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  1. Hi Lucy! I have now voted for your wonderful contribution to the competition. I read another very good review consisting of part 1 and 2 competing with yours (and skimmed the rest of the contributions - all good), but I still find your contribution the best one. Good luck! When will you be leaving for Herning and are you staying at a hotel in Herning or maybe in lovely Aarhus - Denmark's second largest town/city with an airport some kilomenters outside of Aarhus? I would like to meet you (I live near Copenhagen) and have not bought tickets for Herning, because I saw Coldplay at the Roskilde Festival. A wonderful experience, and I must say that Chris is very good at pronunciating foreign languages (both Danish and French -with practi-cally no accent - that man is simply second to none). Danish have some words that are practically impossible to pronounce for a foreigner, but he can - I was really impressed. Danish reviews of the Coldplay concert at the Roskilde Festival were mainly good and positive, but the sound level could have been higher! The audience (more than 50,000 people) knew many of the songs - much to my surprise as Coldplay is not a popular band in Denmark among the youngsters! The week after the Roskilde Festival, Viva la Vida made a re-entry at the I-Tunes Top 40 at no. 20, and album sales went up from no. 36 to no. 19. So I find that Roskilde had a good effect on the band's album sales in Denmark. As to your appeal for a good picture to have signed by Chris: Have you arranged something? At Roskilde the anchorman asked for the time of sunset - replies by e-mail to be sent to [email protected] I don't know, but maybe this could be some help to you in arranging something so that you can get the picture signed by Chris. NANCY ([email protected]om)

  2. I cannot have both sunshine and fine mood on at the same time - and it is dark outside now - so I changed "mood" a few hours ago at sunset in Denmark a little past 17 Danish time). It is my second VM to you in 3 minutes' time, but you sent me a reply VM as I posted my first of two VM's in a row.

  3. Any news in relation to Newcastle tickets? I hope that you get some.

  4. Hi Raphaële, So glad that you sent a reply. When coming home from a dinner with some friends I noticed an envelope and blinking message: Your memory is full. So I deleted some messages - including the telephone number to hear recorded messages (3). When doing so, the envelope was gone. So I was afraid that I had deleted a message from you. Here it has been relatively mild, but from Friday winter should arrive with freezing temps during nights and maybe some snow. What about weather in France?

  5. That's the spirit: YOU LIKE to do it AND you KNOW that you make a difference by what you are doing. So don't listen to what other people are saying about this. What you are doing is helping other people and you feel GOOD about it. So how could something that is rewarding both to others and yourself be wrong? It can't!!! So CONTINUE doing GOOD. :thumbsup:

  6. Hello Christina, You're welcome. I hope that you had a wonderful birthday. Did you celebrate birthday with family and friends? And did you have any cake?

  7. I hope that you'll feel really good - and not only in terms of your mood - really soon. Take good care of yourself so that you will get well soon. Tomorrow I will receive some furniture for my veranday (a light-green round table and 4 chairs).

  8. Here in Denmark, it is almost 1am on 11.6.11 - so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRACEY. And have a good day. :vuvuzela: :vuvuzela:

  9. HAPPY NEW YEAR - may it be a good and Coldplay-filled year.

  10. How Lore, How are you? I am fine, but shocking due to all the violence going on - now most recently in Norway. Yesterday I sent an application for an interesting job which involves German - Danish translations and secretarial tasks in a firm with values close to mine such as sustainability and environmentally good solutions. It is so terrible what is happening around the world. I looked at 18 headlines on Danish text-TV. 15 of them was about the terrible events in Norway (bomb in Oslo and the shootings / killings in an island). One was about Amy Winehouse, and another one about so many great artists dying at the age of27. And then another violent headline. Today I bought a laptop bag AND a messenger bag AND a shoping bag. Motive on all of these? the BEATLES. :heart: 2010 Apple Corps Ltd. a BEATLES tm product.

  11. Hej Valypan (er det dit navn)? Jeg er imponeret over dit danske - kun få og små fejl. Hvilke andre sprog taler du? Hvad er din baggrund? Jeg er fra København og bor i Bagsværd lidt uden for København. Hvor bor du?

  12. Tusind tak skal du have. Desværre så jeg først din email nu kl. 18:22. Var der mange artister inkl. Coldplay eller udelukkende Coldplay?

  13. I listen to BBC, radio One - is there a link so you can watch?

  14. How are you Raphaële? I had an appointment in Lyngby and chose to buy the Coldplay ticket at the post office. There you could not buy standing tickets. But that is alright with me, then you do not have to meet-up so early and then RUN, RUN. It was an expensive ticket, but the boys are worth it. I plan to write you an email within 20 minutes.

  15. Hi, I have received your friend's request, and I am going to accept it. Merry Christmas to YOU and ALL YOUR DEAR ONES. Where in the Philippines are you living? In the north - or in the southern area (that is affected by the tropical storm "Washi"?) I feel for the Philippines - it is a great country with great people.

  16. How are you Crests? Fine? Was it a good dentist visit? Did the dentist do anything but check your teeth? I am so pleased that Pete and AnnaElisabeth both won the two free VIP tickets Ian had for the BT Digital Music Awards in London next Thursday. Have a nice evening and week-end.

  17. Je suis un petit fatiguée après dernier soir. Anniversaire no. 60 pour un grand-cousin (nos pères étaient cousins). Dîner superb / merveilleux avec des vins de toute première qualitè. Je te souhaite un bon Dimanche.

  18. I hope that it is right with you. PM on the way.

  19. Good evening Anna Elisabeth, Is it also hot in Sweden? Do you think that it would be a good idea with each other's mobile phone numbers? I arrive on July 4 - like you, right? I might come and say hello - and then it would be nice with each other's mobile phone numbers (to be sent by PM, I think).

  20. Hi Chuck, How are you? I have had a good and quiet day. Now my bathroom looks great with new paint and all. I heard that Pres. Obama will visit the Midwest - but Wisconsin was not mentioned as one of the states that he would visit.

  21. You're welcome. I am glad you like it. I'll look forward to receiving your greeting (it might not make it for Christmas, but that is alright - then it will be a New Year greeting). It might take some time for it to arrive - mine took 11 days to arrive in your place. I also sent a card with contents to England (to Ian and family), but I have heard nothing. If they have not moved since last year, then they ought to have received something by now. And if you need someone to write more cards, then let me know. Many coldplayers will not know that their cards arrived before they go home for Christmas.

  22. Guten Abend Larry, Wie geht es dir? Hoffentlich gut. Ich habe soeben ZDF Text-TV gelesen und habe folgende Nachrichten für dich, falls du an Robbie Williams interessiert bist. ZDF zeigt das "Comeback Konzert" von Robbie Williams am Samstag, dem 7. November 2009 ab Mitternacht . Es ist von einem 60-Minutigen Zusammenschnitt des 90-Minutigen, langen "Comeback Konzerts die Rede. Robbie Williams spielte neue Nummern sowie auch einige seiner grössten Hits so wie "Come Undone", "Millennium" und natürlich "Angels". Im ZDF-Programm "Wetten, dass" am Samstag Abend, dem 7. November tritt Robbie Williams mit dem am ersten Rang/Platz des deutschen Single-Charts plazierten Comeback-Single "Bodies" auf. Wie oben geschrieben habe ich die Informationen aus ZDF Text-TV. NANCY

  23. Are you feeling better today? Don't go to work too soon! Have a nice day.

  24. Thank you for your birthday greeting. Yes, I have had a nice day with birthday cake (with raspberries) - it was so good and was eaten very quickly. So no cake for Jonny this time. Nice birthday greeting in letters and VMs. Now booked room for me at a Hostel (the Coldplayer meet-up in London). :) So it was a very good day.

  25. I have posted on the thread "Yes, we can" and found this post of yours: "yes we can all marry Guy." Several objections: He is no bigamist or polymist / MEGAmist or what it could be called if he married many women. The man would be really stressed if he should have all these wives.

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