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  1. Hi Rapha√ęle, I hope that you are feeling better day by day. Fingers crossed. Have a nice Sunday.

  2. That essay about YELLOW is very inspirational. I am already in my mind working on the story. If I had to do it, I would write about a very bad day where everything went wrong and I was very depressed. I watched MTV or VH1 or the like and YELLOW was played / the video shown. When listening to the song and to the lyrics: Look at the stars and/or watching the video your mood changed and you would be happy again. Coldplay making you happy again and thinking: VIVA LA VIDA. Something like that. But it is not my essay. But the title inspired me. LOL.

  3. I voted for you as having the best signature and I do hope that ColdplayOlivia wins in one of the categories.

  4. Happy birthday.

  5. I am doing fine. I have a job where I escort some mentally / physically disabled women to activities such as horse-riding lessons or to the cinema to watch a movie and then have coffee and cake. And I am always actively taking part in collections for humanitarian organizations such as Unicef, Red Cross and DanChurchAid and Refugees Council. And a very active member of the board running day-to-day business in our building. So I also consider myself rather busy - also exercising and YOGA. What kind of job have you got?

  6. Good. Just curious to know. And you have not been so much online lately (apart from being involved in the Santa Claus business which is done very professionally as always - thumbsup). When seeing the pictures in Facebook I understood why you had been so busy elsewhere. I want to congratulate you on your exam / graduation. :awesome:

  7. Hi LORE, I wonder whether you are still living at the same address?

  8. Hi Rapha√ęle. Best birthday wishes for you. I hope that everything is fine with you. :fingers crossed:

  9. Today it is also rainy here. Soon I will be leaving for yoga followed by a lunch. Tonight I will take the minutes at a board meeting in the building where I live (I am a member of the board).

  10. Hi Rapha√ęle, So glad that you sent a reply. When coming home from a dinner with some friends I noticed an envelope and blinking message: Your memory is full. So I deleted some messages - including the telephone number to hear recorded messages (3). When doing so, the envelope was gone. So I was afraid that I had deleted a message from you. Here it has been relatively mild, but from Friday winter should arrive with freezing temps during nights and maybe some snow. What about weather in France?

  11. Hej Louise, Du skrev: and things I don't know what are called in English. Hvis du √łnsker det, vil jeg godt overs√¶tte tingene for dig senere i dag, n√•r jeg kommer hjem. Hav en god dag.

  12. Hej Henriette, Jeg har sendt dig en e-mail (ikke PM).

  13. Helt i orden, og dejligt, at du er tilbage. Når man ser på dem, der poster, er der mange nye brugernavne - nogle har måske bare ændret brugernavne uden at vi ved det - eller også er der bare enormt mange nye, der poster, mens de "gamle" er holdt op med at komme her. Hvad tror du?

  14. If you never try, you'll never know.

  15. What about renting Chris' house while the family members are in the USA?

  16. Tak - og bedre sent (l√¶s: i sidste √łjeblik) end aldrig, haha.

  17. That sounds :nice: . I wonder whether you should consider buying a flat/apartment in London since you are going there over and over again. It might be cheaper in the long run.

  18. Hi Rapha√ęle, How are you? Has your holiday started? ENJOY a well-deserved holiday.

  19. Happy birthday. Have a nice day. :vuvuzela:

  20. Yes, I'm fine, but a bit sad that my 97-year-old neighbour has broken her hips. She is not expected back here anymore - so sad. Last week-end it was almost summer temps on Saturday 18-19 degrees C - next week-end it will be 2-3 degrees and lots of wind so that it feels like freezing temps - so almost winter. How nice for you with a 2-week-vacation. Then not so long before Christmas holiday / New Year Break.

  21. Happy birthday, Angie. :vuvuzela: :vuvuzela: I hope that your birthday will be an epic one. :fingers crossed:

  22. Congratulations and have a nice birthday.

  23. Hi Rapha√ęle, How are you? Hopefully fine. I am fine - I was not out with Hanny today because she was ill, so I had tea with a nice elderly woman in the building instead. My eldest neighbour fell last Sunday and broke her hips - she is 97 years old.

  24. Hi Rudy, I notice that it is your birthday today. So: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RUDY. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY. :vuvuzela: :vuvuzela:

  25. Great. :thumbsup:

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