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  1. I'll bear your mother in mind in case Julie cannot go.

  2. If the weather is not too good, there might be some tickets who have not been picked up waiting for you. I really hope so. :fingerscrossed:

  3. Hello again - my friend I knew that you would do well because I somehow could tell That often happens to me so be it - let it be!

  4. Hello Amy, How are you? I am excited because I have bought a light-green round table and 4 chairs in the same colour for my verandah. The furniture will be delivered tomorrow morning between 8 and 11am. It is typical April weather in Denmark: Wednesday before noon: Snowy rain, 4 degrees Celsius. Today: Cloudy and very windy and one shower - it feels cold. Saturday: 12 degrees Celsius and then SUNDAY: 18 degrees Celsius (the average temperature for a normal Danish Summer day). So in one week from snowy rain = winterly weather to 18 degrees Celsius = summerly weather in only one week. And on 5 May the period of not really dark nights begins - this period ends on 7 August. So 3 months of bright nights. No Coldplay heard whether on VH1, Denmark or Danish radio since last Saturday. But I saw next week's Vh1, Denmark programme. Next Wednesday, the superstar is Coldplay (= 1 hour of videos from 10-11 before noon). So changes have occurred from recently 3-4 times Coldplay each day to now 0-1 time per day (and I have not been around at this moment - or no Coldplay at all).

  5. You might get an early birthday present in the form of a new Coldplay single.

  6. It's time to go to bed. Goodnight and have a nice evening.

  7. could you post the link?

  8. Hi Raphaële, Now you have Christmas & New Year break. Congrats and enjoy it. I suppose that you start again on Monday 2 or Tuesday 3 January. I lol'ed when reading that you were called a "he". I came to think of Rudy_O who is called Ruby and Rubita - maybe you should be called Raphael and "he"? LOL

  9. Hi Raphaële, How are you? I am fine watching some television - our queen is celebrating 40 years on the Danish throne. It is lovely weather - sunshine and temps around 3-4 degrees Celsius.

  10. Thank you. Did you apply?

  11. Hi Wisna, I am glad that you had a good concert and look forward to reading your review. I have made an attempt to translate the 2 first reviews that Tash posted the link to. I have posted both translations in the Prague thread, but there are a few ?? where I am in doubt. In the first one the translation problems were so small that it is possible to leave them out = ignore them. The first one (with very few questions) is: http://www.koule.cz/cs/clanky/konfety-lasery-ohnostroj-coldplay-v-praze-zarili-30131.shtml meaning of neoslepnete (blinding neon lights?) pohonila (in the 3rd paragraph): In quick succession small fireworks are detonating after galleries stadium pohonila???, there are colour lasers and tons of coloured confetti (incl. M and X) the initials of the latest album Mylo Xyloto whether he lives or sense of detail??? After the great vygradované GPaMuYF. Could you please help? NANCY aka. nancyk58

  12. Hi Christina, 1019 posts in 24 hours! You seem to be our new super poster. I see that Crests has only made 82 posts in 24 hours. Have a nice Friday.

  13. Jeg kom i tanker om, at jeg zappede forbi the Voice. Jeg så navnet på udsendelsen, og der var en gruppe, der spillede. Det var ikke Coldplay, men muligvis har der været et klip af Coldplay og måske et par af deres sange. Udsendelsen startede en gang i eftermiddag og varede i flere timer. Jeg så lidt af Dan's (genudsendelser fra mandag og tirsdag). Jeg så lidt af genudsendelsen fra i tirsdags. The Beatles var i gang med "All you need is love - Love is all you need" :heart: Dan Rachlin kom på - og sagde: "Nu til en gruppe som måske er nutidens svar på the Beatles." Så startede Every Teardrop is a Waterfall - og alt dette medførte, at jeg fik gåsehud.

  14. Fine. I am off in 15 minutes for a meeting followed by gym. So might not read it before tonight at 20 when I come here to follow PhotoBlog for tonight's gig.

  15. What if I sent a few rhyming verses? I have no webcamera or such. So I would just send the verses. If you or someone else would read them loud (for a video) then feel free to do so. But this is URGENT - I have not sent the verses, only the question.

  16. Happy New Year, Crests (it is New Year here in 3 minutes).

  17. Hi Tash, I hope that you are feeling better today. I have made 3 translations and might continue later today.

  18. I now remember that you must have the same time as Cresty in Canada = a time difference of 7 hours. I guess that I got confused over the change from summer to winter time (when there was a period of only 6 hours time difference). By the way: At 0:05 my neighbour came back and we watched the intense fireworks until 1am, and then we shared a bottle of Kleine Reblaus. A bottle only contains ½ litre of wine. We wished each other a HAPPY NEW YEAR with the Reblaus wine. Then she left again. I saw something on the telly, but fell asleep, but woke up and then CLOCKS was played and I logged on here.

  19. Congratulations. I hope that you have had a great birthday. :vuvuzela:

  20. I really like this furniture - it is furniture like you find in a café.

  21. Natascha found out that this is a 2-year-old post (it is from 2009). But I believed it because it seemed very likely after the tweets of the lyrics (of the upcoming single). I think the album will not be released until end of August or maybe October.

  22. U 2. I understand that U2 will end their tour tonight. It will be interesting to hear more about that. I just saw the posts about it being the last concert on this tour in the U2 thread.

  23. Thank you! :dance:' ENJOY. And have a nice Friday. I will visit the lady I help tomorrow. Then on Saturday I will attend a one-day MINDFULNESS course.

  24. The same here (going for a walk) - at least down to the supermarket and to check if there is mail for me. I have not yet received anything from my Secret Santa (or if I did, then the sender did not tell me so). I sent a card to some of those whose address I had. If I had had yours, I would have loved to send you a card as well. I remember your post saying that your card or was it a Christmas parcel was lost somewhere in France. Did it turn up, or is it still missing? Let us exchange addresses in a PM.

  25. The second original Czech text: http://prazsky.denik.cz/kultura_region/coldplay-okouzlili-prahu-svoji-barevnou-show-20120917.html A jediní z této nabité party mohli možná trochu překvapivě hlásit: Vyprodáno! V posledních 14 dnech totiž rozhodně neobrážejí béčkové štace: a po koncertě pak posloužily jako vděčná dekorace pro fotící se skupinky. Lamentovat nad tím nemá smysl, Martin je jednoduše jiná povaha než Thom Yorke z Radiohead, s kterým ho kdysi tak moc publicistů chtělo spojovat. All of this paragraph: Od chlapa, který vyrůstal na a-ha, jež byli až na první desku vždy na cestě mezi totálním mainstreamem a sofistikovanějším popem, rád si pustí Johnyho Cashe, Boba Dylana, Arcade Fire, ale taky třeba Take That, Leonu Lewis nebo Westlife, nelze čekat, že zůstane u hledání složitějších způsobů k oslovení publika a místo Rihanny vytáhne třeba Janelle Monáe. Thanks in advance. Nancyk58

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