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  1. Great. Any plans? Going to visit your mother?

  2. One day and then winter break, right? :awesome: Until when? And Easter break is not far away. :nice: Have a wonderful evening. :dance: Tonight at 8:30pm from Danish DR K (for Culture = Kultur in Danish): Viva la Vida in the series of Modern Classics. :dance:

  3. Hej Julie, Tilllykke med fødselsddagen. Jeg håber, at du får en god dag. :dance: :vuvuzela:

  4. You can THANK someone who has helped you (like you did). And the one thank is registered on this site as having been thanked.

  5. Yes, Let me know when problems occur. As far as the War against the Coldplay songs, you have to choose between the 2 options left by the former poster and then pick another Coldplay song. You choose Us against the world. Fine. Then choose another Coldplay song such as i.a. Clocks and write Us against the world vs. Clocks. And welcome to the Coldplaying.com site. To reply to this Visitor Message click on the green with the user name - in this case nancyk58. Friends request on the way from me.

  6. Hi Carrie, Yes, I am fine. I won in the GiveAway competition. :awesome: What about your cat Kitty? I hope that you are all fine, incl. Kitty.

  7. Thank you. Have a wonderful day.

  8. So some weeks until winter break for you. Yes, I know who was born on 2.3.77. And Danish television, new programme DR3, showed Coldplay Live 2012 (one hour only - I thought it would be a bit longer), but it was good. Have a nice Sunday. Here it is cloudy.

  9. Hi, So you have started work again. I can imagine that it is something of an ordeal. But do you not have a winter break in France? In Denmark school children / pupils had winter break in week 7 - some have in week 8. What about French children / pupils?

  10. Happy birthday. I hope that it is a good one. :vuvuzela: :vuvuzela:

  11. Happy birthday Christa. I hope that your birthday will be a good one. Congratulations. :vuvuzela:

  12. Congratulations, Carrie. I hope that your birthday will be a wonderful one and that you and your dear ones are all fine. :vuvuzela: :vuvuzela:

  13. Hi, Where did you hear that Apple wanted to be a performer like Beyoncé or baker? In a Gwyn interview, maybe?

  14. Hi Raphaële, I hope that you are feeling fine and having a wonderful week-end. I have just joined the GIVEAWAY competition. What about you? Have you noticed? If not, then you can still join. The time limit is 18.2.

  15. Thank you for your birthday greeting and kind words. A friend's request on the way to you.

  16. Hi, I wish you a wonderful birthday. All the best from your Danish friend Nancy.

  17. Congratulations and have a wonderful birthday. :vuvuzela:

  18. Happy birthday and have a nice day. :vuvuzela:

  19. Congratulations. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday, Anna.

  20. Thank you, Katja. I had a wonderful day. Family members coming to dinner at a nearby restaurant followed by coffee & cake in my apartment and a good game of a trivial Pursuit-like game. :)

  21. Thank you. :nice:

  22. Thank you and have a nice Saturday. I hope that you are feeling really fine. :)

  23. Thank you - and I hope that you too will have a nice day / week-end. :)

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