilion from 2008. I found a few, and it looked like they were filmed from either section 117 or 118. Don't know which row though, but the view actually looks pretty good and the sound was still great. I think we're going to stick with it, but I'll let you know if I change my mind. :) If we end up sitting in different areas, we can definitely still meet before the show!

  23. We're in section 117 row 18, which is on the side of the stage. I'm worried that it won't be a good view. :\

  24. Hi there! I'm going to the Friday show with my dad, but you can join us if you want! It'd be great to actually meet you. :nice: That is, assuming you're also going to the Friday show. I've actually been wondering about meeting the guys too. :wideeyed:

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