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  1. haha! i should have remembered!!! i guess i was too overwhelmed with excitement! what is the next step, Laura? can u believe this dude! : Print Edition This Week's Cover The New York Observer Print Edition * The New York Observer Coldplay Guitarist Jonny Buckland Buys $3.4 M. Condo at 21 Astor View Story On One Page View Story On One Page Print This Story Print This Story Share This Story Share This Story By Max Abelson November 25, 2008 | 10:42 a.m. <br /> (wonker via flickr.) +Enlarge wonker via flickr. Coldplay is a band so spectacularly mediocre that not even Brian Eno, practically the best producer on Earth, could have saved their last album, Viva La Vida, from being both bland and pompous. But they're also so spectacularly mediocre that the album sold more downloads than any in the history of digital sales--all in two weeks. __________________________________________________________________ seriously! that album won 3 grammys! how is that mediocre!? why does coldplay have so many haters!?

  2. same here! g:cry:osh dane it!:veryangry2: we shall develop an evil plan to kidnap the band members....:sneaky: lol. what would the first step be?

  3. lol! pretty good accept for the fact that my cousin called me spoiled..which is quite confusing i am still dwelling over it..ok random sorry i had to get it out! anywho..i was wondering have u ever met any of the band members of Coldplay? i,unfortunately haven't! DANE IT!!!! JONYYYYYYYYY HERE I COME!!!!!!

  4. thx 4 the tip, laura!

  5. o so it is chris! how did u get a pic of him brushing his teeth? and how do u make a siggy?[IMG]

  6. Laura, is your picture a pic of Chris or someone else? Thx 4 adding me as a friend!

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