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  1. I hope that I can copy and paste the translation without problems. I have not tried that for quite some time (read: i.e. for years).

  2. Merry Christmas and thanks for interviewing the band. You did a good job - a great success.

    1. Batman


      =D !!! Merry Christmas to you, too, Christa! And thanks so much for your nice comment! :3

  3. Hi Christia, HAPPY 2015! I will now be visiting more than I have for the past 6 months or so ( less than 15 times contra almost every day in the past up to Sparky's restoration / cleaning up).

  4. This to wish you a Happy 2015, Thalia. I just logged in for real (and not just checking news as I have done a few times since Sparky restored / cleaned up several months ago.

  5. I hope that you will soon be better. :) Get well soon. I - and many with me in the building complex where I live - have had a heavy cold with a lot of heavy coughing. Still coughing from time to time, but getting better - and stronger - day by day. I have not heard Ghost Stories either - will not listen to it nor the remaining songs I have not heard (True Love and one more) before I have the album (or it is played on the radio). I have read and translated 2 Danish reviews of the album (from 2 boulevard papers). BT.com's review was very negative with 2 stars (out of 6), whereas EkstraBladet's review was a lot more positive (4 stars out of 6). So mixed reception. And only published reviews on the websites, not in the printed versions of those papers (not yet, at least - maybe on Monday when it is officially released in Denmark. What about French papers? Have a good week-end and get well soon. :)

  6. Hi, How are you doing? Hopefully fine. What do you think of the new album? How do you rank the various albums? I like the new album, but my Coldplay album favourite remains A Rush of Blood closely followed by Viva la Vida album.

  7. Also a good week-end to you. I like O as well and find it moving / cute / emotional that Apple (and her friend Mabel) is (are) singing along. No wonder that Chris went emotional when talking about it. And he mentioned that Moses had contributed to something as well that we would hear in 5 months. I wonder what it is / what it sounds like. Will Coldplay experience an expansion with a few (secret) young members, lol?

  8. Hi Raphaële. How are you? I am fine in a wonderful, Spring-clad Copenhagen with temps. around 20 degrees C. and sunshine with some clouds. Which of the new Coldplay songs is your favourite? I really like Magic - from the first listen. I also like A Sky full of Stars, but yes, it reminded me partly of Rihanna's We Found Love. I liked O - and particularly the part with Apple and her friend Mabel singing. Really moving / emotional.

  9. Great that we will meet again in Paris and/or Copenhagen. I am sad of the news of Chris's and Gwyneth's separation. All these rumours through the years, and now it has come this far. No doubt when the couple have announced it on GOOP. It is on BBC WorldNews right now. I heard it there.

  10. Hi Raphaële. I am fine. I have been out tonight with some friends eating at our regular restaurant. Yes, it would be nice to listen to Coldplay - maybe together with you again? My brother gave me a journey as birthday present / gift - a journey together with my brother and his family. It might be Paris next year. In that case it would be nice if we could meet.

  11. Nice to be able to access Coldplaying from my computer. and on Chris' 37th birthday. Like a birthday present for us Chris fans. Could you send me a PM with some news about what Chris said when you met. Is Magic a new single? And what with Midnight? I need to know. I wish that you had made him call me (if it was me meeting him I would have asked him to call you), lol. That would have been a nice belated birthday greeting (as my birthday was on 9.2).

  12. Hi. Nice that Coldplaying is back. :)

  13. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  14. Happy New Year to You, Ian, Sammy & Jess. :) Nancy

  15. Hi Jen, Your card arrived yesterday. The photo of Jess & Sammy is so lovely - Jess looking at Sammy in an admiring way, and Sammy smiling and enjoying the attention. :) I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS :santa3: and a Happy New Year! :vuvuzela:

  16. And you deserved these awards. You are a very good North American ambassador. That is why I and others with me voted for you. I wish you and your dear ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :)

  17. Congratulations on winning 2 awards incl. Best North-American Representative + Best Jonny Fan, Tracey. I voted for you on these two categories. I hope that you noticed that you won?

  18. Hi Tash, I am about writing to my secret Santa - but would like to read what she has written about me. How to find her VM page?

  19. Hi Emma. How are you? Hopefully fine. I hope that you and your family members are not affected by the wild fires. Have a nice week-end.

  20. Hi Raphaële. I hope that you are fine. I am. Soon going on week-end - visiting a friend on the island of Funen in the middle of Denmark (Jutland - Funen - Zealand with Copenhagen). The weather is beautiful so I am looking forward to it. Have a nice week-end.

  21. Hi Jaes. I have just accepted your friend's request. I read about you here - your favourite song is the Scientist - it was played on VH1, Denmark yesterday. My favourite song at all (and also by Coldplay of course) is Viva la Vida - there is something about it that makes me feel very enthusiastic and thankful. I have not yet heard ATLAS from the Danish radio stations. And I do not know how soon we will be able to see the new video - it is so very cool, that video. :awesome:

  22. HI. I have justs accepted your friend's request. have a nice evening and Sunday. :)

  23. Have you heard the song in its entirety? In which thread, what post?

  24. Hi. How are you? I hope you had a good day. I was to zumba for the first time - it was such fun. I have heard 1:30 (the preview) of Atlas and at the second hearing of that snippet I liked it - and after 3rd listeniing I loved it. I hope that it was alright to return to school.

  25. I am just starting with zumba as I have heard about it - fun to good and rhytmic music.

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