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  1. what feeling do u get from things i don't understand? i know u said that u like the older songs more, rite? and that's why u like this song more rite? do the older songs give u more emotion than the newer ones? is that one of the reasons u like the older songs more? which band member do u love the most? i know..it's a toughie! right now mine is guy...for his obvious handsomeness (did i spell that right?)

  2. Hi! what is your favorite and least favorite Coldplay song? Why?

  3. no..we both be disguised as kelly then go in at different times...no one will know:)

  4. thank you! i'm glad you liked it!:laugh3: i was thinking we should hire a make-up team to make us look like kelly...:D

  5. LOL! cool avatar! I've been putting some serious thought into this and I decided that we will disguise as kelly and....sneak on the tour bus and then we steal Guy's boxers!;) two boxers to be exact...(one for me &one for you..remember Coldplay support fair trade!:laugh3:) then we will frame it and tell our grand children!!:) what do you think?

  6. sweet, we both like U2!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I LOVE U2! (i'm sorry but I'm a bit obsessed with them at the moment:rolleyes:) my fave song of their's is New Year's Day. i listen to it non-stop. I have a fan-girl crush on...well all of the members(especially adam the bassist)..even though they're all like 49 oh yeah..we didn't continue our sly plan to ambush Coldplay....

  7. cool! i'm really into U2 rite now...another band Chris admires! :D

  8. LOL! very nice! my little sister had a dream where she kissed jonny(which is weird because she practically hates him..hmmm..) .... And let's just say....she didn't have a pleasant time soon after I heard that...:whip: :sneaky: :rolleyes: lol jk. besides coldplay, what other bands do u like?

  9. have u ever had a dream about coldplay? i did a few months ago. The four guys randomly came into my church and Will sat right in front of me. I softly and unintentionly budded shoulders with him. I remember thinking in the dream "OMG! I touched Will!" When the meeting was over, they went to the drop-off outside. As Jonny was about to enter a white and old vehicle I shouted "Jonny! Jonny!" He just stood they're without noticing me or my screaming. Then I shouted" Over here!" He looked back and was like :confused:"huh?" while looking way above me. As he turned back he tripped over a....pebble:inquisitive:

  10. yay! someone agrees with me completely:D u r so lucky u go 2 go to a concert:o!! how was it??

  11. lol! i hope jonny is the same way...lol

  12. yup..i just checked on imdb and she is 5 years older than he is

  13. yea apparently, that's what kids called her when she was little.."GOOP"...

  14. crap! i hope u remember what u were gonna say...our plan must soon unfold:sneaky: lol. u know what's weird? Gywenth Paltrow's widely criticized life-style blog,GOOP posted links to web pages that made fun of Gwyneth...and even Chirs! who's doing this? is she in control over her account? and who does that "Harvey Danger' think he is! calling Coldplay genaric. Coldplay-haters just get under my skin!

  15. exactly!! that's when they were at one of their best! which is weird...'cuz that is also when they were the least popular...i mean what could possibly happen that make bands worse at their music? do they slack off because of the confidence they gain from fame? do they not care anymore? are they pressured to go more "Mainstream" with they're style? do the negative comments reduce their faith in their music so they start producing crappier songs? are they sick of the obstacles they have to go though? Or do they have the "good life" now so they don't have the same pure emotions that produce deep and good songs?Are they working less hard? What is it? I actually feel sorry for main-stream musicians for two reasons: the more popular they are, the more criticized they are & in the begginging they seem to work their butts off for their dream..but when it happens to them..their music soon starts to get worse! Whoa..sorry I went too far! i don't hate the music industry or anything like that, but sometimes I really wonder how this happens. A lot of people do. In fact I wish sometimes a bold,obnoxious interviewer would straight-up ask "What happened to your music?" if their next album is genaric..gosh ...oh gosh what would I do? Sorry.........but it is a bothersome topic. Whoa..I got to into it.. anywho..:rolleyes: have u ever went to a coldplay concert? have u ever met any of the band members?

  16. yes...I feel your pain!:cry: I hope their next album is kick-butt!! i hope it is...:cry:

  17. so I'm assuming you don't like the song too much...? I don't either. IDK about that song.......I hope that it sounds a lot better without all that pop crap added to it. Who knows...maybe the acoustic is really great and if Coldplay added their own sound to it..it would be amazing..but I'm not sure. What do you think?

  18. crap! you're right..hmmm..... we'll just have to leave it to our charm!:wink3: :stunned:

  19. here it is: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hddhWKmMiw"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hddhWKmMiw[/ame]

  20. a-ha! genius..how r we supposed 2 do that? lol

  21. thx 4 becoming my friend! =) what did you think of that new "Want" song byNatalie Imbruglia? this is my opinion: how could THAT song be the best song Coldplay they ever wrote? it makes no sense! i feel like their next album is in trouble if it is..but that is only my opinion. P.S I'm really sorry I took so long to respond!

  22. Hi! Would you like to be friends? I noticed we both have a burning love for jonny...if that helps

  23. Hi! wanna be friends?

  24. good! thx! :)how about you?

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