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  1. Yes, everything is fine with me. I was watching several football matches today. Denmark lost 0-2 to the Netherlands. It was not so much that Denmark lost, but the WAY in which Denmark lost: The first goal was an own goal by a Danish player at the very beginning of the second half which destroyed Denmark's strategy. Goal 2 was also a Danish blunder! But that's life / c'est la vie. The best match so far was Germany winning 4-0 over Australia because of the many goals in one match.

  2. Hi Raphaële, How are you? I just read your post - worrying about your address been given to these people, but I hope that nothing bad will happen to you. I think and hope that you will be alright. Here it is sunshine, 23 degrees C. Today I visited a friend who has an allotment and we removed weeds in the garden, had lunch and coffee. Very nice day, and tomorrow we will repeat today's success.

  3. Hi CHUCK Go to the RIOT in LONDON thread. Troops and water canons have been suggested as means of stopping the rioting and looting. But the troops are in Libya and Afghanistan and the water canons in the Belfast area. And all the policemen are stationed in London tonight, when they are needed in Manchester. I could have told them that. I felt that night one: Birmingham - then they moved to London and violence spread to Bristol, Liverpool and a bit Manchester so logical that rioting would continue in Manchester while the government showed action by ordering 10,000 additional policemen - in London!! Read the last couple of pages in the London thread to follow what has happened. Rudy's college-mate's friend got bruised / bloody and robbed in London. And some know someone whose mother is inside a house with looters outside in the area. Scary stuff indeed.

  4. Have a wonderful birthday.

  5. But of course I would love to be your friend. :dance: Glad that you accepted my friend's request. :dance: :dance: :vuvuzela:

  6. Yes, I am fine. When is school starting again for you?

  7. Why didn't you go to school today? I read in your thread that you're feeling fine (but that was maybe because you didn't go to school)?

  8. I am very excited, too.

  9. Hi CHUCK, I had something nice to eat with my neighbour, and we had some quiz questions. In a little while I will see a short movie called "the 90th birthday" (unsure of the correct title) - and then it will be New Year here (in 40 minutes). After Midnight my neighbour and I will go upstairs to watch all the fireworks (it goes crazy around midnight and then for 1 hour).

  10. Je vois que tu as 4 ami(e)s. Je voudrais être ton amie aussi. Je veux t'envoyer un "Friends request" éspérant que tu vas l'accepter.

  11. Glad to hear that. Hopefully you are quite fine again by the week-end.

  12. Hello Arnim, Your birthday is now very near something you do not need to fear I hope that your birthday will be rather sweet and first of all that it will be complete HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU - Wednesday 28 October 2009 :thumbsup: And Happy Birthday sung and played by Coldplay: :will: :chris: :guy: :jonny: and seconded by :phil: (bringing a birthday cake) :drummer: :guitarist: :singer: :dance::dance::dance: CONGRATULATIONS and CELEBRATIONS NANCY PS. 10 years ago today, Coldplay started on their first tour in England - it was celebrated on VH1, Denmark by playing God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

  13. Hello Julie, How are you? Hopefully fine? Today I created a thread: JOE SALYERS for MOST MISSED MEMBER as he has not posted on Coldplaying.com for months. Have a nice evening and week-end.

  14. Thank you, AMY You are awesome as always. Thanks for being there (I'm sending you a PM in a little while).

  15. I am glad that you are soon officially a VIP - but to me and - I am absolutely sure - many other key coldplayers, you are already a Very Important Person.

  16. Hello Deshani of UK, I just really looked at the written parts of your sig - it is really impressive. You should consider yourself a VIP person - all these questions answered - by Jonnyboy, Dan, Anchorman and 3 questions answered by the Oracle. Consider yourself a VIP person - you should advance to be part of their entourage. (And then give me a meet and greet passport - you know that if I were part of the entourage I would do the same for you).

  17. Hello AMY, I hope that you are also having a good day. This morning everything was okay again, and I could log on here and also send emails etc. I guess the server was down. I was disappointed yesterday because VH1, Denmark neglected Chris' birthday whereas other artists had been celebrated recently on their birthdays. But VH1, DK did play Viva la Vida, and Coldplay was represented in 3 (songs) from 1 (artist/group). Today Coldplay was chosen as "Superstar" = one hour of Coldplay. I missed the first song(s) played, but heard/saw FIX YOU, Strawberry Swing, Trouble, VIVA LA VIDA, YELLOW, LiT II, SPEED OF SOUND, A Message 2010, IN MY PLACE, CLOCKS and the SCIENTIST. And being on this week's playlist, A Message 2010 is played twice today. So today is somehow a COLDPLAY day - but I wanted it to be YESTERDAY- on Chris' birthday. See you around. Have read about the concert on the concert thread and also edited some Google translations posted there (or the links were).

  18. Well, I have only read the headline - so I do not know more than that. I think that I will check it out = read more about it. I am glad that you are fine. I hope that the same applies to all your dear ones (family members and friends)? NANCY


  20. Thank you. :nice:

  21. Hi Carrie, I hope that you have had a good summer. I have. I would like to know whether you are interested in receiving what I reforward to you about Care2Causes / US constitution and amendments. Because if you are not interested then I will of course stop reforwarding them to you. See you around.

  22. No, for the time being I am neither working or studying but considering what to choose to do. Great that you have a good feeling about today's exam. I hope that your feeling is right and that you will also do fine in the other exams. :thumbsup:

  23. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU - and see you around.

  24. WOW - hvor er dit nye hjerte flot (husk at Julen varer lige til Påske). Du skulle sende en julehilsen med BEGGE hjerter til Debs / Anchorman (evt. sammen med andre Coldplayere). Jeg deltager i konkurrencen om den håndskrevne julehilsen og ønskede samtidig alle i "the Coldplay family incl. crew and lovely personal assistants" a Merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR". Så jeg har allerede sendt en hilsen. Og jeg har heller ingen webcamera etc. Så jeg gjorde det for mig selv. Jeg håber, at du får sendt en hilsen med begge HJERTER (måske i forbindelse med andre Coldplayere). GLÆDELIG JUL til DIG og DINE KÆRE, JULIE.

  25. Hi AMY. I wish you a good and happy New Year's Eve. Are you going to a party? I had something nice to eat with my neighbour, and we had some quiz questions. In a little while I will see a short movie called "the 90th birthday" (unsure of the correct title) - and then it will be New Year here (in less than 40 minutes). After Midnight my neighbour and I will go upstairs to watch all the fireworks (it goes crazy around midnight and then for 1 hour). HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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