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  1. Merry Christmas and thanks for interviewing the band. You did a good job - a great success.

    1. Batman


      =D !!! Merry Christmas to you, too, Christa! And thanks so much for your nice comment! :3

  2. I hope that I can copy and paste the translation without problems. I have not tried that for quite some time (read: i.e. for years).

  3. Good evening, I have just seen Gwyneth Paltrow in "Proof" from 2005. I guess that you have seen it. I found it good - good casting. What do you think of this movie?

  4. Hello Arnim, I wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR may it be a good and Coldplay-filled year.

  5. M(aybe their last album) Y(ellow - their breakthrough in 2000 - one of Coldplay's most popular song - on NME's list of 150 best songs from the latest 15 years) L(ighed (equality: Coldplay a democracy sharing their income equally) O(rientation week at University College in London bringing the boys together) X(&Y - 1st Coldplay album to be no. 1 on US Billboard chart - best selling 2005 album selling 8.3 million copies - since then additional a couple of million copies) Y(ou can stand under my umbrella-ella singer Rihanna duetting on "Princess of China" - Chris Martin's favourite track on the album - Gwyneth singing Umbrella in Glee) L(ondon, Paris and Madrid being able to hear Coldplay live within the next couple of months) O(xfam and Amnesty International being supported by the boys. T(itle of the new album - what the Oracle wrote about it) O(slo - Nordic fans gathering in Oslo on 4 November - 4 special concerts to be held in 4 cities - the fans can win tickets via competitions).

  6. Ikke endnu. Jeg så, at du snart sender dit Santa kort af sted. Jeg skrev et fint kort i går og vedlagde nogle superbilleder af Jonny til årets modtager af mit Santa kort. Jeg sendte det i går - og glemte helt at komme julemærker på kortet. Og det kan i princippet nå frem en af de sidste dage i november, men hvis der falder sne om et par dage, kan det være at kortet forsinkes undervejs. Hellere være tidligt på den. Der skulle være et COLDPLAY interview enten kl. 15 eller 16 fra en Canadisk kanal (der er en tråd med et link).

  7. Good evening, Robbie Williams from ZDF at midnight (if interested). Maybe also in "Wetten,dass". MTV EMA re-transmissions several times over the week-end. Have a NICE week-end. NANCY

  8. Hello Raphaële, I hope that you are feeling fine - even after yesterday's disappointment. But very few coldplayers got any tickets. Some of the lucky ones are very new coldplayers - and then Jayzo, Mimixxx plus a Laura got some. We will read reports from those going. Jayzo and Mimixxx are very good at tweeting and texting and of taking photos. So that must be our consolation. Tomorrow I will be collecting money for a Danish umbrella organization for aid to the refugees in this world from 11am to 3pm. Today I am taking it easy after having an upset or bad stomach tonight. Might have been cold when out walking yesterday. HAVE A NICE WEEK-END.

  9. Yes, and now I have good company at the lounge games in the form of you, Christina and Chuck Kottke

  10. Hi Ellen. Happy birthday. Have a wonderful day.

  11. Hello Emma, I wish you and your dear ones a HAPPY NEW YEAR - may it be a good and Coldplay-filled year.

  12. Hello Jade, It was nice meeting you in London even though it was only for a brief moment. Have you returned to France? And if so, what is it like to come back to France after a year in England?

  13. One year is hardly enough for you to have acquired an English accent. So after having said something in English, you must "translate" it to French. You'll manage.

  14. Thank you so very much - you deserve a BIG HUG for this. Maybe other people would have liked to know this as well (Hint that you should post it in the relevant thread as well). You could start with: A short summary for those who did not watch / hear the interview. Thanks again. I will send you a friend's request in the hope that you will accept.

  15. Hello Amy, I am fine. Today it has been a RAINY DAY with temperatures around 18 degrees Celsius. Quite fine with me with temperatures between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius. It has been a quiet week-end with lots of birthday threads as you have noticed and lots of stuff for the humanitarian threads: Floods in Asia (Kashmir, Pakistan + China. Wildfires in Russia with toxic particles in the air over Moscow due to the smoke from the peatbog fires. Floods in the area where Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic meet. Before I can post the news, there are updates of the situation. Before posting, there is something I will watch on TV. Talk to you later (tonight?). Have a nice SUNDAY. :heart: :kiss: A song for Guy: Did you know that Amy is your biggest fan? Now you know, so be wise and contact her, man? :D You would almost die if he did! lol

  16. Hi Raphaële, How are you? What is the weather like in Paris? Here it is minus 10 degrees C - tonight it was minus 18 degrees C in Jutland = the western part of Denmark. I had a nice day yesterday, and I escorted the lady to horse-riding lesson for the second time. And tomorrow a friend and I will attend a one-day course involving PILATES, the 5 Tibetans, Zumba and a lecture on how the body remembers everything - about trama.

  17. Monday 21.09.09 Listen to Coldplay and Lily Allen on the radio - Swedish Radio P3 Swedish radio station P3 offers more chances of hearing highlights from Roskilde Festival '09. Another two acts from this year's Roskilde Festival can soon be heard on Swedish radio. This time around we get to listen to Coldplay closing Orange Stage on Sunday night. The British phenomenon went at it with a show full of melodic guitar rock, confetti and a screaming audience. Lily Allen held audience on the Arena stage the night before. Her naughty and intelligent pop songs seemed just as irresistible live as on record and on the radio, and the huge crowd gratefully accepted every sound. Swedish radio station P3 has programmed the two above-mentioned flashbacks for Friday 25 September (Coldplay) and Monday 28 September (Lily Allen) – both days at 21:30. NANCY

  18. I read that YOU and MIMIxxx were lucky enough to get tickets for one of the Coldplay gigs in December. CONGRATULATIONS. :thumbsup: :dance: Also :dance: for the rest of us because you are such good photographers, tweeters and reporters. So I am sure that we will be kept informed of what is going on - which songs accompanied by some videos etc. CONGRATULATIONS! Well done! I read that many tried - not me, though - and were disappointed) We look forward to reading your reports. U 2 are very good at tweeting and texting and of taking photos. So that must be the consolation for us not going that we will be represented by you.

  19. Hi Raphaële, I am doing fine, thanks. But I miss the New Post button. When having posted in one lounge game, I want get to the next game easily without having to go out at first and then return to coldplaying.com or having to press arrow backwards 2-3 times to get to the overview page for lounge games.

  20. Happy birthday.

  21. Thank you, NICOLE. I also wish you and your daughter a good and Coldplay-filled 2011. I hope that she is alright again.

  22. Sounds really great and more rewarding than - as you say kfc and McDonalds.

  23. That sounds nice. All the best to you and hope to see you again some time. :) "42" always makes me smile - bringing back memories. :)

  24. Hello AMY aka. YMA, I was reading through the new pages on the "Crests foaming ...." thread. I am fine, but had a terrible morning waking up after only 3½ hours of sleep due to drilling that lasted for almost 2 hours - a very annoying noise. But during the day I made some good things so I ended up being in a HIGH SPIRIT. But it has been a day so far without any Coldplay or U2. But I was so pleased that CORKUS liked the Unicef card and the stickers I sent to him (he posted it on the relevant "Show what you got - Santa" thread). Having no camera and no scanner I do not know whether I end up showing what I got from my Santa - (some very Coldplay pictures and a lovely Coldplay folder). But I am really fine, and I understand that so are you. Do you have any exams (as I understand that most other coldplayers have)? NANCY

  25. Hi Pete, I have had a funny day. for once I participated in BINGO and won the first prize - 2 bottles of red wine, 1 bottle of white wine, 1 bottle of rosé wine, 1 bottle of rosé, chocolate, salami with garlic and more plus 1 gift card worth DKK 300 for purchase of meat! I usually never win anything, so quite funny! A friend of mine and me - we just came back from a wonderful dinner (accompanied by 1 glass of red wine) at a newly opened restaurant. Now my friend has gone back home. So I have had a good day. I have also bought tickets for BINGO tomorrow and Friday. Yesterday I was at an interview that went well - it is for a job (only 15 hours per months) accompanying a disabled person suffering from schlerosis and using an oxygen apparatus out of her apartment for cultural activities and to dentist / doctor. I will visit that person sometime next week.

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