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  1. :) Tusind tak. :)

  2. :dance::dance: Guten abend / gute Nacht Nicole, Viele Glückwünsche. Das hat ja alles geklappt - 4 - 0 für Deutschland. PRIMA AUS DEUTSCHLAND. An so einem Abend möchte ich sagen: ICH BIN EINE BERLINERIN! Ich sah Bilder aus Berlin - viele Menschen versammelt um den Fussballkampf zu sehen. YOU DIDN'T GET TO HEAVEN, BUT YOU MADE IT KLOSE ! Aber es ist zu früh zu glauben, dass Deutschland Weltmeister wird, obwohl es heute Abend so aussehen könnte.

  3. :hug: Tusind tak for din fødselsdagshilsen. Det er den, der tæller. Jeg havde en dejlig dag, tak. Stille og rolig - naboerne til te og hindbærkage. Af den ene fik jeg 3 små flasker REBLAUS (en dejlig perlende hvidvin) samt 2 vinrøde sofapudebetræk, og af den anden 1 flaske hvidvin. Så var jeg en del på coldplaying.com. Hørte for første gang A MESSAGE 2010 på VH1, Danmark - en STOR OG GLÆDELIG OVERRASKELSE, at den nu spilles indimellem på VH1, Danmark (hørte den onsdag nat og i løbet af i dag ved 1-tiden spilledes YELLOW). Det viser sig, at A MESSAGE 2010 er nr. 17 på ugens Playliste (hørte den første gang på min fødselsdag og opdagede først dens placering på Playlisten om onsdagen = dagen efter min fødselsdag). Hørte også Lost! og 2 x CLOCKS på fødselsdagen. AMY (berrymangirl1) oprettede en tråd i anledning af min fødselsdag, og der kom dejlig mange hilsener ind. Der kom også uventede lykønskninger. Så jeg er ovenud tilfreds med min fødselsdag. :)

  4. :hug:Hello again, I was VERY HAPPY to be able to help and look forward to the results. And I was also VERY, VERY PLEASED with you answer to my PM.


  6. :laugh3:NOW YOU DID IT AGAIN. NOW YOU MUST HAVE MADE AN ENTRY INTO THE GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS FOR HAVING MOST QUESTIONS ANSWERED BY THE ORACLE. You seem to have a complete store of good questions with such an appeal to the Oracle that she answers them. Like there is an Oracle to answer the questions, then there is a DESHANI from the UK to ask/put relevant questions. You should have that one patented. Question from DESHANI from the UK (TM) :laugh3:

  7. :thumsup: You certainly know how to bring DAYLIGHT. You have found the perfect solution to make A PERFECT DAY.

  8. :vuvuzela: Hello AMY, An exciting match - should have been the semi-finals. FOOTBALL's coming home (England) vs. GERMAN efficiency. I go for Germany based on England's awful match against Algeria which was worse than Germany's match against Serbia where Germany lost due to Podolski having an OFF day. If not, the penalty had made Germany have at least 1:1 if not win. BUT my world does not break down if England wins. MAY THE BEST TEAM ( Germany) WIN! :vuvuzela:

  9. "42 degrees the other day with the humidity." :wreck: :dead: many times (I must be like the cat which is said to have 9 lives). I would not have been able to stand that! Really! When it is humid and the temperature is above 24 degrees C, then I am almost dead.

  10. "You got your French exam back today" - and how did it go? You were afraid that you had failed - which I find hard to believe having seen your French in the French thread.

  11. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QS6tiSVILXQ&feature=player_embedded"]YouTube - U2 Zurich 2010-09-12 Mercy (live debut) - u2gigs.com[/ame] (from the "Mercy" video posted on U2 thread).

  12. 13 degrees? Quite a change after the snow. Here the snow is slowly raining away. I guess that the snow has all gone in Paris?

  13. 32 degrees Celsius all year round!?!?!?! :stunned: :shocked: When the temperature passes 25 degrees Celsius it gets too hot for me!

  14. 500. page on the Gwyneth thread reached. I celebrated it. How? Go to the Gwyneth thread to see how. NANCY

  15. 8 days to go - any plans for your birthday?

  16. A 3-hour-meeting is like a loong time. Hopefully, it will not make you feel that you have "lost" your week-end. Do you have a long way to go from your home to the school = many hours of transportation (counting both out and home again)?

  17. A coldplayer linked to another site where LP5 was discussed. And one said that the album was being mixed. A Jack said something like that the single would be released in 1 month's time. And that it should not be a 3 month interval between single and album - and I do not think that LP5 will be released before in August (Guy told a Coldplayer that artwork was to be finished within the next couple of weeks). I hope that you are right, but do not be disappointed if this Jack is well-informed and is right in single release in a little month's time. But it is possible that it can be heard very soon (there is some week's airplay before actual release of singles) - so let's hope that it is ready for airplay very soon - and that the radio stations will play it.

  18. A coldplayer wrote that today - 5.9.10 - is FIX YOU's 5th birthday. I can only say this: What a BIRTHDAY PRESENT for its 5th BIRTHDAY - being voted "Best Coldplay Song Ever" by the coldplayers. CONGRATULATIONS. :dance:

  19. A course tomorrow involving Zumba (dance), the 5 Tibetans, Pilates and a lecture about traumas (the body never forgets).

  20. A friend's request is on the way to you, Emily (that is your name, right)? We often meet at the lounge games, so I thought that it is time to become friends. Have a nice afternoon.

  21. A friend's request on the way - I was away for 5 minutes because Viva la Vida was played on VH1, Danmark - I simply have to hear that song and see the video. Simply love it (I still think that CLOCKS is a close runner-up and not quite co-one) NANCY

  22. A friend's request on the way to you - hope that you'll accept it.

  23. A good day to you, Raphaële! My fingers are crossed that you are feeling better. But a piece of good advice to you (it is also the title of No Doubt's greatest hit from 1997: DON'T SPEAK!

  24. A good idea. Any plans for your week-end?

  25. A hostel this time? Like Palmers Lodge close to the hotel we stayed at in July? You were not pleased with the hotel?

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