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  1. :stunned: I am a bit shocked she is posting pics online of their daughter. BUT OMG does Violet look like Jonny! :blush: I wish she had been looking up in that pic... it looks like she has his eyes. :wacky: She certainly has his hair. :wacky:




    i was also shocked that she would put up such personal pictures, especially this:




    does jonny know about this? i assumed he liked his privacy!


    P.S= violet does look like jonny! as soon as i saw pics of her i was like "yeah she is defnitely jonny's daughter!

  2. Hello everyone. I've been on a few times, but finally took a minute to register - didn't take as long as I thought it would.


    So I'm in! See you kids around!




    Hello, Cal!


    u r from Ohio? sweet me too!!!(well i'm out of state right now 4 a vacation but anyways..) maybe one day we will meet w/o knowing it:laugh3: lol

  3. -when you're mom knows the name of the guitarist..although she doesn't even know the name of the band

    -when you're at an arena waiting for a show to begin and Vivia La Vida is played randomly, thus when everyone else is bored out of their minds sitting down u jump up and kick up your legs

    -instead of listening to urgent instructions, u decide to write 'jonny buckland' all over your notebook

    -when u talk about them so much that even you sister who was a fan is getting sick of them

    -when the a quesiton on Health quiz asks "What are your values?" You immediately think of Coldplay, even before family

    -when you are sleepless for two nights because you're fantasizing about Coldplay

    -when the number ofviews of jonny buckland pics on photobucket boosts drastically due to you

    -when you attack your family members because the jokingly claim they could be the partners with the Coldplay band members

    -when you turn in a math paper and your surname is either:Martin,Berryman,Chamion, Harvey, Buckland or Martin-Berryman-Champion-Harvey-Buckland

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