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  1. The link to the Canadian livestream: There's a live stream here: CBC Radio1 Livestream

  2. Thank you so much.

  3. I suddenly remember that Elton John around 1978 or 1979 I think it was made a song with the title: "A Song for Guy". It was about a good friend of his who died in a motorcycle accident. Have a nice week-end.

  4. Hello AMY, How are you? I had a good Tuesday. I have had some problems with my feet. They needed some arch support, and I collected and paid for the arches today. I had tea with my neighbour and then we do some quiz questions. Gymnastics started today. Good instructor and nice music. And Chris Martin performing at APPLE event: Yellow, Viva la Vida & Wedding Bells. Awesome. He looked good. And I heard Viva la Vida twice today + Strawberry Swing and In my Place.

  5. Hello Amy, As I write this you might be making your 16,000th post. I am close to my 5,000th post - might reach it today. Very likely. CONGRATULATIONS!

  6. Congratulations on passing 44,000 posts. It requires 45,000 posts to become a VIP. So you are on your way. :thumbsup: Congratulations. :dance: :sunny: :vuvuzela: :vuvuzela: :vuvuzela:

  7. Me too. Lounge games are fun and doing them with awesome people like those around now is very :cool: and :awesome: :thumbsup:

  8. Hi Carrie, Yes, I am fine. I won in the GiveAway competition. :awesome: What about your cat Kitty? I hope that you are all fine, incl. Kitty.

  9. If the toes continue to be swollen so that they cannot bend, then go see the doctor to make sure that they are not broken or something. Are you limping a lot? I guess that you went to school today?

  10. :dance::dance: Guten abend / gute Nacht Nicole, Viele Glückwünsche. Das hat ja alles geklappt - 4 - 0 für Deutschland. PRIMA AUS DEUTSCHLAND. An so einem Abend möchte ich sagen: ICH BIN EINE BERLINERIN! Ich sah Bilder aus Berlin - viele Menschen versammelt um den Fussballkampf zu sehen. YOU DIDN'T GET TO HEAVEN, BUT YOU MADE IT KLOSE ! Aber es ist zu früh zu glauben, dass Deutschland Weltmeister wird, obwohl es heute Abend so aussehen könnte.

  11. Jeg ved ikke hvor lang tid det kommer. Når jeg sender et kort til min grand-kusine i New York sender jeg det ca. 10. december. Men sidste år kom det først efter Jul. Og i princippet ved jeg ikke, om det nåede frem i tide de andre år. Ser man postens oversigt, skal man sende post til Grønland 1 måned i forvejen (mærkeligt, når der er flere flyforbindelser fra Danmark til Grønland om ugen). Så jeg ved det ikke, men ved at sende mit - sjovt nok også til Texas - i går, skulle jeg være sikker på, at det er fremme i tide - formentlig måske om en uges tid. LOL. Jeg kan nå at sende modtageren mere.

  12. Posted on Monday 21.09.09 Listen to Coldplay and Lily Allen on the radio - Swedish Radio P3 Swedish radio station P3 offers more chances of hearing highlights from Roskilde Festival '09. Another two acts from this year's Roskilde Festival can soon be heard on Swedish radio. This time around we get to listen to Coldplay closing Orange Stage on Sunday night. The British phenomenon went at it with a show full of melodic guitar rock, confetti and a screaming audience. Lily Allen held audience on the Arena stage the night before. Her naughty and intelligent pop songs seemed just as irresistible live as on record and on the radio, and the huge crowd gratefully accepted every sound. Swedish radio station P3 has programmed the two above-mentioned flashbacks for Friday 25 September (Coldplay) and Monday 28 September (Lily Allen) – both days at 21:30. This was posted by a new coldplayer. NANCY

  13. Guten Abend LittleMissMessy, Wie geht es dir? Hoffentlich gut. Ich habe soeben ZDF Text-TV gelesen und habe folgende Nachrichten für dich, falls du an Robbie Williams interessiert bist. ZDF zeigt das "Comeback Konzert" von Robbie William am Samstag, dem 7. November 2009 ab Mitternacht . Es ist von einem 60-Minutigen Zusammenschnitt des 90-Minutigen, langen "Comeback Konzerts die Rede. Robbie Williams spielte neue Nummern sowie auch einige seiner grössten Hits so wie "Come Undone", "Millennium" und natürlich "Angels". Im ZDF-Programm "Wetten, dass" am Samstag Abend, dem 7. November tritt Robbie Williams mit dem am ersten Rang/Platz des deutschen Single-Charts plazierten Comeback-Single "Bodies" auf. Wie oben geschrieben habe ich die Informationen aus ZDF Text-TV. NANCY

  14. Good evening, Robbie Williams from ZDF at midnight (if interested). Maybe also in "Wetten,dass" singing "Bodies" I think. MTV EMA re-transmissions several times over the week-end. Have a NICE week-end. NANCY

  15. Hello Raphaële, At what time is your bus scheduled to leave Paris? Don't be late for it, please. And when is it due to arrive in London? And how far is it from where you get off the bus and the hotel? Paolo said that check-in was before 13, but surely me met from 13 o'clock. So I intend to get there no later than 10 minutes before 13 to be absolutely sure. But there is a lot of time from arriving to check-in time at the hotel. What do you plan to do in that meantime? Maybe we could meet somewhere near the hotel (sending text messages).

  16. Hi Katja. Please help: You have read my last part of a review from LVZ (I translated the shorter Online-version - it referred to a printed version of the paper on 15.9) - Thalia copy-pasted a scan of the printed Coldplay review. It included paragraphs that I had not translated - so I did. I have a problem with "quietsch-bund). My suggestion is: "Collection of kitsch.) Correct?? Connection: Coldplay, das ist inzwischen Mehrgenerationen-Pop, statt wie früher nur "Yellow" quietsch-bund. Please help.

  17. CONGRATULATIONS - NOW THE TRUTH HAS BEEN ACKNOWLEDGED: You are GUY's greatest & biggest fan.

  18. Thank you - and I hope that you too will have a nice day / week-end. :)

  19. Also a good week-end to you - with rugby etc.

  20. Hello Chuck, Your avatar is beautiful. Who is it? For a moment I wondered if it was you and tiles?

  21. Hi Raphaële, I have missed you. You wrote that you had holiday after Easter, so what have you been up to - if I may ask. If not, then don't answer, LOL. How are you? What is the weather like? Here it is cloudy and temps around 12-13 degrees.

  22. Good, just wanted to be sure

  23. Hello Ioshi / Sparkle, I just wanna make sure that you are okay. I myself am fine. I have recently added to my signature. I do hope that you like it. NANCY

  24. Hi Raphaële, I hope that you are feeling better now? When you wrote about the terrible afternoon at school I got worried and wondered what happened. I hope that you will have a good Sunday.

  25. Hello Crests, How are you doing today? Hopefully better and coughing less - or? Just read a very good HAITI earthquake article posted here by Mark: Haiti earthquake: The hope and horror .... with a beautiful picture of a boy finally drawn free of the rubble and reunited with his mother - you should skim the article or at least look at the pictures. HAVE A NICE DAY. NANCY

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