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  1. HOW'D YOU KNOW?????????

  2. I am fine thanksies. l wanna eat a pizza....but of course it'll ruin my already fat ass. And l don't like the food in my house, not to be bratty but, yeah. All I want is a goddamn pizza. ugh! your turn :nice:

  3. you're welcome! :nice:

  4. Thank you Faust! :wacky: :cheesy:

  5. Thanks Emmaaa :hug: :cheesy:

  6. Thank you for the greet! :D

  7. Thanks Kelsey :awesome:

  8. Thank you um...Sue? :tongue: Thanks :awesome:

  9. Thanks for the greetings Nancy! :smiley:

  10. Thank you! :awesome:

  11. alrightyyyyyyyy :awesome:

  12. be an operations manager l guess, because l'm taking business & majoring in Operations Mgmt. haha. but l don't know, that might change tho. yeah it's fun to have..some fun at times :tongue: goodluck on your midterms then, study hard, but party harder after the hell week ok? :nice:

  13. moooo :hug: ...... I am taking Physical Science and Microeconomics this summer, it's not that l failed, I just have to take these subjects because I shifted courses..and these subjects are 1st-2nd yr subjects for me and I'm going to be in 3rd year in the next semester. baaaah. I'm pretty sure these subjects won't ruin my life this summer lulz, because the professors are more lazy to teach during these times. lulul. HOW BUSY ARE YA? and why did you change your name? just wondering :tongue:

  14. Jesus Christ. That's why I kept on wondering where the hell you were. I'm doing okay. Having some summer classes and stuff. How ya doing? It's been a while huh :smiley:

  15. holy shit That's you Leeves :blank:

  16. :surprised: heyy! :drunk:

  17. haha, l'm okay.... l am not much posting on here too... l don't know.... it just bores me out. l'm doing okay, despite of my gargantuan schoolworks :tongue: and you? :wacko:

  18. new year's resolutions? haha yeah, I'm trying to have some...in these past few years, I've not believed in any of it, for the simple reason that I woudn't be able to make it anyway, but yeah, this yer I'll try to make, at least ONE. hmm... maybe I should clean my room as often as I could,sleeping early, and playing the piano again :smiley:

  19. WHO ARE THOSE 10 MEN? :wideeyed:

  20. hello I told you I have three names. TRES! okay, later Meehall :nice:

  21. yes that's an old show haha. you should def. watgh it, buy a prated DVD! :awesome: I hafta go nao, I'm not in our house. Bye! :nice:

  22. wee :hug: I'm doing fine. first day of the year, I broke a glass with a water in it. I don't think it's bad, but my mom does. lol weird. and I got little cuts from that. d'oh! you?

  23. Thanky! are you still a Berryman fanatic? :wacko:

  24. uh am not really fanatic and all :blank: oh wait before I had a crush among two of the members of F4-the one I mentioned to you earlier. I think they were Jerry Yan and...I forget the real name of another one :awesome: I think 'wat si Lei' (the character name in METER GARDEN) and that was like, in my 5th grade :wtf: but again,, KB is cute. That's just it :uhoh: :wacky:

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